4 Reasons More and More People are Using Solar Panels in Sydney

The use of solar power is growing at a huge rate in Australia. It’s thought that Australia’s solar power capacity could be doubled in 2018 after an unprecedented number of large-scale solar farms were given the go-ahead for New South Wales and Queensland. January of this year now holds the record for the most rooftop installations further highlighting Australians commitment to renewable energy sources.

With more and more people making the move to solar power, it’s becoming clear that solar power will be more accessible than ever. Now is the time to take advantage of this trend and capitalize on the opportunity solar power can provide to help you save money and do your bit to improve the overall living conditions in Australia and in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons more people are making the right move to using solar power in Sydney.

Energy Prices

The most critical reason that people in Australia, and in particular the Sydney area, are using solar panels is that of the energy prices in the current market as well as the smart financial choice it gives homeowners. One of the well-known reasons for wanting to avoid solar is the cost it entails to set it up. This is no longer an issue due to the solar credits program through the Australian Renewable Energy Target.

With this subsidy, when you purchase a solar package through Energy Matters, you will be given a point of sale discount. In addition, you will gain immediate savings on your electric bill, which can add up to thousands of dollars over the year. Even though your startup costs for solar are high, you will receive quite the savings in the near future and ongoing.

Solar Is Here To Stay

Another excellent reason more people are using solar in Australia and especially in the Sydney area is that solar power is not going anywhere. Approximately two million homes have installed solar packages already. Solar power is a much better option than fossil fuel energy as it is both renewable and it is becoming less expensive with the more people who jump on board. Since solar power is here to stay, people in Sydney have embraced the change and are making a difference in the world’s energy usage!

Go Green

We all have to live on one planet, and if that planet starts to lose its resources, we are all doomed. It is essential to go green in all aspects to keep the Earth healthy. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or you want energy independence, we can all do our part to help the Earth. By switching to solar energy, you are doing your part in using a renewable source of energy that will allow the Earth to heal as we stop sucking it dry of its natural resources in the core of the planet. Go green today by installing a solar package to your home!

Increased Temperatures

The solar manufacturers have noticed a significant increase for people in Sydney who have purchased a solar package over the last year and ongoing into the future. The growth is occurring in Australia due to the cost people are expected to pay with the fossil fuel grid that currently serves their electricity.

With temperatures in Australia up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit in and near Sydney, no one can be outside in the extreme heat. People are staying inside using and consuming more air conditioning than usual, which in turn has increased the prices of the energy companies. To avoid these high prices, homeowners are investigating and purchasing a solar package and using the incentives where applicable.

Go Green With A Solar Package In Australia!

If you live in or near the area of Sydney, you need to check the prices of solar compared to what your electric bill is. Make the comparison over the next year to see how much you pay to the energy companies. Even though solar will be an up-front cost, you will regain the money spent in a concise time. People in Australia have figured this out, and more and more people are switching to solar energy. Whether it is due to energy prices, to go green, due to the weather, or because solar is here to stay, Australians are excited to be leading the movement of using solar energy!

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