5 things you don’t realize about celebrities

What separates us from the rich and famous? Find out these 5 things you didn't know about celebrities.

5. They’re still regular people just like you and me

Every day activities seem so rare


Eventhough you they live in a huge villa on the beach and have caviar and champagn for breakfast, they’re still human beings just like any of us. Just because they have money and fame doesn’t make them any different from us.

They often also want to be able to do the things that we find so “normal” without being harrassed on the street by fan girls or even worse, the paparazzi.

In reality, these people are also doing their job and making a good living out of it and after they’re done. They often just long for a “normal” life where they can do every day things, just like the rest of us. We don’t need to admire them like kings or gods.

4. They carry a huge amount of social pressure

As a celebrity you’re always in the spotlight, on the screen and off the screen. Every move you make and everything you do will be over exaggerated by the paparazzi in the gossip magazines. You’ll be criticized for everything you do.

You’re expected to be a role model for all your fans and the people out there. Everyone is looking at you and every mistake you make will be plastered all over the news for days and weeks. Many of us deal with stress at work but at least we get to de-stress at home or during our free time. But as a celebrity you’re under constant pressure and often have a very busy schedule, leaving you little or no time for yourself

3. Temptations are harder to resist

Because you’re rich, you can afford anything you want. Whatever you fancy, you can get it, making it hard to resist since you have so much cash anyway. This can easily get out of control and end up biting you in the ass afterwards.

But these temptations don’t just stop with materialistic goods, but also parties and with parties often comes alcohol and drugs. Drugs are often expensive and hard to get by, but as a celebrity, many doors open for you and you can easily get away with things. And you have no problem funding your addiction if you can not say no.

2. You lose your sense of reality

As a celebrity, everything moves so much faster. You are living a lifestyle that many can only dream of in their life time. You are living the dream and this can often make a person delusional if they’re living their dream for a long time.

You start to lose track of what’s real anymore and you don’t know when to stop and get back on the ground with your 2 feet. Fame often gets into people their head fast and hard to get out. It’s not easy at all, who would want to walk away from their dream. A dream where they can do anything they want, buy anything they want?

1. Shorter life span

A lot of celebrities have cracked under these living conditions, because you’re living in extremes you’re putting your body through a lot of mental and physical burdens. You’re tired from working and performing but you still need to put on a strong face for the public and your fans.

The only way to relax and forget about the day is alcohol and drugs. Because you’re in showbiz and there’s so many people around you, you often can’t find the right people you can trust, so you often keep it to yourself or find escape in alcohol or even drugs.

How many times have we heard of celebrity having an overdose or alcohol problems and depression? All the drugs and alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle often makes them have a shorter lifespan than us regular people who live a normal and perhaps boring life.

Most recently Robin Williams death have woken up a lot of people on the life of celebrities and what they go through day in and day out.

Celebrities maybe have the lifestyle that many of us are jealous of, but in reality it’s hard to be in their shoes. Think again if you want to be rich and famous including all the ups and many many downs.