Super Trains faster than Jets – This is real!

This amazing technological feat of engineering is taking the transport world by storm. Find out how super trains will be moving you from place to place.

Scientists are now working on super fast trains that will go as fast or faster than a jet! This amazing technology is the brainchild of the Alfred Zehden, whose invention is now used by Maglev.

With peak oil looming, mass public transport like trains offer unparalleled fuel efficiency and much less damage to the environment than cars and even buses.

The biggest obstacle in super train technology is reducing the friction of the train to the track. Scientists have now overcome this with the use of magnets to essentially lift the train above the track so it floats on air, making it extremely fuel-efficient.

In fact Maglev – the current train magnet technology uses half the energy per passenger than an airliner jet and this is just the beginning.

So far the people behind this technology have the super trains reaching an amazing 361 mph!

Another amazing feature – the train cannot derail. The train actually wraps around the track making it much, much safer than flying.


Currently in the US the company behind Maglev is working on creating a super train from Anaheim, California to Las Vegas, Nevada which would cut busy (and sometimes dangerous) highway travel from 5 hours to a mere 50 minutes – straight to your destination without the hassles of parking and the dangers on the open highways.

Keep an eye out for this technology; you may have a super train to catch sooner than you think.