Men can be confusing at times with their mixed signals and their odd signs of showing interest in the girl they like, which makes it quite difficult to decipher their feelings. Read this article to find out how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it and the reasons behind men hiding their feelings.

Nothing is more awkward for a woman than presuming mutual sentiments with a man. When in reality, he simply treats you and everyone else with kindness. So how do you avoid encountering this circumstance in the first place? Is it possible to detect if a man is attracted to you but trying to hide it?

So you know a guy who acts strange around you, but you’re not sure if it’s because he doesn’t know you well enough or because he likes you but is hiding it. It’s quite simple to figure out a guy’s sentiments for you. Everyone knows that men are not the same as women, especially when it comes to expressing their feelings. While women are more vocal, men are the polar opposite. They would prefer remaining quiet and try expressing themselves non-verbally.

When we start feeling anything for someone, we try to know if they share our interests. They might give us hints pretty frequently, yet we often overlook them. Do you have feelings for someone but are unsure of their sentiments for you? Then, this article is for you. All the points mentioned are carefully researched signs of how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it. So keep on reading and decipher your dream man’s behavior.

Why do men hide their feelings?

There are distinct expectations for men and women when it comes to processing emotions. It’s socially acceptable for women to express their emotions, such as grief or anxiety, because they are frequently seen as “sensitive.” However, men, who are viewed as powerful and courageous, are discouraged from showing their emotions in public.

Why do men hide their feelings? Many ladies are concerned about this question. The representatives of the stronger sex are frequently parsimonious in the expression of their emotions, and whatever feelings the women elicit in them, they act with restraint.

Psychologists claim that men are often soft and susceptible, so why do they pretend to be insensitive and unacquainted with emotional experiences? The answer is simple: they desire to please since the concept of being the stronger gender implanted in them as children the idea that a true man should be unshakable and harsh.

These cultural standards and gender stereotypes have persisted for many years and can be harmful, particularly to men. Men who communicate their feelings are frequently viewed as weak. Because of this, many men are terrified of the consequences and choose not to express their emotions. Men and women both have feelings, but men express them differently. So why do males keep their emotions hidden? Here are the top seven justifications for them doing so.

  • Since childhood, they have been told to be strong
  • They require extra time to process their emotions
  • They are afraid that their emotions may be exploited
  • He has no idea what he wants
  • Maybe he has heard no way too often
  • He is waiting for you to show an interest in him
  • They simply have different ways of expressing their feelings

Since childhood, they have been told to be strong

This is one of the primary reasons why men hide their feelings for a woman. They are taught from birth to be tough and not to cry, even if they have a strong desire to do so. Among men, sobbing, for example, is a sign of weakness, and guys being guys, seek to prove that they are “real men.”

Since the dawn of civilization, culture has significantly impacted men and encouraged this type of conduct. A weak man is not good enough and is not recognized in society. Males prefer to appear as emotionless as possible, especially in front of other people, because showing emotions is a sign of weakness. Don’t get upset if the guy you think is attracted to you tries to appear tough. It is his responsibility; he believes it’s important for him to appear manly and strong.

They require extra time to process their emotions

Men do not analyze feelings as thoroughly as women do, and that is just fine. Men differ somewhat slightly from women. They don’t pay much attention to what they feel at first, but as time passes, they understand that something is going on inside of them, or they have certain feelings for a particular person.

They then begin to think about it more deeply. The fundamental reason for this is that men are simply simple creatures who do not think too much. They may not even recognize they are experiencing powerful emotions or feelings at times. You should be understanding as a woman, and you should not judge the man you like or create a negative opinion about his personality. Wait for him to find things out on his own, or look for the signs we’ll list further in this article.

They are afraid that their emotions may be exploited

Men don’t tend to pay much attention to their sentiments; thus, it hurts them a lot when someone exploits them. This is one of the main reasons why men hide their feelings”. Many of the men you know probably were totally destroyed when they left certain relationships.

