Google Gets Competition…Not From Bing, But From Sharks

Google has been attacked recently!

By Who?

google sharkNo, it weren’t bots, terrorists, an unhappy employee or any of that.

It were sharks that decided to attack Google. And they bit were it hurted: undersea internet cables.

There are many things that can go wrong with these cables, but it seems that sharks really love to bite in them. For this reason Google decided to strengthen their undersea cables with Kevlar. We all know this material is very strong as it is the same material that is used in bulletproof vests.

Here you see a shark biting such a data cable:


It seems that electric and magnetic fields that are formed by these cables attract sharks. It seems they see this cables mistakenly as their prey because of these electric impulses.


These undersea cables are made from fiberglass cables therefore they need to be protected.

How Big is This Problem?

Rather big. We have a lot of undersea data cables lying around. These are connecting a lot more places than you would ever think. Even a lot remote places are connected this way. On a montly basis 51 billion of data is transported through these undersea cables. Below you see a undersea cable map for the US and Mexico: