Lonely And Unhappy? This Robot Will Change Your Life.

Socially assistive robots are becoming increasingly popular and many people are finally taking notice, putting their money behind them. The federal government has recently awarded a grant to Yale University to create a socially assistive robot to connect and encourage cognitive growth in children. While this is intended to help children with cognitive deficiencies, there is another exciting robot in the works.

The JIBO is a first of it’s kind family robot, and it’s Indiegogo campaign was funded in less than 24 hours. The unimposing little robot is intended to understand and connect with human beings, being somebody you can talk to as well as learn from. He can recognize faces and speaks with human like inflections, connecting to you on a personal level.

JIBO can do so much for you than just talking. It can send messages, take pictures, and even read stories to your kids. It can become your own personal assistant as well as you home companion.