Solar Roadways: Ecological Super Invention Or Just A Big Scam?

Are solar roadways THE ecological solution and technology we've been waiting for or an expensive scam?

Solar Roadways project generated over $2.1M on Indiegogo in the last few months, as well as almost another million dollars in US government funding. But is this project really worth all that investment? Will it even work and can it be actually be put to use in reality on a larger scale?

The idea and concept sound very promising and enticing. To have an “unlimited” source of energy that actually generates electricity instead of using it by gathering solar energy. High-tech roads and parking lots can collect solar energy, think about charging your electric car anywhere, for free!

We could move dangerous above-ground power lines underground, and create a system of self-powered LED displays under roads that could make driving safer by displaying important information to drivers when there’s a need to.

For the average person who dreams of an ecological and sustainable green lifestyle this sounds like THE solution to all our ecological and sustainable energy problems. Skeptics from all over the world have looked into the idea much more in detail and figured out that in reality it doesn’t seem that practical.

What do you think? Is this merely a dream or could this be the technology that could change our future for the better good?