It is common knowledge that a lot of the times the temperature of our body and our sleeping schedule are directly proportional to each other. One can derive it from the fact that you might not sweat as much when you wake up but when you wake up in the middle of the night, you are drenched in sweat.

It doesn’t even help if you sleep in a room which is open and has a good flow of air in it. Whenever you do wake up in the middle of the night, you will find that your hair is wet with sweat and you feel disgusting and messy. Down below we will be giving you answers to questions like why do I get so hot when I sleep even when it’s cold, why do I radiate so much heat at night, why do I get so hot at night female edition.

Why Do I Get So Hot When I Sleep Even When Its Cold

Having hot body temperature while sleeping has become common for a huge audience and a lot of people find themselves engulfed in this dilemma. Since it is quite annoying, to find out the solution for it, you first need to identify where the problem is coming from. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you might be having extremely high body temperature while sleeping.

1.   Environment

The environment plays a huge role in your sweating. If it is a summer night and there is a little breeze then there is no doubt that the reason behind your hot body is because of the

E weather. A lot of times it might be the middle of the summers but you will find yourself waking up hot because of humidity, take a look at the humidity level and try to gauge what it is that’s causing the extra sweating.

Also, a room with little to no windows and less area for breeze can be the perfect p[lace for sweat to gather on you. An air conditioner is not always important but you can position yourself under the fan or in front of a window to get the maximum amount of cool breeze going through the room.

2.   Hormones Fluctuation

This one is the answer to all the females. The female body is very complex and can tend to confuse one if they are not aware of the basic.s this is why you fi\rst need to understand why your body is resting a certain way. The menstrual cycle for women is a constant thing in their lives until around the late 40s to 50s when they might experience menopause. Now, during the period when they are either about to get their period or they are done with it, they will experience some level of sweating.

The problems persist for those who are gouging through menopause as well. When the levels of the hormones elevate, the sweating can be increased on a big scale. This is a common problem for women and mostly happens at night. People going through menopause might experience it for the rest of the day as well.

3.   Number Of Bodies

This is an obvious one. The reason why you might be sweating a lot is that you are sleeping with someone. Bodies radiate heat and this heat can get excessive for your body which can result in your sweating. The more cramped your room is, the more body heat there is going to be. This heat, when combined with the temperature of the room and your own body can result in a disaster. Even if you sleep with your partner, there is bound to be some heat from intertwined bodies. A child latched on to you, a pet sleeping on your arm, or your partner cuddled up next to you, all of these can result in your waking up sweatily.

Try lying a little separately from your partner or other people for a while to see if this is the reason why you have hot body temperature while sleeping

4.   Workout Schedules

Exercise is excellent for your body and can help in making sure that various functions of the body are carried out smoothly. Your metabolism is responsible for the regulation of the temperature of the body and exercise helps in boosting it a lot. With a proper workout routine that is followed religiously, you might find that your body will be getting better at keeping an eye on your sweating.

Furthermore, if you have opted for a new exercise routine which is HIIT or just anything different from your routine, you will experience a little more sweating than usual. This is because it will help your body some time to adjust to the new routine and the rate at which you sweat. This is why when you first start working out you will notice that you sweat a lot but as it starts becoming a routine you will need to work harder to sweat more.

5.   Eating Routines

If the question in your mind is why do I radiate so much heat at night? Then you might need to take a look at your dietary habits. There are lots of types of food items that people consume daily without knowing what they might be doing to your body. You might’ve noticed that when you eat something too spicy, you automatically start sweating. This shows that your body has gone into overdrive mode and is functioning at a fast pace.

The same is the case with other types of food items such as processed food or junk items. When you eat these items, since they are heavily processed it will require extra effort from your body to digest them and as a result of the extra effort, you will start sweating a lot. Food with high amounts of sodium, high in fat, caffeine,  alcohol, soups, peppers, etc are some of the things that can make you sweat.

6.   Illnesses

One of the most common signs of having a  fever is that you start sweating uncontrollably. If you’re thinking why do I get so hot when I sleep even when it’s cold then maybe it’s because you have a fever. This fever could result in your sweating. Also, a lot of people who are on medicines of high potencies such as antibiotics, hormone-blocking medicines, or antidepressants complain about sweating a  lot.
If these medicines help in cooling down your other problems, they are bound to come with some side effects. These side effects could and mostly do involve sweating a lot.

To avoid this, you should probably talk to your doctor to get a detailed background on the side effects of the medicines you are taking. You can also google it up and look up the side effects on the internet. Ask your doctor to prescribe you something that won’t be as troublesome.

7.   Pregnancy

Pregnant women also tend to get sweaty during the initial period. During pregnancy, the entire body is changing. This change is not just limited to the external level but internally as well. The hormone imbalance is pretty common and the increase in hormonal levels will result in sweating.\also, the flow of blood in the body when increased will cause you to sweat. It is completely normal for pregnant women to sweat through the night and is a positive sign showing that the body is going through its transitions smoothly.

8.   Bedding Material

We all want cozy and comfortable bedding in our rooms but this bedding can be the cause of a  lot of annoyance and irritation if it is not according to the temperature and the season. The memory foam mattresses are famous for being able to absorb in the heat so stick to those.

Duvets for 4.5 to 9 togs are the suggested type for the summer season. You should also keep an eye on your sheets. Sheets made from cotton material will be better for summers. If you have synthetic ones you might want to toss them out as they are unbreathable and hot. Also, sheets with a higher thread count are a no-no for you if you don’t do well with heat. These may be luxurious and comfortable but they come at the price of hot nights.


Look at some of the reasons given above for why you might be waking up sweaty and hot. Change your bedding, your diet, or alter your routines. In the case of medicines make sure that you talk with a professional before you make any decisions to switch or stop taking the meds. All of this will not instantly stop your problem but can surely be a step in the direction. Go ahead and try to figure out what it is that’s bothering you.


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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