Dreams are occurrences that you do not have much control over with. Once you are in bed and dozing, it is very likely that your brain would produce images without being actually prompted. This seems to be automatic as soon as you are already in deep sleep. This should not be much of a problem if only that the images are not that terrifying. However, when your dreams turn into nightmares, you would certainly wish that you do not fall asleep again. Unfortunately, as pointed out earlier, you cannot control dreams. As a matter of fact, it could be the other way around. You may actually end up having your mood for the day influenced by the dream that you had the previous night.

It is indeed a good thing if you are able to analyze dreams. It is through this way that you would be able to objectify things and not be badly affected by it. Without having this capability, it is really possible that your grasp on reality could blur because of the dream that you may have had. Analyzing dreams may not be something that you could do though. With some training it will make the dreaming process more understandable and controllable.

10. Dreams Have People You Don’t Even Know



It is almost impossible for your brain to construct an image of a person by itself. This is the reason why it is not very likely that the people appearing in your dreams are total strangers to you. You may not have remembered them while you are fully conscious but it is very possible that you have indeed met these individuals at least once in your lifetime. You may have encountered them while you are still a small kid or you may have seen them riding the same bus with you on your way to work. Because of this, you may really wake up in the morning wondering where you have seen these strangers. If you do a similar routine, keep your eye out and you might see these people yet again.

9. Your Dreams in Videos



This piece of information would really fall under the in one night. If you multiply this with the number of days per year, it is possible for you to have more than 2,000 dreams in a year. This is quite shocking that you could actually have such a large amount of individual dreams. Unfortunately, it is equally as shocking that you will most likely forget about 99% of your dreams and will not be able enjoy or recall the specific facts contained therein.

8. Control Your Dreams



Dreams may just occur without you consciously initiating it. You do not have control over its start. However, it is possible for you to actually take hold of it while it is under way. This means that you could intervene and influence over the outcome. If you feel that you are beginning to have a nightmare, you could take control and make changes in its outcome. This requires a little more training and understanding but is nice to know that it is very possible.

7. Start Your Pipe Dreams



Many people have heard the term “pipe dreams” in the past however many don’t know the roots of the term. By definition, a pipe dream is “an illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story “like a person starting a billion dollar business is a pipe dream. The real root of the word came from a more interesting beginning. It started with people using opium. They would use a pipe to smoke it and then have these fantastic fictional dreams. These dreams would be so amazing and people would be able to recall them and hence the development of the term.

6. Caution: Mind At Work



When a person dreams, it is only the mind that is actually working. In fact, the rest of the body does not move at all and is basically paralyzed. This feeling of paralysis does not occur at the outset but does start to occur about 90 minutes when you enter into the rapid eye movement phase or REM sleep. It is when you are experiencing REM that you begin to dream. Neurotransmitters that control the rest of the body shut down and include the limbs or extremities which are ultimately shut down.

5. Women’s’ Sex Dreams



The old belief that all men think about is sex. That is not necessarily the case. While compared to women, it is very likely that men are the ones who would talk about dreams on sex; however, dreaming about sex is surprisingly not a monopoly of the male population. The truth is that women dream just as much as men when it comes to sex. The difference though is that sex dreams by men tend to be more graphic and devoid of intimacy. Women, on the other hand, dream of more romantic sexual activities.

4. Escaping Nightmares by Falling Backwards



Nightmares are the worst kind of dreams and most people would certainly want to end these as soon as possible. Most people believe that they normally have to suffer through these nightmares but there is a technique to stop them dead in their tracks. The technique is by forcing yourself to fall backwards inside your dream.  This may seem strange but the technique has been found very effective. In fact, many people have trained themselves how to do this to make nightmares turn around all together. Moreover with the nightmare stopped, it is very likely you will have better dreams in its place.

2. Painting Your Dream is Possible

Garden Design Blueprint Sketching


It was noted above that scientists have made it possible for you to record your dreams. Even more interesting is that people have the ability to recall these dreams so vividly that they can then put them on canvas. One very recognized name that utilized this technique was the famous artist Salvador Dali. The technique is done by learning how to force yourself awake just prior to entering into deeper sleep (REM sleep). When they wake up they will still have the image in their mind and be able to put it to canvas thereby “painting your dreams”.

1. It is Possible to Dream in Monochrome



You may not have given it much consideration but most of the times your dreams are in colored images.   In fact, they are sometimes very vivid with amazing definition and color. Sometimes people have preferred to have their dreams in monochrome and have taught themselves now to do this. They prefer the black and white versus the color due to the uniqueness of the dream. Again, this technique takes some training but is very possible.


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