Spironolactone is used with other medications as a blend. It treats high blood pressure and heart diseases. Spironolactone is used as a preventative measure against hospitalization in case of heart attack. Follow this article to learn about what is spironolactone used for and what are some of the spironolactone emotional side effects.

Spironolactone is related to the brand Aldactone. It is a medication that is used as a blend with other medicines to treat high blood pressure, liver diseases, kidney diseases, and heart diseases. This medicine is prescribed to patients who are suffering from nephrotic syndrome which is also known as a kidney disorder. Spironolactone is commonly known as a water pill because people have reported that they pee a lot after using this medicine.

Spironolactone has a high level of potassium in it. When a doctor prescribes you spironolactone they also write down blood tests for you after some time to keep the potassium level in your blood balanced. It has many side effects but the most common side effects reported are vomiting, acne problems, high potassium level, rashes, low sex drive, and dehydration. This medicine can also cause imbalance in your menstrual cycle and according to reports it should not be taken during pregnancy.

Follow this article to explore more about what is spironolactone used for and what are some of the spironolactone emotional side effects.

What is spironolactone used for?

Spironolactone is used mainly for chronic diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, leukemia, kidney diseases, and liver diseases. According to research, it takes a minimum of two weeks before the medicine starts working. Following are some of the diseases that are associated with spironolactone.

  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin and hair condition

Heart attack:

According to a study, spironolactone has shown reduction in heart failures. It is recommended by the American Heart Association for class II – IV heart patients. Spironolactone is ideal for a person who is facing ventricular ejection of less than 35%. Research suggests that it has important fluids that can treat edema and heart failure.

High blood pressure:

According to a study, 1 in 100 people are suffering from high blood pressure. Although there is no evidence that spironolactone completely treats high blood pressure, scientists have reviewed that people who take dosage of spironolactone have their blood pressure under control somehow. It may be due to the fact that spironolactone targets the primary blood cells.

Skin and hair conditions:

Spironolactone is sometimes prescribed to a person who is suffering from acne, oily skin, excessive facial and body hair, and hair loss in men and women. It consists of an element called antiandrogenic that is quite effective in treating acne and it also reduces oil. It can also be used as a treatment for hair loss in men and women.

What are the warning signs of spironolactone?

When spironolactone is prescribed several warnings are also given to the patient incase of overdosage of the medicine. Following are some of the warnings of spironolactone.

  • Allergy warning
  • Warning about certain health conditions
    • Liver disease
    • Kidney disease
    • Addison’s disease
  • Warning for other group of people
    • Pregnant women
    • Women who are breastfeeding
    • Warning for seniors

Allergy warning:

Many people have reported getting severe allergies after using spironolactone. People have reported that they got acne all over their face or they faced breast tenderness after using spironolactone. The most severe allergic reactions were:

  • Breathing problems
  • Swelling of throat or tongue
  • Hive

Never take spironolactone again if you get any type of allergic reaction from using it. Taking it again can be fatal for you.

Warning about certain health conditions:

People have reported the following health conditions after using spironolactone. These diseases can keep on worsening if not treated properly.

Liver diseases:

Spironolactone can lead to coma if taken when you are suffering from a liver disease. Following are the symptoms that might lead a person to hepatic coma:

  • Confusion
  • Poor judgment
  • Foggy memory
  • Abnormal body movement
  • Shaking
  • Poor concentration

You must consult a doctor immediately if you feel any of these symptoms surfacing. Otherwise spironolactone can be fatal for you.

Kidney diseases:

One of the main side effects of spironolactone is high potassium levels in your blood which can cause kidney problems in the future. Never use spironolactone without your doctor’s prescriptions and always monitor your potassium levels through blood tests. Extremely high potassium levels in your blood can cause kidney failure.

Addison’s disease:

If you are suffering from Addison’s disease then you cannot take spironolactone. The high potassium levels in your blood can make you unable to urinate which is dangerous if you have Addison’s disease. It can be fatal for you.

Warning for other group of people:

The other group of people that should surely stay away from spironolactone are briefly described below.

Pregnant women:

According to research, spironolactone can have negative effects on the fetus. The high potassium levels in your blood can be extremely risky for you and for the baby. So, you must tell your doctor that you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant before using spironolactone and if you conceive while being on the medication then you must immediately consult your doctor.

Women who are breastfeeding:

Spironolactone is not recommended by the doctors because of the strong elements that it contains. These elements can pass into the breast milk which may have negative side effects on your child. Consult your doctor before using spironolactone while you are breastfeeding before you go and see your doctor. You must stop taking spironolactone for the time being.

For seniors:

Seniors will process every medication more slowly than others. Spironolactone may be harder for them and they might not be able to take it. They will need a lower dose or a substitute of spironolactone.

What are some of the spironolactone emotional side effects?

Spironolactone’s biggest side effect is the elimination of water and sodium from the body but it has a completely opposite effect on potassium. The dehydration can cause hypertension in people which is why it requires careful management. Listed below are the most common emotional side effects of spironolactone.

    • Hypersensitivity
    • Changes in PH levels
    • Dehydration
    • Low sex drive
    • Irregular menstrual cycles
    • Low sodium
    • High potassium
    • Stomach problems
    • Central nervous system problems
    • Skin rash
    • Breast tenderness
    • Female characteristics in men
    • Muscle or leg cramps
    • Feeling tired or low energy
    • Yellow eyes


Spironolactone will reduce the water and sodium which will make a person more hypersensitive. They will be stressed out easily and may get angry over small things. The dehydration can also cause breathing problems and might invite more illnesses like dizziness or low sugar levels (if possible).

Changes in PH levels:

Spironolactone can cause changes in your blood’s PH levels causing either too much acid or too little acid. This can cause panic attacks due to the acid imbalance in a person’s blood. Spironolactone can also evoke anxiety attacks because of the changes in blood patterns.


