20 Computer Habits You Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

20) Not Saving

angry email


One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is to use a PC and fail to save or backup your files. That’s a costly mistake that could cause you to lose all precious files and documents in your possession. Your PC doesn’t have a natural memory to recall whatever you input or copy into a file. You’ve got to save whatever you write or create and back it up for quick recovery. All it takes is to press “CTRL + S” and you’re work is saved!

19) Dirty Fingers

Dirty Computer Screen


Do you have itchy fingers that can’t keep of the screen? You’d better tame it as early as you can. The truth is: nothing is as gross or revolting like dirty, smudgy, and finger-print riddled screens. Yep, it just paints a bad picture about you and leaves a bad impression (more so if you’re sharing a desktop or an office laptop).

Seriously, do you think someone would grant you access to their PC if they know you’ll leave it with dirt or smudge? Avoid this habit because it would make you a persona non-grata near a PC

18) Desktop Full of Icons and Files

Desktop Clutter


To all icon and file hunkies- icons and files are very useful features in a PC. They make it easier for us to launch our favorite PC programs or access documents with ease. Regretfully, some folks litter their screens with icons and files shortcuts. Don’t you think that’s unsightly? Certainly, it is unsightly and a recipe for confusion especially if you’re sharing an office PC.

17) Not Cleaning Equipment

cleaning computer


Your mouse and keyboards are integral components of your computer. You’ve got to keep them clean at all times. Dirty mouse or keyboard creates a bad impression about you. That’s not all. Dirt especially dust, lowers the efficiency and performance of your PC. And who would want to use a PC with a dirty mouse PC keyboard? You workmates and colleagues wouldn’t even want to be near a gross, smudgy, or a dirty machine.

16) Visiting Questionable Sites

Bad Website


How many times have you wondered off to questionable sites? Chances are you’ve wondered severally. Believe me, every time you wonder off, you increase the risk of being scammed or ripped off by cyber crooks. Cyber criminals use questionable sites to ensnare people. Once you access those sites, they will use key logs and cookie sessions to steal vital data or information from your browser or PC.

15) Slouching

slouching in chair


Truth be told, most of us are guilty of slouching in chairs. Some do it when they’re bored while others do it habitually. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t slouch because it creates a really bad impression especially in a work environment. Slouching increases the risk of neck and back pain which may hamper your productivity. Next time you want to slouch, think about the impression your creating and more than anything and don’t forget you’re increasing the risk of neck and back pain. Will you?

14) Using Your Computer For Other Things

Food On Laptop


Are you fond of multi-tasking? If so, you’re probably fond of using your PC as a food tray or holder of some sort. That shouldn’t be the case. Your PC is a P just what it’s designated to be. Don’t assign numerous roles to your PC or believe you can use it for multiple purposes. If you do so, you’ll increase the risk of accidents or damage. So, let your PC be a PC not a tray or shelf, or a place holder!

13) Clicking Things By Accident

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If you like clicking things by accident, you’re no different from a trigger happy cop. You’re certainly doomed because sooner or later, your itchy fingers will lead you to trouble. You may click a spammy link in your email and expose your vital information to hackers, or worse off, click and uninstall or delete essential files from your machines. Whatever the case, there’s a price to pay and you may not be able to recoup the loss or reverse the damage. So, be careful of what and when you click!

12) Clicking “ok” For Everything

clicking ok


Are you fond of clicking subscription links, download links, or order links when browsing? Don’t make that mistake. You could click your way into problems and eventually lose money in monthly subscriptions or costly deductions. Worse still, you could give out important details to potential scammers. Don’t be complacent. You’ve got to read the fine prints when buying online or registering up an account. That way, you’ll avoid regrets.

11) Not logging Out Of Accounts

identity thief


Heard of something called identity theft? You’ve probably heard it in social media discussions without giving it much though. Believe it or not, there are thousands of scammers and cyber crooks prying for your vulnerable targets online. Not logging out of your accounts after every login session makes you just a prime target for scammers and cyber criminals.

