What is AI technology? Artificial intelligence explained simply


What is ai technology?


AI is the lovechild of our fantastic technological imaginings and robotic/systems engineering.. intelligence birthed from binary code and silicon networks.

They say artificial technology is the way of the future, they say it’s undoubtedly where we are heading and that it’s a good thing. But is it really? This article will discuss what is Ai technology, how artificial intelligence works, the principles of artificial intelligence, the branches of artificial intelligence and the benefits of artificial intelligenceas well as the greater social implications of artificial intelligence in real life.

So what is AI technology?

Artificial intelligence explained simply is pretty self explanatory: intelligence that is artificial, as opposed to nature’s intelligence – that which has evolved organically and operating under a certain set of physical laws and constraints such as gravity, thermodynamics, biology, neurochemistry etc.

AI is instead the lovechild of our fantastic technological imaginings and robotic/systems engineering.. intelligence birthed from binary code and silicon networks. What is Ai Technology really? It is our best attempt at replicating how humans learn, predict, process information and make decisions using computer software and in some cases, hardware. In other words, how can we make machines act like humans? How do we make a piece of software that can “think” like a human?

ai explained simply

How Artificial Intelligence Works


The short answer is, it doesn’t.. not yet at least. We still don’t have a computer, piece of software or robot that is as sentient and intelligent as a whole human. Some AI can do certain things better than humans can (like calculate, look up information or perceive patterns and compare them for similarity to others) but the 1.4kg sac of goo and neurons in your head, the product of millions of years of evolution, is thus far (unsurprsingly) far more advanced than a couple of decades of our attempts to replicate it with fairly primitive technology. So if you’re asking how artificial intelligence works, skip ahead a couple of centuries and if we haven’t totally annihiliated ourselves or been booted off the face of the Earth by Mother Nature, we may have mastered the art of AI creation (and hopefully our creations won’t have mastered us).


Types of Artificial Intelligence


What is AI technology? Well, the current types of artificial intelligence include:

  • Reactive Machines AI: these basically react to their current problem without any reference to actions taken in the past. Eg IBM’s chess playing Deep Blue
  • Limited Memory AI: eg self driving car AI that is constantly scanning for obstacles
  • theory of mind AI: a super advanced form that can recognise facial and eye movements in humans to decipher emotions
  • Self Aware AI: this one definitely doesn’t exist yet but you can count your sweet bippy that many good humans are spending more time than they should in front of screens to get this to happen
  • Artificial Narrow intelligence: if you have a smart phone you have one of these in your pocket. It’s probably called Siri or Contana.
  • Artificial General Intelligence: works like a human. Pillo robot is an example, it’s like a live in doctor that can administer pills and answer questions.
  • Artificial Super Human AI: again, our puny attempts at replication nature’s genius haven’t quite reached the point where we have a robot that can do everything a human can do and then some.


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


The benefits of artificial intelligenceare already present in our lives. The device you’re reading this from most likely either has an AI component or was manufactured using one. Is increasing automation really a benefit? When unemployment and wealth inequality are already such problems, will the use of AI create a greater gap between the haves and the have nots? Is more AI technology really the answer when our ecosystems are already overloaded with our electronic waste and on the brink of collapse?

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Future Technology and Trends


Future technology and trends depend upon who you are asking. We often speak about “the future” like it’s this already defined, pre created thing that we are all speeding toward. There will be many different futures. Some will include people living in a machine dominant world having everything done for them by machines, while on the other end of the scale some people will go right back to the ancient ways and live connected to the earth and each other doing everything by hand and growing their own food.

The futures that we collectively choose will determine the quality of life we all get to live. Is increased use of technology the answer? Only you can decide this for yourself with your own ai research, and align your life and consumer choices to reflect the kind of world you would like to live in.



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