Additionally, there is a good chance that most of them have gone through something similar previously, which is why they decide to keep their emotions to themselves. Women tend to experience emotional pain more frequently, and because they are by nature more sensitive, this makes them more tolerant of emotional suffering.

There’s no doubt that guys have emotions, but if they’ve had unpleasant experiences in the past, they could be more difficult to connect with. Try to give off signs and signals to the guy you like and think might be attracted to you that you are a reliable, compassionate, and devoted person. Over time, he will lower his guard and develop into a much more lovable and kind person and come and confront his feelings with you.

He has no idea what he wants

Some guys find it difficult to make up their minds about what they want in a relationship because they are simply too indecisive. He might be worried that you deserve someone better or that he is not good enough for you. Perhaps he truly wants a relationship but is unsure of how to show it.

Recognize that he is taking his time to decide what he wants. Don’t push him to reveal how he really feels. He’ll find it simpler to be with you over time if you’re patient and let things develop gradually. Give him some time and space, and hold off on making any immediate decisions.

How about making an effort to spend time with him, listen to what he has to say, and establish a comfortable relationship with him in order to make it simpler for him to tell you that he is attracted to you?

Maybe he has heard no way too often

When you were a child and wished for something with your entire heart, but the person you requested to give it to you kept saying “no,” do you still remember those times? You’d probably start to become impatient, and soon, even then, your hope would disappear. That is how boys feel when one of the girls they like tells them over and over again that she doesn’t like them or isn’t interested in them.

Maybe he has now lost all hope but can’t help giving you signs that he is attracted to you but hiding it. If you want him to approach you, try to avoid coming across as nasty, mean, or the kind of girl who consistently rejects guys.

Make it clear to the guy who you think likes you that he doesn’t need to fear, that you are the one who is interested in him, and that you are committed to a long-term relationship. Also, make him realize that If you didn’t care about him, you wouldn’t be speaking to him.

He is waiting for you to show an interest in him

Some guys might be interested in you, but they want to avoid coming off as overly aggressive, so they’re waiting for you to initiate contact. If they reveal too much too soon, they fear that you two may drift away from them or find them annoying.

If your partner has shown interest in you and is working hard to make things happen, be sure to reciprocate. Being confident and transparent is a great turn-on for men, so let him know you’re interested and see where it goes from there.

When you make an effort to show him that you are interested in him, he will feel more comfortable opening up to you. If things don’t work out between the two of you, at least you know he attempted to open up to you.

If you believe this guy isn’t picking up on the timings and is too focused on his thoughts, you should give him some space and try to hash things out with him. Inform him that you are not looking for something serious and that he is welcome to visit at any moment. He’ll be relieved to be able to express his feelings about everything, and he won’t think about it as much if he’s already content with the way things are going.

They simply have different ways of expressing their feelings

There is no denying that men and women are fundamentally different from one another. We think, feel, and act differently. Additionally, since every one of us has a unique personality, there are many variations in how we display our emotions.

You may believe that the guy you thought was interested in you has no feelings for you, but you may be interpreting his actions and words incorrectly. Maybe he has his own special style of expressing affection.

Perhaps his love language is attempting to make someone laugh and provide for them instead of hugging or using romantic language. In any case, genuine feelings cannot be communicated in words. Our recommendation is to be fearless and freely express your admiration for him in your own style.

It can be unsettling to express feelings when the other person looks much colder, but don’t allow fear to keep you from showing the guy you like, who you think has an interest in you, the affection he deserves. Simply get to know him more, and you’ll start to observe how he expresses his emotions. He likely just has his own ways of loving you.

When it comes to guys falling in love, there are numerous options. But keep in mind that men are all different, and some are more difficult to get into a relationship with than others. One of the most crucial things to remember about men and love is that they think differently than women. They may have distinct standards in their heads that are difficult to grasp or accept. So be patient and read on to understand how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

It’s very upsetting when a man seems to be interested in you but never approaches you for a date. This kind of circumstance causes a lot of people to struggle. The person who is treating them a little nicer than normal is frequently a friend or coworker.

