The 10 most Unbelievable Record of Sex. #5 is Crazy!

roundup of curious record related to sexuality with a list of the 10 most Unbelievable Record of Sex

It’s true that there is no limit to the human imagination and in what the human body is able to perform. Sex is certainly one of the most dynamic area where always many amazing surprises happen and often become part of the Guinness Book of Records.

Here’s a roundup of curious record related to sexuality with a list of the 10 most Unbelievable Sex Record


Most of the men greatly exaggerates when he speaks of the measures of his penis is not the case with Jonah Falcon, which happens to be the living man with the longest penis in the world: 24 cm by 34 cm flaccid and erect. Falcon is the actor (not hard, on the contrary do what someone might imagine) and writes a column on sports radio. A normal penis (and this despite many men ) measures erected between 13 and 19 cm.

  • 9. The woman with the wider Vagina

Anna_Swan_with_her_parentsThe woman with the wider vagina of the story would seem to be a certain Anna Swan, who lived between 1846 and 1888, the woman had reached a height of 2 meters and 34 cm, and is married to another “giant”, Martin Bates , a little less than her. The couple had a son (sadly died shortly after birth), which would be perhaps the biggest story of the newborn: 86 cm long by almost 12kg. The fact is that the diameter of the head of the child, the doctors have calculated a maximum dilation of the vagina Ms. Swan of 15.5 cm – against an expansion of up to about 10cm in normal women.

  • 8   The world’s largest orgy.

record-girls-235x300Japan holds the record for the world’s largest orgy, which involved 250 pairs for a total of 500 people, although it must be said that each has only had sex with their partner. All positions were choreographed, so that all couples perform in the same way. The whole scene (needless to say) has been revived and is for sale on dvd.

  • 7  The biggest gang-bang in the world

200px-Lisa_Sparxxx_2The hard actress Lisa Sparxxx holds the record for “gang–bang”, during which he had sex with 919 men at the same time. Previously, the record had belonged before the actress Klaudia Figura, with 646 men, then beaten by Marianna Rokita, with 759 men.

  • 6 Record of male masturbation

Masanobu_Sato Masanobu Sato (Japan) holds the record for the longest “masturbation session” with regard to men, with 9 hours and 58 minutes. The record was achieved in the 2009 Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco, beating a previous record that already belonged to him, with a duration of 9 hours and 33 minutes.

  • Record for the longest splash of spunk.

super sperm_view-1The “sketch” as far as was produced by the Horst Schultz, which reached a distance of 6 meters. Schultz also holds the record for the “sketch” at a faster rate, reaching 69 km/h. Do not ask why these performances have been measured.

  • 4 The world’s strongest vagina.

Kozhevnikova-150x150The 42-year old Russian Tatiana Kozhevnikova holds the record for the world’s strongest vagina, also included in the Guinness Book of World Records. The Kozhevnikova can lift 14Kg with the vagina. The woman explained that she started exercising after the birth of her son, because she felt she had lost tone in the vagina muscles and apparently she has taken to like it.

  • The mother with the most children.

a96889_a550_2-most-childThe woman who has had more than one child in the story seems to have been Vassilyeva Valentina, the Russian peasant who lived in the 1700’s Vassilyeva, had less than 69 children, “thank you” to 16 parts twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadrigenimi – a total of 27 parts therefore. A record that was closer to the present day, by the Chilean Leontina Albina, who claims to be the mother of 64 children. “She says,” because there are official documents “only” for 55 of them. Normally this records of most children goes to mothers who have had multiple births belongs.  If we consider by single birth the Romanian Livia Lonce, is the living person with the most children who had 18 children – so far, at the age of 45 years (which means that she spent 30% of the her life in pregnant state)

  • The world’s oldest father.

OldFatherES_468x355The Indian Nanu Ram Jogi holds the record for the oldest father in the world is able to procreate the 21st child at the respectable age of 90 years with his fourth wife. During an interview he said that he has no intention to stop having children, or at least to have sex to try to have.

  • 1. The world’s oldest prostitute.

fokkens130314_400_18k2br2-18k2brtProstitution is the oldest profession in the world and a prostitute in Taipei seems (according to the police of the place) still a long life activity. The oldest prostitute in the world’s known simply as “Grandma”, not surprisingly since it seems to be 82, which would proudly continue to satisfy clients remaining with the profession she held for several decades.