What Are The Painful Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You? How Can You Get Out Of A Loveless Marriage?

Marriage is the most pious relationship ever known to humanity. It is a relationship based on trust, respect, care, and love. If any of these elements are missing, then you might be in a marital relationship that is painful for you. Follow this article to learn the painful signs your husband isn’t in love with you and how you can get out of a loveless marriage.

Marriage is the most wonderful relationship in the world, but this relationship can also work as a nightmare for people. When the person who swore to love and support you for the rest of his life is no longer in love with you, then it can be extremely painful. You have no idea about what went wrong between the two of you, slowly everything is falling apart and you cannot help but blame yourself for the outcome.

Your husband barely spends any time with you, he does not communicate with you, he does not share anything with you, and he is always looking for a way out when it comes to spending time with you. You have started blaming yourself because you think it is your fault that he is treating you this way. You have started internalizing everything that is happening with your marriage. You are constantly finding ways to save your marriage but you have to understand that you cannot save this marriage alone.

Follow this article to learn about the painful signs your husband isn’t in love with you and how you can get out of a loveless marriage.

What are the painful signs your husband isn’t in love with you?

When you get married, you believe that your husband is someone who will never hurt you intentionally and he will always be there for you. But what if slowly your husband is becoming a person you don’t even know. He does not take your feelings into consideration before doing something and there is no communication between the two of you. Following are some painful signs your husband isn’t in love with you.

  • You have been doubting it for a while
  • There is no communication
  • You make all the effort
  • He takes you for granted
  • There is no respect
  • All the affection has disappeared
  • Compliments are ancient history
  • You both fight all the time
  • He always blames you
  • He is always irritated with you
  • There is constant criticism
  • He is destroying your self esteem
  • He is cold and distant
  • Spending time with you is not his priority
  • He has no sense of compromise
  • He always wants space from you
  • Lack of intimacy
  • There is no emotional attachment between you two
  • He does not care about the things you ask him to do
  • He never misses you
  • He is way too secretive
  • There are traces of infidelity
  • He is not protective of you
  • He flirts with other women in front of you
  • He is becoming abusive
  • You always walk on eggshells around him
  • He makes fun of you
  • He never apologizes
  • You are never a part of his plans
  • He is never there for you
  • You too are falling out of love

You have been doubting it for a while:

Your husband will not wake up one day and fall out of love with you. The signs are there and you have been seeing these signs for a while now. You were just giving him the benefit of the doubt, you were constantly denying his cold behavior thinking that maybe he is facing some issues at work. But now these signs are becoming more prominent and you cannot deny his behavior anymore.

There is no communication:

For any relationship communication is the key. But your husband does not believe in this. He avoids having any conversation with you whatsoever. He never listens to you and never shares anything with you. No matter how hard you try to have a civil conversation with them, they will always run away from you.

You make all the effort:

You are the only person who is making any sort of effort in the marriage. Your husband does not even recognize your efforts. You are the one who is always initiating conversation, you are the one who comes with plans of hanging out, and you are the one who will do anything for him. Him on the other hand will never appreciate your efforts and they will never be there for you.

He takes you for granted:

He always takes you for granted. No matter how much you try to change the dynamic of your relationship with your husband, he will always disregard your feelings. He will not care about you and your feelings. He will never appreciate you for anything.

There is no respect:

Respect is the most important element of any relationship, especially marriage. When there is no respect between the individuals then, the relationship will not survive much longer. If your husband has no regard for your feelings and cannot say one nice thing about you or all the efforts that you are making, then you have to understand that he does not respect you as his life partner.

All the affection has disappeared:

There is no love left in your marriage and you know it because there is no admiration and affection left in the relationship, it has disappeared. Your husband does not spend time with you, he does not appreciate your efforts, and he takes you for granted. He does not believe in this marriage anymore and his actions are showing it.

Compliments are ancient history:

Complimenting each other can be really beneficial for your relationship. Telling the other person that they are looking good or saying I love you to them can change their mood. But you are not the only person responsible for this, your husband also needs to make some effort. Complimenting a person does not take your entire day, so if your husband does not even do that, then it is a painful sign he isn’t in love with you. Ask yourself, when was the last time he confessed his love for you or he told you that you look beautiful today.