If he is extremely kind, almost flirtatious, but lacks initiative, you’ll be left wondering if he has any romantic desire. But don’t worry, there’s no need to be concerned! Here’s exactly how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it.

  • He continues to send you mixed signals
  • He teases you whenever he gets the chance
  • He can’t help using his hands
  • He maintains eye contact
  • He can’t help but smile at you
  • He is aware of every detail about you and remembers it
  • He requests your phone number
  • He unconsciously copies you
  • He likes spending as much time with you as he can
  • He goes above and beyond what you ask of him
  • His demeanor changes when you bring up other men
  • He makes an effort to look good whenever you are around
  • He enjoys telling you about himself
  • He is always emphasizing his single status (It is one of the most obvious signs how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it)

He continues to send you mixed signals

He is lovely one day and completely ignores you the next. When this happens repeatedly, it can be aggravating. Don’t worry! That guy is mainly worried about how to hide his feelings for you. He’s attempting to keep it calm between you and him because he’s afraid of being rejected.

Men take a big risk when they invest their feelings in someone they’re not sure will reciprocate. Being rejected by the woman they love can be one of the most difficult things they will ever go through. So it is reasonable to state that you are not the only one who is frustrated here.

He might also be concerned that by moving too quickly, he would scare you away. Try to allow him enough time the next time this occurs so that he can go at his own pace. Don’t be overly attached or distanced from him. Keep things informal, and you can be sure that he will soon declare his love for you.

He teases you whenever he gets the chance

Some guys adore it when they see the girl they want pouting or grinning in response to a pointless tease. They continue doing it because they find it to be cute. One method of how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it is if the guy is acting in a teasing way towards you.

However, excessive teasing can really mutate into an insult. He will try to only tease you while you are feeling happy or are in a playful mood in order to avoid you finding his behavior insulting. He would be extremely selective about what deserves a playful jab.

When he notices that you are not in a good mood, he makes an effort to first comprehend your issue before offering to assist you in solving it. He would definitely start making fun of you to make you feel better when the issue is resolved.

Your minor quirks that he finds adorable, like doing a dance when your dinner is made, may be made fun of. He might also try to sound like you when you’re upset. His second possible target for your teasing is your lovely height. So, it’s not our fault that most guys favor petite, sassy women.

He can’t help using his hands

You may have noticed that he appears touchy, especially when teasing you. When you try to respond, he only brushes your hair or pinches your cheeks while calling you cute. He merely wants to be close to you, like in that Carpenters song. He does all of this because he longs for your touch. A man in love will do everything in his power to keep you close to him.

That being said, you must pay attention to how he touches you. These touches can be transient or permanent. It all depends on the situation you’re both in. Are you discussing something personal, such as your life objectives and prior experiences? If you are, you may see that he is leaning more toward you. A man who likes you will most likely turn his entire body or his feet toward you during the conversation.

Is he attempting to reassure you about something that has you worried? If you say yes, he will try to calm you down by encouraging you and may even add a lingering shoulder touch. It’s an added bonus if he additionally pats your head. Does he place his hand on your lower back when he presents you to his friends or family? Then it’s his nonverbal, unconscious method of telling you that you’re his.

Does he make an effort to keep a close space between you when you are strolling together? Your fingers or arms are beginning to rub against one another? If the answer is a yes, there is a greater likelihood that he is considering taking your hand. These are just a few of the numerous examples that might show you how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it. Keep an eye out for these indicators the next time.

He maintains eye contact

The eyes are the portals to the soul. A guy might be hesitant to approach you at first. However, he’ll find it effortless to maintain eye contact once you both feel at ease with one another. Occasionally, you might catch him gazing lovingly at you as you speak about what you are passionate about.

Furthermore, he hesitates before responding when you ask him a question. Give him a break if this occurs. Only you and the way you speak are confusing him. Maintaining eye contact is another surefire indicator of attention. That can only signify that he truly wants to get to know you better.

