Scientists Scratching Heads. Evolution a Fraud?

Scientists base all of their theories on scientific facts and research. Empirical studies are used to create and validate theories.

In our modern school system the theory of Evolution has become taught as a fact. Yet, when confronted with difficult questions these genius scientists tell us to have faith that they will find an answer or that we need to just believe that there is an explanation.

Take for instance the Bombardier Beetle. This is one mean little fella’. A small little ground beetle that inhabits all continents except Antarctica he looks pretty innocent at first glance. That is until you threaten him.

When he feels scared, he doesn’t just pull a skunk or stink bug move and shoot you with some stanky gas. Oh no, this bad boy pulls out all the stops and shoots a fire fart at you!

That’s right, when a praying mantis thinks he just found him a nice beetle steak for dinner imagine his surprise when BAM! he gets shot with a boiling hot, chemical death spray!

The Bombardier Beetle has long been used by creationists as a perfect case study of an animal that is far to complex to have been able to evolve to it’s current state. To understand the argument, let’s get some background on how his bomb blasts work.


I’m Too Sexy For My…Outlet Valve?

The key to this guys death ray is a chemical reaction between hydroquinones and hydrogen peroxide (like what you dye your hair with). These two chemicals are stable when separate, which is why the beetle stores each of them in separate chambers in his body.

When Mr. Beetle feels threatened he squeezes some muscles that squirt these two chemicals into a 3rd mixing chamber that has super thick walls. At exactly the same time, he also squeezes in some enzymes in the chamber.

These enzymes turn the chemical cocktail into a full a boiling masterpiece of Hot Mess. The pressure, heat, and gasses build up and are shot through a special valve in the beetles back side.

All of this takes a fraction of a second – and what’s even more significant is the beetle is able to aim the valve with crazy accuracy. He shoots to kill!


Houston, We Have a Problem…?

The Creationists claim that in order for evolution to be a fact – it has to stand up against all cases, not just the animal cases that are convenient. That’s just basic scientific study 101.

When confronted with the evidences, Evolutionists and scientists the world over are coming up short. There’s no argument that as far as we know – this Beetle is one of a kind.

Yes a stink bug, other beetles, and even skunks of shoot sprays for defenses – but the fundamental elements of how they work and what they spray are entirely different.

With all of the moving parts and the fact that one fraction of an error in the process would lead to the beetle either:

  • Being eaten by his attacker
  • Blowing himself up
  • Burning himself to bits
  • Shooting himself in the foot (or other body part)

This means that evolutionary speaking – he should never have been able to perfect the system.

Scientists plead that there has to be an explanation. After grasping at straws of different animal defenses and other random facts they ultimately resort to asking us to believe and have faith in the evolutionary process.

Sounds a lot like a Creationist, doesn’t it?

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