Snoring Keeps the Monsters Away

Snoring for LifeSleeping is an enjoyable and medically necessary experience that everyone needs to recuperate after dealing with life’s daily stressors. Unfortunately, many people and their significant others have to suffer from the effects of a common and some life threatening problem, namely snoring. While it might keep many monsters at bay, it can also keep away your spouse or significant other. Thankfully, there are many different remedies to reduce or fully resolve the problem including a state of the art piece of equipment known as the Inspire 2.

Snoring occurs because there is an obstruction of the airway which can be caused by obstructed nasal airways, poor muscle tone in the throat, bulky throat tissue and abnormal soft palate or uvula. Ongoing or habitual snoring can lead to sleep apnea which has some serious side effects including a poor night’s sleep, stress on the heart, breathing interruptions, interruptions in sleep.

Not surprisingly, many inventors have attempted to look for solutions for snoring and sleep apnea. Some of the remedies are partially or hardly effective, there are some more expensive products on the market that have really made leaps and bounds advancements into more restful sleep. One of those inventions is the CPAP machine. The CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure) is essentially a machine that pushed air up a tube into a mask that you wear while you sleep. Think of the masks that modern day fighter pilots use in the movies with the nose cone and the long hose. These machines are highly effective with the people that use them.  Unfortunately, not all people can tolerate having the CPAP mask on them while they are sleeping. Without its use the torture of restlessness continues. That was until now and the introduction of the Inspire 2.

The Inspire 2 has been clinically proven to give the one-two punch to sleep apnea by reducing apnea events by 68% and improve the quality of life for those who cannot tolerate the CPAP machine. The Inspire 2 is a machine that senses breathing. If it notices irregular breathing occurring, it delivers a mild stimulation to the key airway muscles which are the key to keeping the airway open during sleep. Thankfully, the machine is programmed by the user who has the ability to turn it off or on depending on their level of tolerance. Moreover, the machine prevents the need for removing or permanently altering a person’s facial or airway parts saving plenty of additional pain and agony.

While the Inspire 2 has FDA approval, it is getting tremendous amounts of positive feedback from the people that have the procedure completed. Unfortunately, it is only being used in a very limited amount of sleep apnea cases but with the successes that it has already seen, it will slowly make it into mainstream medicine. With a little more of a push snoring could be a thing of the past for the 18 million people currently suffering from sleep apnea as well as their spouse, significant others and families.