He can’t help but smile at you

Seeing your crush smile at you in a genuine way might send your heart racing. When a smile reaches the eyes, you can tell it’s genuine. It takes a lot of determination to quit smiling like a fool whenever you meet someone you admire. So, if a guy smiles at you more frequently, it suggests he likes you.

Another sign that a man is attracted to you but is disguising it is when he laughs at anything you say that is humorous. You don’t even have to tell an amusing joke; just tell a simple dad joke, and he’ll laugh to his heart’s content.

Why does this even happen? It amuses him that the woman he considers to be out of his league is capable of being both comical and entertaining. He might smile at this idea in a very uncomplicated way.

He is aware of every detail about you and remembers it

Ever questioned how he managed to recall your favorite cuisine or birthday even though you only told him just once? This is because a man in love makes it a point to keep these particular things about the girl in his thoughts. By doing this, he hopes to impress you and make you feel at ease with him. He might surprise you with your preferred milk tea on an arbitrary day just to make you feel remembered.

Even if you didn’t tell him, you might have noticed that he was aware of your preferences. It implies that he did his homework to determine how to spend his time with you next time in the greatest possible way when you both are together.

Asking the woman’s acquaintances about her preferences will prevent a man from overtly revealing his affection for her. In addition, he keeps watching over the woman while she is engaged in other activities. Using technology, he can easily conduct his investigation by adding or following you on your social media pages. So, if he sends you a friend request on your social media accounts, then you should accept them immediately.

He requests your phone number

Anytime you want to talk, a man who is drawn to you will find a method to do so. In actuality, this is one of the most typical flirtatious behaviors. It could take a while for shy guys to do this. Some people will ask one of your buddies for your number rather than you.

Don’t count on him to text you right away once he has your phone number, though. Recall that he is attempting to avoid becoming too obvious. But don’t stress over it. He’ll eventually get the nerve to text you one of these days. Just be sure to give him adequate time.

He unconsciously copies you

Do you realize that a man who likes you may unintentionally mimic your actions? If you’re confused about how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it, then be sure to look out for this sign.  Mirroring is the term for this. When you desire to be like the person you love, this happens. You can perform a quick test to find out if he finds you attractive.

Keep an eye on his movements whenever you two are together. Is his posture the same as yours when you sit down? When you touch your hair, does he also touch his? Try crossing your arms; if he does the same, it is obvious that he is imitating you.

He likes spending as much time with you as he can

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with the person they care about? Spending more time with you implies he can get to know you better. A man who is interested in your hobbies, life ambitions, and even how your day went is clearly attracted to you and obviously would want more time with you.

When it’s time to leave, he makes excuses to keep you. He might offer to take you to this very excellent coffee shop. If you refuse, he will offer to drive you home. When he asks you out for a “friendly” dinner, watch to see if he does any of the things mentioned above. That way, you’ll know if he’s interested in you.

He goes above and beyond what you ask of him

Do you have an instance in mind where you needed his assistance, and he made an extra effort to provide it? If so, it is obvious that he genuinely likes you a lot. Guys who don’t care about you would set their priorities straight before providing any help to you.

But you are the top priority for a man who is drawn to you. When a man gives his time and energy solely to win your favor, it is clear how much he values you. Do not forget that deeds speak louder than words.

His demeanor changes when you bring up other men

So you were enjoying this great storytime together. Everything was going pretty well until you introduced the name of a man in your story. The guy you think is attracted to you becomes quiet and starts inquiring about this individual. He’s curious if you’re acquainted with this person and what you think of him. Before you realize it, your conversation has shifted to this character in your story.

Does this sound familiar? If it is, it suggests he is interested in you. Men are naturally possessive of the women they like. As a result, they are unlikely to want other males in your company. It makes them nervous that someone might get someone as loving and attractive as you before them.

Also possible is that he will start inquiring about the personalities of your other male pals. In order to determine how he can outperform them, he uses this as a tool to assess them. So it’s important to make it clear that you are single if you like him.

