Top 10 Beaches from Around the World

Beautiful Beach at Sunset

For many people, the pinnacle to their summer vacation is a trip to the beach near the end of summer. Our editors at have searched the world for the ideal destinations, and we’ll share our top 10 beaches from around the globe.|

10. Pigeon Point, Trinidad and Tobago

This is a stunning Caribbean beach with the beautiful white sand and deep blue water. The beach features a jetty with a thatched roof that creates an incredible backdrop for the family photos.

9. Praia do Sanchos, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.

This beach is often listed as one of the top beaches in South America. It is on a small bay on an island off the coast of Brazil. The beach faces inward toward the land rather than outward to the Atlantic ocean. This leans to a much calmer wave pattern which creates a more peaceful environment. Additionally, this beach is far less crowded than most others on the list as it is only accessible by boat or by a ladder along a steep cliff.

8. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

This beach is located on the Coromandel peninsula on New Zealand. There are active volcanoes that are not too far from the beach which heat the water. The water is not hot enough to cause burns but rather act as a natural spa. This is a unique beach that really must be experienced to understand the incredible aspect of submerging yourself in volcanically heated water.|

7. Paradise Beach, Croatia

This is the number one clothing optional beaches on the planet. The beach is located on the island of Rab which claims to be the birthplace of skinny-dipping when a permit was given by city officials to allow people to swim without their suits. The beach has been home to people following this tradition for nearly 80 years.

6. Puka Beach, Philippines

This because is one of the largest and longest beaches in Boracay. It has amazing white powder sand that is a tad coarse. The beach is relatively empty most of the time as there is a bit of a trek to get to a hotel or restaurant. This is perfect for someone looking for some quiet time on the beach away from the commercial businesses that have taken over so many of the best scenic areas.

5. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

This beach is incredibly popular among two diverse sets of people. The first group to love this beach are the animal lovers who go to the beach to see some of the rare birds. Additionally, the migration path for whales is close enough that they can be seen with the naked eye. The other group of people who love this beach are the professional surfers who host a major competition here each year. This leads to a beach that is nearly always filled with people year around if that’s what you prefer.

4. Venice Beach, United States

This southern California landmark is no longer about the water and sand, but rather the large number of tourists and vendors who make the beach their home. The beach is home to some very large outdoor gyms. It has some famous basketball and volleyball courts as well as hundreds of street performers. Anyone traveling to the US should stop at this beach as it’s an experience like no other around the world.

3. Normandy, France

The beaches on the north shore of Normandy were the home of the D-Day invasions in 1944. The beaches here are historical landmarks as they played a pivotal role in the ending of World World 2. The beach makes a fantastic location to have a learning trip with the family as there are numerous museums very close.

2. Balos Beach, Greece

This beach can only truly be experienced in person. The shallow pools of water lead to a magical array of colors ranging from light pastels to deep blue. The water seems to stream in patterns of many shades of turquoise, pale green, pink intermingled with many hues of the more traditional blue water. This is one of the most photogenic beaches in all of Europe.

1. Tanjung Rhu, Malaysia

This is one of the more quieter beaches in Malaysia. It features a very long beach that features extremely old limestone caverns and some mangrove trees. There is a five star luxury resort mere steps from the beach making this an ideal location for anyone who wants the beauty of nature or the convenience of modern living.

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