What Are Some Of The Best Songs About Friendship And Memories? What Are The Best Friendship Songs Of Bollywood?

Songs have always been a part of our life. We listen to songs according to our mood, whether we are feeling happy or sad, we always have a relatable song that would be perfect for us. Follow this article to know about the best songs about friendship and memories and the best friendship songs of bollywood.

Everyone finds music and songs a good escape from reality. Some people prefer to listen to soothing and calm songs, while there are people who listen to songs from the rock genre. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music. Whether we are feeling happy or sad, we will always be able to find a song that feels relatable, especially when we are in love or when we are with our friends. Even if we are wishing happy birthday to someone, we always look for the most relatable song for them. A song that you and a friend consider as your song.

We listen to songs because they are a way for us to get away from all the stress that is surrounding us. Listening to songs will help us convey our feelings and emotions. We can share our emotions through songs, if we are unable to find the right words. When we listen to a song that has memories attached to it, we immediately start thinking about everyone who was there with us when that song was playing. This way, songs become a huge part of our memories and friendships.

Read this article to explore more about the best songs about friendship and memories and the best friendship songs of bollywood.

What are some of the best songs about friendship and memories?

We all have memories attached to songs. Memories of our friends, family, and memories of ourselves. Whenever we listen to a song that has our memories attached with it, we will immediately start thinking about that day and the people who were there with us at that time. Following are some of the best songs about friendship and memories.

  • I’ll be there for you – The Rembrandts
  • Lean on me – Bill Withers
  • Count on me – Bruno Mars
  • That’s what friends are for – Stevie Wonder
  • Gift of a friend – Demi Lovato
  • I’m only me when i’m with you – Taylor Swift
  • You’re on your own kid – Taylor Swift
  • My old friend – Tim McGraw
  • Me and my girls – Selena Gomez
  • It’s nice to have a friend – Taylor Swift
  • See you again – Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth
  • Night changes – One Direction
  • Dorothea – Taylor Swift
  • You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman

I’ll be there for you – The Rembrandts:

We all know this song from the popular television series “Friends”. It was a show that aired in the 90s and stayed with the generations. Apart from the characters and story, we all remember the title song. From the lyrics and vocals to the catchy melody, this song is a perfect depiction of how your life is better with your friends in it and no matter what, your friends will always be there for you.

Lean on me – Bill Withers:

Lean on me is a song sung by Bill Withers in 1972. This song was his way of remembering his friends and all the people who supported him back in the town before he left. He once told in his interviews that the inspiration behind this song was the strong community he was part of. People who never left his side and supported him no matter what.

Count on me – Bruno Mars:

Count on me by Bruno mars was released in 2010 and it still remains everyone’s favorite. This song expresses how your friend will always be there for you and you can count on them and they can always look towards you whenever they need something. This song shows the importance of friendship and how people who are your real friends will always love and support you.

That’s what friends are for – Stevie Wonder:

That’s what friends are for was released in 1982 for the AIDS campaign. The song immediately became a hit and it reminded all the people who were battling with AIDS that they are not alone in this, they have friends who are there to support them. They have friends who are fighting this battle with them, it shows the importance of being there for each other in trying times.

Gift of a friend – Demi Lovato:

Gift of a friend is a song that was released in 2009 on an album called “Here we go again” by Demi Lovato. This song expresses how having a friend is no less than a gift and those who have it are extremely fortunate. This song is perfect when you want to show your friends how much they mean to you and how they have enriched your life just by being a part of it.

I’m only me when I’m with you – Taylor Swift:

I’m only me when I’m with you is a bonus track from the debut album of Taylor Swift. We all understand that Taylor Swift is a great storyteller and each one of her songs are full of emotions. Thi song expresses how we are comfortable around people who love and support us for who we really are, people who do not want us to be perfect and they accept us with our flaws.

You’re on your own kid – Taylor Swift:

You’re on your own kid, is another masterpiece by Taylor Swift from her album “Midnights”. This song expresses how we make so many memories together and when you and your friends are moving on in your lives, you will remember all the moments you have spent with each other. But you have to remember that you are on your own and you do not have to be afraid of anything. Although you are away from your friends, they still love and support you and they will always be there for you.

My old friend – Tim McGraw:

My old friend is a song from Tim McGraw’s album “Live like you were dying” which was released in 2004. Through this song we can express our gratitude towards our friends who were there with us when we had nothing, who supported us, and made sure that we never felt alone. When Tim Mcgraw said that “I wouldn’t trade them for gold” we all felt the same love and admiration for our friends who are more valuable than anything else.

Me and my girls – Selena Gomez:

Me and my girls is a hit song from her album “Revival” which was released in 2015. Through her song Selena expressed her feelings towards her girl gang who were always there for her and didn’t leave her side. This is a great song you can play when you want to dedicate something to your girls who always love and support you, who are there for you, and your friends who are your other family.