Mentioning your other male friends will let him know that you are not interested in any of them. Miscommunication can be prevented by openly communicating to him your situation and the kind of relationship you have with your male friends.

He makes an effort to look good whenever you are around

In contrast to women, most males are unconcerned with their appearance. Needless to say, they are low-maintenance. So, when he deviates from his typical style when you are present, he tries to impress you by looking good.

By changing their posture, males can make an impression on the women they want. After all, who wants a slouched guy? Likewise, you’ll see that they put in some extra effort while making their hair. He sprays the best-smelling cologne on him because he wants to get closer to you.

Additionally, they pay attention to how they appear while dressed. Although you might think that these events only happen in movies, these are all actual events. A man who likes you will go out of his way to win your approval, including grooming himself nicely.

He enjoys telling you about himself

Transparency is crucial in every relationship, as we all know. Building trust requires being open with one another. One of the key ingredients in a fulfilling partnership is trust. A man will make it a point to be open with you if he thinks you could be his future partner. He might begin by telling you about his day in a brief conversation. He starts to discuss his life aspirations with you as you two become more intimate.

As a result, when your crush or the guy you think likes you acts in this way with you, he has started seeing you as a potential companion. He is eager to include you in his larger ambitions, which is another indication of if a man is attracted to you but hiding it. Isn’t that just lovely?

He is always emphasizing his single status (It is one of the most obvious signs how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it)

He consistently underlines that he has no romantic connection to any of the women he talks about in his stories. He constantly does this in order to prevent any miscommunication between the two of you. Try to find out why he’s single if the guy you like says out loud that he is single. He will undoubtedly make a list of the traits he values in a lady.

He may be hinting at liking you if you see any similarities between the character he is describing and your own personality. He might be trying to drop hints by comparing the traits of the type of girl he wants to the ones you possess. If you see him doing this consistently, that is his method of letting you know that he is single and exclusively interested in you.

What is the best way to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

The signs of how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it are countless and can be quite confusing and even very hard to remember at you might be wondering what is the one thing that can best determine his feelings for me; then your answer is his body language.

Observing a man’s body language is the best approach to determine whether he likes you or not. The majority of the time, people who like someone else don’t even realize it, but their posture and movement tell you everything you need to know. If he maintains his body open, he is surely quite interested in you, and now you just need to wait until he realizes this and makes his move.

How do you tell if a married man is attracted to you but is hiding it?

It might come as a surprise to you that a married man can take an interest in other women. But it’s the truth some men aren’t just satisfied with their marriage and try exploring other options to fulfill the void. While it might seem unethical and just plain weird, if you get odd vibes from a person who you think is married, you might want to know if he is interested in you or not.

If someone, or more specifically a married man, likes you but doesn’t want to show it, he will unwittingly exhibit his fondness for you. You may start wondering by his odd behavior whether this married man truly likes or desires you. One sign that a married man likes you is if he hides his wedding ring. If he is trying to keep his ring out of your sight, then he truly wants you and thus wants you to think that he is completely available.


It may be both exhilarating and stressful to try to figure out if a man likes you but is trying to hide it. Fortunately, there are clear indicators that can guide you away from making any false conclusions and getting embarrassed. Keep in mind that sometimes what you see in romance movies and chick flicks is over-exaggerated. Therefore, do not anticipate any dramatic displays of affection from a man, especially if he is timid or attempting to conceal his feelings.

Instead, follow our article and look for signs like if he is always around, does he keep talking to you every chance he gets, does he remember important stuff about you, if he is caring, and does he often use any opportunity he gets to have a physical interaction with you. If you see these signs or indications, then be sure that this guy is actually extremely attracted to you.

But if all else fails, even after following our guide of “how to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it,” and you’re still unsure about his feelings for you, you could always go up to him and ask him right away.

Because if you have a guy who you’re into or you think is into you and he is keeping his feelings extremely discrete, then you’re probably going to have to make the first move. He’s probably shy and wants to know if you like him before asking you out. Take the initiative and try your luck since the other way around isn’t working.


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