10 Secret Habits To Learn from Successful Couples, #7 Is So Easy To Implement !!!

Relationships are not easy to manage, being in a relationship with someone you love is a great thing but to successfully manage each others expectations requires great commitment and  constant work from both partners in nurturing the relationship.

Here is our Top 10 habits list which you can learn from successful couples and implement them in your love life to form a great foundation for your relationship.

10.  Give your 100% and expect nothing in return


Ned Hardy

It is important that your relationship is based on mutual love, compassion and respect rather than a mathematical equation in which you want something in return just because you have done something for your partner.

Successful couples believe in giving rather than receiving. They understand it is important sometimes to think about the other person more than think about yourself.

9. Develop common interests

It is good that you have separate hobbies, as not all your things will match with your partner. But you can definitely get involved with your partner in something they like.

For e.g. if your husband likes photography, try learning a few things about cameras, help him in photo editing, ask him some genuine questions around photography and try to develop your interest in the field.

You may not do this for all of his interests but surely for one or two to start with. It does not matter how good you perform that activity, what is important is that you are sharing and doing it together.

8. Focus on Right Things and Not Nit Pick on Wrong Things



Everyone has some weakness, some bad qualities as no one is born perfect.

But if you only focus on the bad part you are seriously denting your relationship. Instead of finding faults with everything your partner does, appreciate the good things even if they maybe small.

And do not stay quiet about bad parts but inform they in a nice way and not by shouting and yelling.

7. Say These Phrases Everyday

Yes not all days things will be good between you two, but still say these phrases like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Night’, ‘I Love You’, ‘Have a good day’.

When you have busy lives it is important you communicate these phrases as they show your affection and love for your partner.

These are also effective when there is an unsaid silence after a fight and you are looking for breaking the ice and get on talking terms.

When you say these words they help you break that silence and remove that awkwardness that is present after a disagreement.

6. Give genuine appreciation 



The work that your partner does like tidying up the house, cooking dinner, managing house finances etc. should not be taken for granted.

Appreciate and convey your thanks to your loved ones as that shows you respect them and give value to the efforts they are putting.

5. Sharing an experience together



Happiness and joy can be found in small things you do together so start with maybe sharing a walk together, cook together, go to a concert, go for a vacation to a new place, go for dinner at a famous restaurant.

All these activities will rekindle the romance between you two and give you some wonderful memories to remember.

4. Discuss and Resolve Issues rather than Fight and Criticize



Disagreements and fights are part and parcel of the relationships. Successful couples are ready to compromise and concede on certain points.

Mutually discussing the situation and resolving the problems goes a long way in making your relationship solid rather than criticizing on small points, acting defensively, shouting and yelling, trying to prove your point.

It is important to see other’s point of view and listening to them.

3. Say it Aloud



Many times we try to keep problems inside and not bring them to the notice of our partner.

Then those small issues ultimately pile up and finally come out later leading to even bigger problems.

So you should not sleep over your fights or small issues. Rather than procrastinating say it aloud, discuss.

If you need time to cool down do so and then start by talking to your partner, it always helps.

2. Give Space to Each Other

As stated in point 9 that you should develop common habits but at the same time ensure you have individual existence, healthy couples support each other in their common hobbies but at the same time have their individual lives in place.

Only when you meet your individual needs can you work towards common needs for both of you. If you want a healthy relationship it does not mean you give up your goals, your dreams neither you should allow other person forget their dreams.

Take some time off,  do not stay attached to your partner all the time. Giving space and receiving space is the foundation for successful relationship.

1. Do not stop working on your relationship

Finally keep trying and continue working on your relationship. It is not a passive job where you set few things right at start and then forget about it later.

It is like a plant, you got to care for it, give water, sunlight, if you neglect it for too long it will start to wither. Same ways keep surviving the long tiring days, doing the daily chores together and do not stay in a fantasy world that it all rosy and movie like where there are no arguments and no efforts required on your part.



Be Thankful and regretful that you have someone important and worthy in your life who loves you a lot and start everyday afresh with a smile on your face.

Remember that successful couples ride together in bad and good times so enjoy your journey and share your experiences with each other.