Spiderman’s Sex Secret Exposed! Now You Can Do It Like a Superhero!

Now you can swing off the ceiling fan with the best of them. Scientist have found a chemical that can cause 4 hour erections.

In America alone it estimated that anywhere from 15-30 million men suffer from Erectile dysfunction. ED can be caused by a large variety of Psychological and physical conditions. Although most men with ED are on average 50 years old ED can happen at any age.

Current ED medications work by blocking PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). Cialis and Viagra are both examples of PDE5 drugs. When this enzyme is inhibited the pineal arteries are able to open up wider and allow more blood flow into the penis. Unfortunately not everyone responses to this type of treatment. And at times some responders may be overly responsive resulting in some risk factors.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) or the Banana Spider, probably a more suiting name, is the Guinness record holder for the most venomous arachnid. This extremely aggressive and dangerous spider has a leg span up to 15cm. It gets its name do to its wandering nature. It has also snuck its way across boarders on banana shipments.

A few unlucky folks have died a painful death due to this spiders bite. Some have had access to the anti-venom in time. The survivors tell tales of excruciating pain, trouble breathing and erections lasting up to 4 HOURS!

A 4 hour erections might sound good, but in actuality it can be very painful. Priapism is the medical term for such an occurrence.

Its this venomous effect that has caught the attention of Kenia Nunes of the Medical College of Georgia. She has managed to isolate the molecule responsible for priapism. In her Journal of Sexual Medicine Study, she outlines the peptide PnTx2-6. PnTx2-6 works through different paths than current ED medicines. This hopeful treatment should be less likely to cause serious side effects, if at all.

The testing batch was fed to mice with ED and high blood pressure. The results where great all mice survived with erect members.

There is also a chance that this treatment may also provide a benefit to female’s suffering from sexual dysfunction. If testing and all goes well, we should see a product hit shelves within the next year. I wonder what they are going to name it?