We all have seen Disney movies. Our entire childhood is filled with watching different Disney movies that teach us so many emotions and life lessons. Follow this article to know about some Disney movies about emotions and Disney movies show empathy.

Disney has always filled our childhood with so many memories. We all grew up watching these movies that are still fresh in our minds like we watched them yesterday. These movies teach us empathy, love, kindness, and so many other emotions. We remember our favorite Disney movies because of the amazing experience and because of how it altered our thinking. Disney has made some terrific movies throughout the years and they continue to make more amazing movies for us.

It feels amazing to see Disney movies still running successfully because of its influence on our lives. Our entire childhood we used to wait for these movies to come on our televisions so we could enjoy our weekends. Disney still continues to bring out emotions in each and everyone of us through its incredible movies.

Follow this article to explore more about some Disney movies about emotions and Disney movies show empathy.

What are some Disney movies about emotions?

Disney has always made the best movies that explicitly influence our lives. The characters in these movies manifest emotions like no one else. Some of the best Disney movies about emotions are as follows.

  • Beauty and the beast
  • Inside out
  • Moana
  • Ever after
  • Tangled
  • The lion king
  • Finding Nemo
  • Toy story
  • Dumbo
  • Frozen
  • Encanto
  • Bambi
  • Lilo and stitch
  • Up

Beauty and the beast:

The classic love tale and everyone’s favorite, Beauty and the beast is a Disney animated movie that indicates us the importance of love and how it can transform even the most helpless situations into the most beautiful experiences. It indicates how two people can fall in love, even when they have nothing in common and they could not even be with each other in the start. It is all because of love that they have now become each other’s world.

Inside out:

Inside out is a Disney animated movie that came out in 2015 and became everyone’s favorite. This movie indicates different emotions like joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. It is beautifully shown in this movie how our different emotions can sometimes get conflicted on something but it is nothing to worry about, we just need to give it some moments and everything will be alright.


Moana is another masterpiece from Disney that is on everybody’s list of favorite Disney movies. This movie beautifully expresses how when your loved ones are in trouble, you can do anything to make things right and protect them, even if it means that you have to sail in the sea alone. You can face all the troubles for your family and your land.

Ever after:

Ever After is inspired by the most successful and loved Cinderella story. It indicates how after battling with so many hurdles in life a girl finally finds a person she could call her home. Someone who loves and supports her, so she could get her happily ever after.


Tangled is a Disney animated movie that is loved worldwide because of its story and characters. This movie shows how years of manipulation can steal joy from your life and how you can suffer at the hands of someone you trusted implicitly. But even after everything, your spirit is not broken and you can finally live the rest of your life with your family and the love of your life. This movie indicates how we must recognize manipulation and get out of anything that is toxic for us.

The lion king:

The most successful Disney film ever, The lion king shows us how our emotions can sometimes appear conflicted and how sometimes we think running away is the best solution for our problems. But the guilt will never leave us, no matter how far we run away. The lion king shows a relationship between a father and his son and how things take a completely different turn after the father’s death. It shows us the moment of realization and how the bravest thing we can do is face our problems and deal with them.

Finding Nemo:

Finding Nemo was the most epic film of our childhood, a film that showed us the importance of cherishing little moments in life with our family because we do not know what is going to happen next. This movie shows how a father can go to extreme lengths to protect their children. In Finding Nemo, you can explicitly see Marlin’s struggle to get his son back. It was a movie that made everyone cry by the time it ended.

Toy Story:

The most epic series of films that Disney ever made was Toy Story. A film that makes us understand the importance of friendship and the fact that you are not replaceable. It shows us how we mature as the time goes by. The greatest message this film teaches us is love, it indicates the importance of loving our friends while we are still together and most supremely, loving yourself.


Dumbo is an animated Disney film that made us accept our flaws and realize that we will not be ourselves without those flaws. We realized that Dumbo was known as Dumbo because of his ears. Similarly, what makes us different from the rest of the world are our imperfections. If we do not accept who we really are then, people around the world will surely look down on us.


Frozen is an animated Disney movie that came out in 2013 and took the whole world by storm with its story, characters and their development, and especially Olaf – the snowman we all fell in love with. Frozen teaches us the importance of accepting yourself, it teaches us the importance of bravery and taking a stand for ourselves. But the most important lesson Frozen taught us was to love your family and be there for them no matter what the affair is, even if the whole world is after you, when your people are with you then, you can deal with anything at all that life throws your way.


Encanto is another Disney animated film that came out in 2021. Although Encanto was a box office success, we sometimes forget how beautiful Encanto really is. It teaches us that the supreme way to deal with any crisis is communication. When we commune with each other, we share our emotions and feelings with one another, which will gradually help us overcome our differences. The other supreme message Encanto delivered was acceptance. It shows that everyone in a family is equal and we must never judge someone based on their abilities.


In 1942, Disney released a Bambi that became everyone’s favorite and after all those years, it still remains one of the most emotional movies Disney has ever made. Bambi shows us the importance of overcoming our grief and how we must learn from our life experiences. When Bambi lost his mother to a hunter, it was then he understood that the world is not a happy place and we all have to fight in order to live in this world. Life will never be smooth, it is a roller coaster that will make you go through different emotions.

