Understanding the power of your subconscious mind is perhaps the most amazing and empowering thing that we can accomplish.  Each of us stands as an individual consciousness, but we live in an interconnected world. By expanding the limits of own mind, we’re also expanding our collective consciousness as a globally futurist society.

As the worlds of emerging technology and a deepening sense of spirituality become ever more prominent in our day to day dialogue, a futurist outlook which encompasses not only our physical, but our conscious and intentional connection with the scientific advancements of our age becomes ever more important if we are to continue to understand our place in the world.

Here at lonemind we tread the line between looking inwards to unearth a deeper sense of self and looking out towards the possibilities of our future as a species.  We are interested in all the weird and wacky and mind-bendingly innovative approaches that this era of advancement is adopting to solve problems all over the world.  From the intricate complexities of AI manipulation of data  to the sublime elegance of a simple connection between situation and solution, we are taking note. Join us.