It’s nice to have a friend – Taylor Swift:

It’s nice to have a friend is another masterpiece by Taylor Swift which was featured in her “Lover” album that came out in 2019. Through this song Taylor expresses how when you are feeling low and you have no idea of what is going on in your life, it is nice to have a friend in trying times. Someone who would be a shoulder for you to lean on and someone who would always be there for you.

See you again – Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth:

See you again was released in 2015 and featured both Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. This song was made for Fast and Furious 7 after the death of Paul Walker. Through this song they expressed their feelings and emotions. This is a song that you could dedicate to a friend you lost, to let them know that you miss them and you will see them again. You know they are in a better place now and you know they are watching over you.

Night changes – One Direction:

Night changes was released in 2014 by One Direction. After all these years, this song still remains fresh and all of us have made some memories with our friends while this song was playing in the background. Night changes show us how we all are getting older and life is moving on but still we have people who love us no matter what and they will be there for us no matter what.

Dorothea – Taylor Swift:

Dorothea is the eighth song of Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore”. This song is perfect for dedicating to your childhood friend. Someone who used to be close to you and with whom you have so many memories. This song expresses how you wish to meet them and how much you miss them. Even if you talk on the phone everyday, you wish to see them in person and talk to them for hours just like you used to do.

You’ve got a friend in me – Randy Newman:

Randy Newman sang “You’ve got a friend in me” for Toy Story 4. This song expresses how you can be a shoulder for someone to lean on. When someone is feeling low and they need you then, you can use this song to remind them how they are not alone and how they can always trust you with everything because you are their friend and you got their back.

What are the best friendship songs of bollywood?

Apart from listening to American songs, we all grew up watching Bollywood movies and listening to Bollywood songs. From romantic songs to songs about friendship, there are so many songs that Bollywood has given us. Following are some of the best friendship songs of Bollywood.

  • Hai junoon
  • Jaane kyun
  • Jaane nahi denge
  • Tera yaar hoon main
  • Woh din
  • Ye dosti hum nahi todenge

Hai junoon:

Hai Junoon is sung by KK and it was released 2009, after all these years this song still feels fresh when you listen to it. It is a great song to express your gratitude towards your friends and to tell them how you enjoyed spending your time with them. This song will forever remain in our hearts because of its lyrics, melody, and the lovely voice of KK.

Jaane kyun:

Jaane kyun is a song from the movie Dostana which came out in 2008. The song is beautifully sung by Vishal Dadlani and it is full of emotions. Through this song you can relive those amazing memories you made with your friends. The crazy moments you spent together when you had no care in the world and how you and your friends were always there for each other. When you listen to this song, it will immediately make you feel nostalgic.

Jaane nahi denge:

Jaane nahi denge is a masterpiece from the film “3 idiots” sung by the magician Sonu Nigam. This is an excessively emotional song that will make you miss your friends even more. This song expresses how your true friends will never give up on you and how they will never leave your side when the times are tough. This song is a perfect dedication for your friends who love you and support you, who were there with you when you felt extremely low in your life.

Tera yaar hoon main:

Tera yaar hoon main is from the album of “Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety” which was released in 2018. This song is sung by the magnificent Arijit Singh, a man with a soulful voice. This song will make you realize the importance of friendship and how important it is for us to hold on to these friendships, no matter who is coming into our lives, one must never forget his/her friends because they were there with you when you had nothing, they supported you, and they were always honest with you.

Woh din:

Woh din was sung by Arijit Singh and it was released in 2019 as an album song from “Chhichhore”. This song will make you feel nostalgic and you will remember your school and college memories with your friends. You will relive those moments you spent with your friends in the canteen, class, and in your hostel rooms. When you look at the pictures of you and your friends, you will have a chance to relive those memories. When you look at the pictures or videos that you have, you will realize how far you have come and how life has changed after college. You will remember those stress free days.

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge:

Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge was originally sung by R.D Burman for the film Sholay. Ever since the release of this song many artists have tried to cover it in their own way, but nothing comes close to the original. This song is a promise that you and your friends will always have each other’s back and you will never leave each other’s side, no matter what. Even now, after all these years, when you listen to this song, you immediately think about that one friend who stood beside you and supported you when the times were hard.


Songs are a way for us to express our feelings, they are a good substitute for what we are afraid to say. You want to confess your love to someone, there is a song for that. You want to express your gratitude to your friends, you will find a song for that as well. The best thing about listening to songs is that they are always relatable and every song brings back some past memories. The time you spend with your friends and the memories you made along the way, you can always dedicate a song to those memories.

Whether we are happy or sad, we can always find a relatable song for ourselves and just enjoy our time. Every person has their own way of choosing a song, some prefer rock music while some people like classical music. But in every genre of songs, people would try to express their feelings and emotions.