Lilo and Stitch:

Lilo and Stitch is another Disney classic that was released in 2002. It teaches us how even if there are people who are not our real family can become more than a family to us because of the love we share. Lilo and Stitch shows us that when people love and care about you then, they accept you as you are, even if you are different from them, it will never matter, as long as you are together.


Up is a Disney movie that came out in 2009 and made everyone cry with just its introduction. Up teaches us how moving on from a person’s memories and letting them go can be strenuous. When we lose someone close to us, imagining life without them seems impossible. Up taught us how moving on can be hard but it is paramount. The person will forever live in our hearts and their memories will stay with us forever. Moving on in your life does not mean you are erasing them, it means you are accepting your past and your present.

What Disney movies show empathy?

Empathy is excessively important for everyone, especially children. It helps us understand things from other people’s point of view as well. A kid who struggles socially will most probably spend their time watching cartoons and different animated movies. You can teach them emotions and empathy with the help of these movies. Following are some Disney movies that show empathy.

  • Zootopia
  • A bug’s life
  • Monster’s Inc.
  • Cinderella
  • Inside out
  • Soul
  • Despicable Me
  • Mulan
  • Ratatouille
  • Coco
  • Brave


Zootopia is a 2016 Disney animated film. It teaches us the importance of love and understanding each other. It is a great movie for kids especially. It shows how everyone can live together in peace and harmony. It indicates how no matter what color, race, cast, or religion someone belongs to, the most supreme thing is love and their character. It throws light on the appearances of people and how they can be misleading. It is a perfect example of, “Never judge a book by its cover”.

A bug’s life:

A bug’s life is a Disney film that came out in 1998. It indicates how it is paramount for all of us to respect everyone, no matter how different they are. Also, it teaches a person the importance of owning up to your mistakes and accepting them. It also teaches children the gravity of teamwork and they learn to appreciate small efforts that everyone puts in.

Monster’s Inc:

Monsters’s Inc is a Disney movie released in 2001. This movie shows us the importance of facing our own fears. Confronting the monsters that live in our house, our minds, our school, and our workplace. It educates children that they do not have to be afraid of anything and sometimes facing your fears is the supreme thing to do.


The classic Disney tale that has been adapted many times, was originally released in 1950. Cinderella teaches us the importance of being patient and kind. It shows us how paramount it is for us to stay happy and see things from a positive point of view. This movie shows us how being kind and emphatic will always be rewarded.

Inside out:

Inside Out is a 2015 Disney film that taught all of us how it is okay for you to take some time and it is okay to sometimes let your emotions take a toll on you. It can take time for you to adjust in a new situation and it can be strenuous for you. This movie shows us the im[portance of accepting ourselves and giving yourself permission to accept your feelings no matter how uncomfortable it is.


Soul is a Disney film that was released in 2020 and was loved by everyone. Soul teaches us that it is paramount for us to be happy and gratified with our life because we do not know what is going to happen next. We must cherish the small moments we have with our family and friends. This film also teaches us how sometimes things may not go according to our plan but that does not mean we can’t be happy. The beauty of life lies in the unplanned things.

Despicable Me:

Despicable Me is a film series by Disney that teaches us how teamwork is paramount. How working together is fun and how even the smallest of efforts count when you are working together. Despicable Me showed us that size does not matter, even the smallest of forces, when they work together, they can achieve incredible things.


Mulan is a Disney movie that came out in 1998. Mulan teaches us how a person must never give up. It teaches us the importance of believing in ourselves. But most importantly, Mulan taught us how a girl can go to extreme lengths just because she wants to help her father. It shows a beautiful and empathetic relationship between a father and his daughter.


Ratatouille is a 2007 Disney film that quickly became everyone’s favorite. Ratatouille teaches us the importance of trying out new things and believing in yourself. Whether or not the new thing will work out but you will at least try something outside of your comfort zone. No one can choose your limit, it is you who place limits on your soul.


Coco is a Disney movie that came out in 2017. This movie shows us how loving our family is the most paramount thing for you. Coco shows us how being there for your family and loving them is essential, it also shows us how we can never stop loving our family even if they are no longer with us. Our family will always live inside our hearts and we will carry on loving them no matter what.


Brave is a 2012 adventure film that is made by Disney. Brave teaches us the importance of believing in yourself and fighting for what is right. Brave teaches us how just like Merida, we can also go to different heights once you believe in yourself and fight against the norms that are set by the society.


Disney has always made movies that connected with the audience emotionally. It made us cry, laugh, sad, happy, and afraid with each scene. Disney has given us so many movies that we will adore for the rest of our lives. Films like Mulan, Inside Out, Frozen, Up, Soul, Tangled, Brave, Lilo and Stitch, and The Lion king. These are some of the Disney movies that showed us the importance of love and empathy.

We all grew up watching these movies and kids are still watching Disney movies. It is a nostalgic moment for anyone who grew up watching Disney. These movies made us emotional and it gave us all a lesson that it is okay to feel emotional but we must also respect other people’s feelings and emotions. Empathy and love will only make our lives easier and stable.


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