Sex With A Robot? Yes You Can!


Time to ditch that blow up doll and forget the fleshlight – sex with a robot is now possible – and not only that you can custom design your robot to your own taste!

Sex with robots may be a touchy subject to some (pun intended!) and it is indeed a taboo subject, but as technology advances the sex industry does not want to be left behind.

Introducing Roxxxy :

Roxxxy is the world’s first sex robot (as claimed by her makers) and she comes tailored made to your specifications. She has a full circulatory system and even a heartbeat! The circulatory system is what heats the inside of her body. She also has anatomically correct female parts and her measurements are Bust 38”, Waist 30” & Hips 37”.

Each Roxxxy robot is fully customizable to look the way you want it too. Everything from hair style and color to eye color and even what type and color of pubic hair you want her to have!

Roxxxy (1)

Image Credit: Truecompanion

Roxxxy comes in 3 different price brackets each having their own features:

RoxxyPillow is the basic version that is on sale for $995.00. It is a slimmed down version of RoxxxySilver that weighs 50 pounds and fits into its own pillow (hence the name). The RoxxxyPillow model doesn’t have any arms and legs but still has the torso and head which are stored within the pillow.

RoxxxySilver is priced at $2995.00 and is the next model up and is the entry level full size sex robot (with arms and legs). She has the same general features of RoxxyGold but she can only talk dirty when interacting and cannot hear the user.

RoxxxyGold is the highest quality model (full sized) and comes priced at a mere $6000. This robot has all the bells and whistles you would want from a sex robot such as being able to speak and hear you speak, carry out a conversation, and being able to feel your touch as you move around her “inputs”.

Another bonus of RoxxxyGold is that she has a personality that can be matched to yours and she also has moods just like a real person.

RoxxxyGold has its own base personality and comes shipped with additional personalities:

  • Frigid Farrah – She is reserved and shy
  • Wild Wendy – She is outgoing and adventurous
  • S&M Susan – She is ready to provide your pain/pleasure fantasies
  • Young Yoko – She is oh so young (barely 18) and waiting for you to teach her
  • Mature Martha – She is very experienced and would like to teach you!

You can also swap your personalities with your other buddies who own a Roxxy doll – this enables them to borrow your girlfriend – just like real life sex swaps but without the STD’s – you can even share your dolls personality on the company’s online forum!

Other features of the Roxxy robot include:

  • Bi-lingual language support
  • Monthly updates via wifi
  • The ability to buy new clothes for her
  • An off switch
  • A bubbly sexy voice that changes with each personality
  • 3 input areas (modeled on a fine arts model) that have sensors and motors to create the perfect special feeling.
  • A cleaning kit is included.

So that the ladies aren’t left out the company also produces a Rocky sex robot made especially for women – but that’s a topic for another day!