You both fight all the time:

There has not been a single day where you both have not fought with each other. There is no concept of having a civil conversation between you two, every time you want to discuss something with your husband, he turns it into an argument and then you react, which brings you both back to square one.

He always blames you:

No matter whose fault it is, your husband will always blame everything on you. He blames you for every bad thing that happens in your marriage. He will put everything on your shoulders and no matter how much you try to be reasonable with him, he will always find ways to blame everything on you.

He is always irritated with you:

He will always be irritated with you even if you are not talking to them. He will always make annoyed faces whenever you are around. He will never reply to anything you have to say with a straight face. He will always answer back to you badly and they do it intentionally.

There is constant criticism:

Your husband is supposed to be your better half, someone who will support you no matter what. But what happens when the same person becomes the sole reason you feel low all the time. When your husband criticizes your every move and brings you down, this means he is not in love with you.

He is destroying your self esteem:

Everyday, little by little the constant criticism and avoidance is destroying your self esteem. No matter how much you try, your husband only sees himself and no one else. He does not think of you as a partner but rather you are a burden on him. Your husband is supposed to lift you but now he is the reason behind your low self esteem.

He is cold and distant:

Your husband does not care for you anymore. He does not share anything with you. He is cold and distant towards you, he acts like he doesn’t even know you. In the beginning, you might think that maybe something is on his mind regarding his work which is why he is acting this way. But not everyday you can use the same excuse, you start to notice the difference in his behavior when he is with you and when he is outside.

Spending time with you is not his priority:

Everyone wants to spend quality time with their partner’s but not your husband. He is always making plans with his friends without even telling you. He will never include you in any of his plans and whenever you come up with something then, he will always make an excuse just so he can be away from you. Spending time with you is not his priority.

He has no sense of compromise:

Any relationship will work when two people start listening to each other and compromise when they are supposed to. But not in this marriage, your husband will never bend and make compromises for you. For him this relationship is just a burden, he will never listen to your opinions because he does not care about you.

He always wants space from you:

Giving your partner space is essential in any relationship but after sometime it is also necessary to clear out any misunderstanding between you two. But your husband always needs space from you, he wants you to stop calling him or messaging him. He gets angry whenever you ask him about his day or whenever you want him to open up to you.

Lack of intimacy:

You cannot even recall the last time your husband ever made any effort to be intimate with you. You have tried countless times to be close to him but he never appreciates any of your efforts. There is a lack of intimacy between you two. This problem will slowly destroy your self esteem and drive your marriage to the point of no return.

There is no emotional attachment between you two:

Your husband does not care about your views, your health, and your life in general. He has no attachment to you, he acts cold and distant towards you. He simply uses you whenever he wants something otherwise he does not even acknowledge you and your efforts.

He does not care about the things you ask him to do:

You have asked your husband to get you something or to pick something important on his way back.  But he never does anything for you. He has all the time in the world for himself and for his friends, but he simply has no time for you. He does not care about you and about the things you have asked him to do.

He never misses you:

Whenever he is out of town, you call him everyday to check up on him because you care about him and you miss him, but he never replies to you. And when he does answer your calls, he will act distant towards you, no matter how many times you tell him that you miss him, he will never reply back to you. He will be happy without you.

He is way too secretive:

He does not like you going through his phone or his bags. He is way too secretive like if you look through his phone a bomb is going to explode. He will shout at you if he sees his phone in your hand, no matter how much you try to explain yourself, he will never try to understand.

There are traces of infidelity:

You have been constantly denying the signs of cheating in your husband, but now these signs are more than obvious. He won’t let you touch his phone or any other thing that belongs to him. He is not spending time with you but you know that he is not at work. You have caught him in a lie too many times now. There are some obvious signs of infidelity in your husband and you can no longer deny them.

He is not protective of you:

He never cares about you. No matter where you are or who you are with, he will never check up on you. You can run away for all he cares and he won’t even say a word. He is not jealous when any other man tries to be friendly with you, he will never call you, not even once when you are out with friends. This shows how much he cares about you.

He flirts with other women:

He does not even care about the fact that you are standing right next to him, he will flirt with other women and give them all of the sweet compliments that he is supposed to give you. He is a completely different person with other women. He will not act cold and distant with them, instead he will be extremely charming and sweet.

