10 Legitimate Excuses To Look At Boobs

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!

We got your attention didn’t we?! The mere mention of them, makes men all gaga, but looking at boobs is downright awesome, am I right? Of course! They are beautiful works of art, but the problem is that society calls it rude or perverted when men look at boobs. This is why we wanted to compile a clever little list that gives you 10 legitimate excuses to look at boobs. Enjoy!

10) Looking vs. Staring

Big Face Boy


Coming in last place, but by no means any less pertinent – no not perky! – pertinent, is that there is a difference between looking and staring. Women are going to be uncomfortable if you stare like an idiot with your mouth hanging open, or make it obvious when you are talking to a woman that your head is averted to her bosom the entire time!

Have a little class guys…! Now, it’s different when you just look, casually and without making a big deal of it. In fact a quick glimpse is actually attractive to women, as it makes them feel noticed, special and like they are beautiful. Who doesn’t like a bit of attention?

9) There’s No Choice! They’re Everywhere

Beach Party


OK, now this one is a little less of an excuse and more of a factual observation. Boobs are everywhere! They just are and if we look, can it really be helped.

Women prance around in itty bitty bikinis on the beach, they wear skimpy strappy, low cut tops when it’s hot, and they model in lacy underwear for all to see in fashion magazines.

TV and movies regularly promote boobs and generally upper body nudity is not that big of a deal anymore on TV. They are literally flaunted in our faces all the time. Must we walk around blind folded?

8) Just Curious

Very Curious Squirrel


From the time puberty hit us, we have been fascinated by this particular part of the female anatomy more so than any other.

Why? Well, let’s sum it up very simply: Men don’t have them. We wish we did! But we don’t, so what else can we do but look? They leave a lot to the imagination, and even just looking at a random woman in public, our imaginations start working overtime.

Men are very curious creatures, and this compels us to look.

7) They Make Men Happy

Happy Boy


Now we are not just talking about the proverbial happy here. We are talking about science! When men look at boobs it literally causes the feel good hormone endorphins to be released.

Women eat chocolate, and men look at boobs. So, it is actually in our best interest, for our physical health and emotional well-being, that we look at boobs.

6) Women Put Them On Display

10% Off Boobs


It’s true! Lots of women want us to look. How else do you explain the low cut tops and dresses, the skin tight shirts and blouses that are buttoned just enough to reveal a bit of cleavage? If a woman doesn’t want a man to look at her boobs, she would wear baggy clothes that cover everything up.

This is generally not the case, and additionally, women are told to feel confident about their bodies and flaunt their assets – so here we are. Women can’t hold two sets of laurels on this one, I’m afraid. If you want to show off your boobs, then expect us to look. Enough said!

5) Buying a Bra

Bra Shopping


This is a sneaky one, but a great excuse none the less. You can easily get away with looking at other women’s boobs when you are bra shopping. You have to check that it will fit right, so what better way to get the correct size bra than to look at other women’s boobs until you find some that are similar to your partners.

If you are bold enough to speak to the attendants in the shop, they will probably be more than happy to point out their boobs to you so that you can get a good idea of the size. You’d have to be very tactful about this one though, as it can be easy to offend someone.

4) They’re Bigger Than Big

Big Boobs On Beach


Ok so when you see an enormous set of boobs, what are you supposed to do? Look the other way? Hell no! This excise is so great that you can get away with it, even if you are with your girlfriend or wife. “Oh my god, look at that woman, those are huge! “Shame, they must really give her bad back ache, hey honey…,” or something to that effect.

If you so just look, however without saying anything, and you get caught out, you can always explain, “Well I couldn’t help it! You can’t exactly miss them!”

3) Sizing Up Peers

If The Bra Fits


Women size each other up all the time. This is a great excuse to look at other boobs. All you need to do is make it like you don’t really want to look, but you are helping her by confirming that hers are better.

Some women, even just friends will ask their male friends to compare their boobs to someone elses, so that you can give an honest opinion. This gives you the perfect opportunity to look at plenty of boobs, all in the name of helping your girlfriend.

If you play your cards right, you can turn this into a whole day event, as you travel around, go out for drinks, or just walk around the mall.

2) It’s Natural

Naturally Grown


Boobs are a natural part of a human being’s response to fertility and nurturing. In most African tribes, men look for women with naturally large breasts as this is thought to mean they will be excellent mothers, in terms of breast feeding purposes. Natural selection comes into this conversation, being that all our male ancestors, back to the caveman times, also calculated a suitable mate by looking at their bodies, including their boobs. It really is all in our genes.

1) Cancer Check Up

Medical Papers


This may be a cheeky excuse, but its brilliant! Women have to check their boobs for the possibility of cancerous lumps. Most of the time, they want someone else to do it, and what better excuse could there be for looking and even touching boobs! It’s not sexual, it’s medical and very important to do on a regular basis, so women are comfortable with it.

Doctors get to legitimately look at boobs all the time. But if you are not a doctor, you could be a helpful, concerned friend.

So there you have it! 10 legitimate excuses to look at boobs. Hope these will be helpful to you next time you want to get away with having a peek or two.