Why Justin Timberlake Is Going to Be Elected Our Next President

Justin Timberlake would make a great candidate for our next president. Even if Obama could run again he would not have a chance against JT just because of the level of service to his country that he provides. He goes beyond what Obama is willing to do.

He has a unique charisma and does very well in every project he seems takes on. Whether it be improv comedy on SNL or dominating the R&B charts, JT can do it all. But wait JT is much more multi-faceted with the credentials to make it happen.

First and foremost, he has been identified as the people’s choice for the next president! Don’t believe it check out the article from a recent MTV pole putting him above Adele and Beyonce. Strangely, he even is a cross party favorite making both Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

What that is not enough? Fine there is more. Well we all know that a great president puts his countrymen before himself. Well JT has knocked it out of the park on this one. He has done tremendous amounts of philanthropic events to provide resources to make many projects continue on their path. However, he even goes further than even our current President is willing to try by doing the ice bucket challenge when Obama would not. As you can clearly see, JT makes the presidency appear to be an easy win if he should decide to go for it!