He is becoming abusive:

Time and again, when you two have an argument, he loses his control and verbally abuses you. He also throws things here and there during an argument. He is always irritated by your presence and whenever he is leaving, he will slam the door loudly and he will never apologize for any of his mistakes.

You always walk on eggshells around him:

You are the only reason this marriage is still intact, but this relationship is costing you your freedom and peace. You are constantly walking on eggshells around him, you are doing everything to make him happy. But no matter what you do, he never listens to what you have to say and never appreciates any of your efforts.

He makes fun of you:

Joking and fooling around will keep your relationship healthy but never let your partner joke about your insecurities. If your husband find it amusing and funny that you failed at something and he brings it up every chance he gets, not only when you are alone, but even if you are surrounded by family and friends.

He never apologizes:

In his head, no matter what happens and no matter what he does, he is always right and he should not apologize. If he made a joke about you that hurt you, even then it is your fault because you are so sensitive and cannot even take a joke. He will never apologize to you for his behavior and always blame you for everything.

You are never a part of his plans:

If you ask him about his future plans, he will very passionately tell you his plans but not even once he will mention you. This clearly shows how much he disregards you and your feelings. You are not a part of his perfect life and he does not even want to include you in it.

He is never there for you:

As a husband, you expect him to be there for you in your good and bad times. But he never lives up to any of your expectations. Even your relatives whom you don’t even know properly are there with you, but your husband will be the last person to visit. And that visit will only be because you are his wife and he feels obligated, it does not mean he cares about you.

You too are falling out of love:

Slowly, you are also falling out of love with your husband. His cold and distant behavior does not bother you anymore, you do not care about his whereabouts anymore, and he can flirt with anyone because you have stopped caring about these things. This is a sign that your husband has finally driven this marriage to the point of no return. You are not attached to him anymore and you prefer it that way, now you two are just roommates living under one roof.

How can you get out of a loveless marriage?

Staying in a loveless marriage where your partner doesn’t even care about you is a mistake. It is not easy getting out of a marriage because you have to keep many different things in mind, but it is better to quit a marriage that is draining you emotionally and mentally. Following are some tips that will help you get out of a loveless marriage.

  • Stop living in denial
  • Seek help
  • Expect challenges
  • Don’t give into pressure
  • Be hopeful

Stop living in denial:

Stop covering up for your husband, he does not care about you and it is high time that you stopped caring about him too. Stop living in denial that one day everything is going to change and your husband will finally realize his mistakes. Stop destroying your self esteem and get out of this loveless marriage.

Seek help:

Seek help from a professional therapist. Do not feel alone, share your feelings and emotions with your therapist and confide in with a family member. There are people who love you and care about you, you are not alone. You are not how your husband made you feel. You are strong and beautiful and you can do anything.

Expect challenges:

You have to understand that it will not be easy for you, if you want to separate yourself from your husband and this marriage then, the whole process will never be easy. You will be tested time and again, but you have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to face these challenges head on. You are strong and you can do anything.

Don’t give into pressure:

You will be pressured by your in-laws and by your parents to work things out, every person will tell you to give your marriage a second chance, but you must stand firm on your ground and don’t give up. Face all the challenges fiercely and get out of this loveless marriage.

Be hopeful:

Do not lose hope in yourself and in your dreams. The tough part of your life is now over, move on and be hopeful. No one can stop you now, do everything that you wanted to do but was always too scared to do. Enjoy your life and love yourself. Consider this as a second chance to live your life, only you can tell yourself what you can and can’t do, no one can shatter your confidence again.


A marriage is the most special bond between husband and wife. You trust each other, respect each other, lift each other, and most importantly you love each other. But what if your husband is not in love with you anymore? At first you might try to deny this by reasoning that maybe your husband is under stress and does not want to share some things with you, so you respect him and give him some space. But you start to notice that he is irritated with you a lot and doesn’t care about you any more. Whenever you try to talk to him, it always ends up in an argument.

All of these signs show that your husband is not in love with you any more, he is just dragging this marriage. He notices you or talks to you whenever he needs some things. Other than that, he has no regard for you and for your feelings. He treats you like baggage and he will do anything to make you feel low. So, instead of being in a loveless marriage, you should get out of it and choose yourself.