Spironolactone reduces the amount of water and sodium from your body by replacing it with potassium. This can cause severe dehydration. If you are using spironolactone according to your doctor’s prescription then you must drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated and also eat food that is rich in sodium and iron. This will help in regulating your sugar levels as well as your sodium levels.

Low sex drive:

Spironolactone can cause a person to have a low sex drive. People who use spironolactone may experience erectile dysfunction, you may experience loss of libido. If you want to improve your libido then you must stop taking spironolactone or consult your healthcare expert.

Irregular menstrual cycle:

Spironolactone may imbalance your hormones. Females may experience irregular menstrual cycles. This may be due to high doses of spironolactone. You must lower your dosage of spironolactone if you want to regulate your cycle. Your doctor will also tell you to stop taking spironolactone for one week after taking it for two weeks, this will balance your hormones.

Low sodium:

Having low sodium is one of the main side effects of taking spironolactone. Spironolactone can make your body lose sodium through urine. Having low sodium can have a serious effect on your health. Even your doctor will prescribe you some blood tests when you are using spironolactone so they can check your sodium levels in your blood.

High potassium:

Even though it is a common side effect of spironolactone, it can become quite serious. Extreme amounts of potassium in your blood can give you heart failure, kidney failure, liver diseases, and other chronic diseases. Doctors also prescribe blood tests when giving a patient spironolactone so they can observe their potassium levels.

Stomach problems:

Always take spironolactone with food because it is a strong medication. You must never take it on an empty stomach. It can give you bad stomach cramps or some other side effects. If you are facing stomach ache after taking spironolactone then you must immediately consult your doctor.

Central nervous system problems:

Your central nervous system (CNS) includes your brain and your spinal cord. Spironolactone can affect your central nervous system and you may feel the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Trouble in walking

Skin rash:

Spironolactone can give you severe skin rash. It has been reported many times by people who have used spironolactone. Using spironolactone can have severe skin reactions, if you face the same issue then you must contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Breast tenderness:

Breast tenderness is one of the mild side effects of using spironolactone but it can be uncomfortable and frustrating. Let your doctor know about this problem and take your dosage of spironolactone according to his prescription. But if you feel that this issue is getting out of hand then, you must stop consuming spironolactone.

Female characteristics in men:

Spironolactone can cause low testosterone levels in your body. This can develop female characteristics inman. Like breast growth, mood swings, hair loss or hair gain. But these side effects are not permanent like other side effects. They will lessen or go away after sometime.

Muscle or leg cramps:

Using spironolactone can give you leg and muscle cramps. It can make your legs get cramped after sleeping or in the middle of walking. If you feel this way continuously then, you must consult your healthcare consultant.

Feeling tired or low energy:

One of the side effects of spironolactone is that you will start feeling tired. You will feel as if there is no energy in you. It might be because of all the hormonal changes in your body, this can make you go through mood swings and you will start getting stressed easily.

Yellow eyes:

If by using spironolactone you start getting yellow skin or yellow eyes then, this might be the sign of a kidney disease. You must immediately consult your doctor and stop consuming spironolactone. You may use it after consulting your doctor. As we know that spironolactone can be the cause of kidney and heart diseases so it’s better you take opinion from a healthcare professional rather than self medicating.

What are some of the foods that you should avoid when taking spironolactone?

Spironolactone is a strong medication that has a lot of side effects. You must not consume it without a prescription from your doctor. One wrong dose can be fatal for you. Here is the list of some foods that you should avoid when taking spironolactone.

  • Sea food
  • Canned drinks
  • Dry fruits
  • Iodine and magnesium
  • Alcohol
  • Fruits rich in potassium

Sea food:

Seafood like salmon, trout, cod, and canned tuna are rich in potassium. These meats are hard to digest and also they have low sodium. Spironolactone is a medicine that’s extremely rich in potassium and it absorbs sodium from your blood. Thus, eating seafood can make your blood extremely high in potassium which can be fatal for you.

Canned drinks:

Canned drinks such as prune juice, orange juice, carrot juice, or tomato juice can be dangerous for you when you are taking spironolactone. You must consult your doctor first before moving forward.

Dry fruits:

Dry fruits such as almonds, brazil nuts, and peanuts have milk and yogurt in them. Potassium is also found in milk and yogurt and having anything that has potassium in it when you are taking spironolactone might be dangerous for you.

Iodine and magnesium:

Iodine and salt, these both elements are found in salt. You should reduce salt in your regular food. According to research, you should only take 300 mg magnesium per day. You should consult your doctor regarding your diet and they will answer all your queries.


Drinking alcohol when taking any medication is extremely dangerous for you. It can reduce the effect of that medication. When taking spironolactone you should avoid alcohol so you don’t get muscle pain, numbness, irregular heartbeat, stomach ache, drowsiness, and breathing problems.

Fruits rich in potassium:

Fruits like banana, oranges, prune, avocado, cantaloupe, melon, papaya, mangoes, and kiwi are rich in potassium. You should avoid them when taking spironolactone so you don’t get an abnormal amount of potassium in your blood levels.


Spironolactone is an extremely strong medication that is only given to patients who have excessively low potassium levels in their blood levels and they are going through heart or kidney diseases. It also has some serious side effects that can be dangerous for your health if not treated properly. Some major side effects like hypersensitivity, low sex drive, changes in PH  levels, and central nervous system can be frustrating and stressful for you.

You should avoid using anything that might contain potassium in it because spironolactone is rich in potassium. Having too much potassium levels in your blood can be fatal for you. You must consult your doctor regarding any diet query you have and also contact them immediately if you start getting any side effects from spironolactone.


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