You’ve got to sign out and terminate session cookie at your browser and login site . There’s a difference between closing your browser and logging out. Don’t confuse one for the other!

10) Keeping old emails



We’re all fond of something. Sometimes we keep emails for memories sake. As much as it seems like a good idea, it’s not advisable to do so in the long term. Think about some of the private or intimate emails you have.

What would happen if someone accidentally or maliciously came across such confidential email? Wouldn’t it open a can of worms about your life? Just delete all old or obsolete emails and only keep what is relevant on a going on concern or basis.

9) Not Dusting out inside your computer

Dust In Computer


You’ve probably never given this much though; a clean PC is a healthy PC. Do you know why? A clean PC runs smoothly, efficiently, and doesn’t heat up like a dusty PC. On the contrary, a dusty PC runs slowly, heats up quickly, and runs noisily. As you can see, it actually pays to clean your PC in the long run.

8) Not Removing Programs

remove software


When was the last time you checked your programs panels? Chances are you rarely check it and if you do, you don’t see anything odd. Most people have lots of junk or obsolete programs in their PC. These programs don’t add any value to their lives. In case you forgot; having obsolete programs not only lowers the efficiency and performance of your PC, but it also increases maintenance costs.

So why not save yourself the trouble of using a slow PC by cleaning out files and uninstalling programs that you don’t need any more?

7) No Breaks

Face Down On Desk


Are you a workaholic? That’s a desirable trait amongst employers but it’s not good for your health. If you work for extended periods without breaks, you’ll easily burn out and become depressed. In fact, you’ll become counterproductive in the long run and prone to work-related illnesses such as fatigue. You’ve got to do everything in moderation and work smart so as to achieve work-life.

6) No Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Collage


Operating a computer without antivirus protection is one of the silliest mistakes you can ever make. We live in a day and age where malware and viruses such as Trojan horse wreak havoc. If you don’t have antivirus software installed in your PC, you’ll sooner or later become a target for malware attacks. Surely, it doesn’t cost an arm or leg to get antivirus protection. You can get monthly subscriptions for as low as $19.95.

5) Same Passwords for Everything

Login and Password


One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is to use your password for everything. Believe it or not, one third of the population do this brazenly. Don’t every use the same passwords for your email, accounts, office portal, and social media. Such complacency increases your vulnerability to hacking. Surely, it doesn’t cost an arm to figure out a combination or symbols, random letters, and long words that’ll keep your accounts secure Does it?

4) Not Restarting Your Computer

restart computer


Restarting your PC may seem like a boring and repetitive procedure. That’s something most folks dislike. Some people just press the power button and shut off the machine after installing a program. You actually need to restart your PC to reload its memory. Whenever your PC stalls, you ought to restart it instead of shutting it down abruptly. That way, you’ll preserve the memory and prevent it from crashing.

3) Not updating Software

update antivirus


You probably love installing exploring new software or programs. But, do you set time to update your softwares? Some do so regularly while others don’t do it at all. If you don’t update your software, you’re worse off like someone who doesn’t have antivirus protection. Cyber crooks are always looking for vulnerabilities in softwares and systems. You can’t afford to use old or outdated software because it won’t shield your PC from hackers and cybercrooks.

2) Too Outspoken on Social Media

social media


Do you have a “big mouth” or do you like jumping into conversations in social media sites? Don’t do that. It’s a mistake that can ruin your reputation online. You’ve got to be level-headed and dignified in your conversations across social media. Believe it or not, whatever you say or comment may follow you long after you quit social media. Once your reputation is ruined, you cannot redeem yourself. Your goose will have been cooked!

1) Wasting Time

wasting time at work


Are you a social media addict or email junkie? You’d better watch how much time you spend reading emails or chatting in Facebook. Without doubt, social media and email are good tools for communication. But if you go overboard, they will lower your productivity and certainly put you in bad books with your employers. Seriously, it’s not worth risking your job because you want to catch up with folks in social media or check mails day in day out.