14 Ways to Know That You Are Helplessly In The Friend Zone

If one of these quotes hits close to home chances are you've been put in the friend zone.

What Is The Friend Zone?

What is the friend zone?   That’s quite hard to explain exactly so instead let’s use a simple little analogy.  Let’s say that you are a guy (or girl) that goes into store that you have faithfully and regularly frequented for as long as you remember.

In the store you find an employee and suddenly say, “Ok I’ve had enough!  Why haven’t you guys hired me?”  The employee says that its because you never put in an application and that it doesn’t matter how much you come in or love our store if you don’t express your interest in employment and instead continue to ask like a customer that’s just how you will always be treated–like a customer.

What It Means To “Get Put In the Friend Zone”

If a girl puts a guy in the “friend zone” (or vice versa) chances are that person has hinted at being romantically interested in the other in a way that makes the other person feel that you are such a great friend and nothing else​–because you did not come out and say it.  Other times its about accepting things for how they are–some times the chemistry doesn’t work from the start and there is nothing else to do except accept it and move on or be miserable.

14 Signs of the Friend Zone

Here are 14 signs and signals of the friend zone.  But none of these apply to you though, right?

14girl changing clothes13upset boss12instagram chick11beautiful girl10willy wonka9like a brother to me8warrior friend zone7find a girlfriend6youre a good friend5painting fingernails4morpheous friend zone3movies date2bitch you stupid1imbossibru