New Phones Respond to Yelling and Screaming

There have been plenty of moments when it would be easy to take out some frustration on your cell phone. It could be for the untold number of dropped calls just when it got to the important part of the conversation. It could be the countless amount of dead zones where you could not even get a signal to make a phone call. It could even be how fast your phone battery level drops to a point where your phone just stops working. Don’t fret all you true believers because now yelling at a phone could not only provide frustration relief but also energy for keeping your battery full.

Researchers have found a way to recharge cell phone batteries from sound. Some have thought this was not possible unless it was noise that was of a high decibel level, however the researchers have claimed that everyday sound (ie traffic, people talking, other ambient noises) will produce enough energy up to including five volts which is enough to charge the battery. Additionally they are looking to forego the need for batteries all together but that level of technology is very far off in the future.