We all know that the laws of physics are valid everywhere, right? Well guess again!

Gravity: Everywhere or not?

Isaac Newton AppleGallileo Galileo (1564 – 1642), Johannes Keppler (1571 – 1630) and Isaac Newton(1643 – 1727) can be called the founders of gravity. They postulated the formulas that we use today.

Who doesn’t know the story about Isaac Newton and the apple that fell on his head. This was the so called reason he recognized gravity as a natural force.

Gravity is one of the most certain forces, without it the world as we know it would not exist and its components would disintegrate. It is the most resistant of all fundamental forces and can’t be influenced by others.

On the other hand gravity is also the most mysterious force because there is currently no conclusive theory that ties it with the other known fundamental forces.

If this fundamental force would not hold true anymore then this would tremble the foundations of the universe.

So is this natural force valid everywhere? It seems NOT!

Rocca Di Papa

Rocca Di Papa is located close to Lago Albano in Italy, which is almost 25 kilometers from Rome. It’s still part of the Italiance province “Rome” and it has 13941 habitants according to wikipedia. So looks like a normal Italian village. However there’s something special about it: Gravity seems not to do his job here!

When in 1922 a German vicar was on a bus from Napels to Florence it stopped on the “Via dei Laghi”. According to him slowly it began to go uphill faster and faster. It made such an impression on him that he decided to document it. And this was the first witness of this gravity anomaly at Rocca Di Papa. So this makes us think, are there other places on earth where the laws of gravity aren’t respected?

Places where:

  • Water flows uphill instead of downhill.
  • Busses and cars that are put in neutral will roll uphill.
  • Tennis-balls will roll uphill.

Are there other places like Rocca Di Papa

Yes there are other places like Rocca Di Papa that defy the laws of gravity. All over the world such places have been found.

  • Orroroo (Australia)
  • Chartierville in Quebec (Canada)
  • Harborne Walkway in Birmingham (UK)
  • Hangman’s Hill in Essex (UK)
  • Electric Brae in Ayrhire, Scotland (UK)
  • Oak Grove, Alabama (US)
  • Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California (US)
  • Spook Hill, Lake Wales, Florida (US)
  • Gravity Hill, Mooresville, Indiana (US)
  • New Prospect Road, Jackon, New Jersey (US)
  • Spook Hill, Middlesex, New York (US)
  • Gap Road, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (US)
  • Thunderbird Drive facing Soutch, El Paso (US)
  • Farm on North Crosby Road, Prosser, Washington (US)
  • Judgement Street after Rennick Road, Shullsburg (US)

Want to see it yourself? Then you should go visit these places and try it out yourself: Set your vehicle out of gear and expect the undexpected!

What are these places? A hoax?

These places that can be found all over the world are called gravity hills or magnetic hills. Sometimes they’re even given more special names like Magic Road.

Is something paranormal going on at these places? No. It seems that these gravity hills are optical illusions.

It seems that when you can’t see the horizon it is very difficult for our brain to judge the slope of the surface because we don’t have a reference.

Although they are just an illusion they are certainly worthwile to visit. They are a great source of fun and curiosity!


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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