Your underwear tells you more about you than what you think. Big, medium, and small underwear poses health risks to you. Examining your underwear is quick and easy allowing you to instantly identify health risks in your pants. For example, underwear can tell you the amount of weight gained, if you are at risk of contracting vaginal or bladder infections, and even cause you acid reflux and heartburn.
Is your underwear electrically charged? If so you may have skin problems.

Your undergarments are made to help protect and keep you clean but there are hidden risks involved wearing panties or boxes as well. A visual test you can quickly do to determine whether or not you have internal hemorrhoids is by checking for yellow stains in the back. This can be embarrassing but it is one of the best ways to self-diagnose at home.

Looking and feeling sexy is how undergarments make us feel. Watch the short video from Dr. Oz and Dr. Peterson where they explain how to perform the Dr. Oz underwear test so that you can see what health risks are hiding in your garment drawer.


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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