TV Shows And Movies About Suicidal Depression On Netflix And Other Sites

Browsing for some good movies about suicidal depression on Netflix and can’t find the perfect one? Fret not; we have listed all of them below with trailer links and movies on other sites.

We all love to sit in a dim-lit room with a popcorn bowl by our side and watch a movie that keeps us entertained and thinking. It is a great way to relax and reflect.

For the longest time, movies have been seen as a source of entertainment, a way to help us revamp and link us with a world. The numerous existing genres give us a variety to choose from and enjoy. Movies reflect reality, fiction, and fantasy, taking you on a sci-fi journey or into an alternative universe. The possibilities are endless.

As mental illness awareness has grown over the past few decades, many people have taken to different forms of media. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and event books depict depression, suicide, and other malignant mental illnesses. They depict reality and challenge the trope that neglects mental health and ignores suicidal depression.

Netflix and other sites are filled with movies and TV shows depicting suicidal depression. Some have a very nerve-wracking, heart-wrenching end. However, many show discovery, recovery, and the step to do good.

If you are looking for movies about suicidal depression on Netflix, you have come to the right place. We shall explore animated films, movies on other sites, TV Shows, and movies that also depict mental illness and a glimpse of hope. Keep on reading to find out.

What is suicidal depression?

Suicidal depression is when an individual suffers from depression and has suicidal thoughts. These suicidal thoughts disrupt human progress. Though no eminent plan may be devised in the victim’s mind, suicidal depression blocks recovery and extinguishes hope.

These thoughts evade the mind and soon become an eminent part of their reality, restraining them from recovery. Though it perfectly correlates with depression and mental illness, suicidal ideation is the first step toward a downward trajectory.

With its growing symptoms appearing in every individual, from teens to adults, movies, TV shows, and documentaries employ awareness methods. We shall explore them ahead.

Suicidal depression, movies, and TV shows

There are many movies and TV shows that revolve around depicting suicidal depression, mental illness, and anxiety. There are many instances where depressive episodes are shown in films ending on a hopeful note. It describes how a person, or those suffering from a loss, survive and move on from these ideas.

Do they depict the truth?

The balance is not weighing in one direction when answering this question. In many cases, movies and TV shows create awareness and insight into mental illness. These mediums provide a very close and personalized look into what depression may look like, how to tackle it, and in some cases, help others to fight it.

For families suffering from the loss of a loved one, it can motivate them to move forward and venture on a recovery journey. In other cases, some might believe that it does not depict the whole and actual truth. Instead, they wrongfully portray the reality of depression and the struggles one goes through.

Are they helpful?

TV shows, documentaries, and movies depicting suicidal depression and other forms of mental illnesses have clarified many issues in society. They challenge absurd norms and ideas that we people have come to accept and cope with. In some ways, movies about suicidal depression are helpful and open doors to creating awareness and leading others to recovery.

Trigger warning

Before we go with the task of listing movies about suicidal depression on Netflix, we will have to put up a disclaimer and trigger warning.

  1. The movies and TV shows listed below show some form of mental disorder, some in graphic detail.
  2. There are movies and TV shows that do not openly explore suicidal depression but do depict suicide.
  3. The list contains movies, shows, and documentaries that are either a journey toward recovery, a step in the right direction, or a downbeat ending.
  4. Lastly, the movies and TV series in the list may not be suitable for those who are triggered by suicidal ideation.

If you cannot see and handle movies or shows known for their extreme take on mental illness and suicide, please make sure that you read the descriptions before you go on board.

Movies about suicidal depression on Netflix

Now that we have answered questions and provided you with a trigger warning, we shall now look at what shall we explore in the section. Here is a walk-through of what we will discuss for movies about suicidal depression on Netflix.

  1. Name of the director, producer, and writer
  2. Cast
  3. Plot
  4. Trailer link

These are the four essentials we shall look at when discussing the movies under this section and heading. Here are some other things that would be added to some movies:

  1. Movies about a journey toward recovery
  2. Movies about a glimpse of hope
  3. Films depicting other mental illnesses

Hold onto your seatbelts; we are on a ride toward finding the movie you would want to explore.

Strange Voices (1987)

The details

Director: Arthur Allan Siedalman

Producer: Linda Otto and Nancy Geller

Writer: Wayne and Donna Powers

Cast: Nancy McKeon, Stephen Macht, Valrie Harper


This movie narrates a story of a girl named Nicole Glover, who suffers from frequent schizophrenic episodes. She is a bright, intelligent family girl who goes along with her parents and her boyfriend. However, Nicole starts getting paranoid that her boyfriend is cheating on her, claiming that “they” informed her.

Nicole starts hearing voices and lashes out violently on multiple occasions before her parents take her to the hospital, where she is diagnosed with schizophrenia. With her parents in denial and blaming the break-up, they take her back home, and Nicole returns to college and reconnects with Jeff, her boyfriend.

However, the voices and paranoia seep again, and Nicole begins to lose her ground. With her parent’s constant fights and arguments over Nicole’s treatment, Nicole starts to lose ground. Lisa, Nicole’s sister, feels neglected and blames her sister. As days go by, Lynn, Nicole’s mother, decides to send Nicole to a mental institute which Dave, the father, opposes.

Not giving any spoilers, by the end of the movie, Nicole broke down and decided to kill herself as a way to free herself from the voices that corrupt her mind. Her parents work together and help their daughter.

Though we do not see Nicole recover and turn into a person who battled such a tumultuous disease, it is a journey that gives one hope. It portrays a family where one family member’s mental ailment affects the lives of many around her. Moreover, it gives us hope that despite how hurtful it may be, a step was taken to ensure that Nicole made an effort to help herself and that her parents finally accepted their daughter’s ailment.

Sadly no trailer as of yet is available for this movie on YouTube.

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

The details

Director: James Mangold

Producer: Cathay Konrad and Douglas Wick

Writer: Susanna Kaysen

Cast: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie, Brittany Murphy, Whoopie Goldberg


Based on the memoir written by Susanna Kaysen, the story revolves around her journey at an American psychiatric facility. The main character, played by Winona Ryder, is sent to a psychiatric hospital after she attempts to commit suicide.

After being sent to Claymoore, Sussane shows her distaste toward the place and her wish to leave the facility. However, while she spends there, 18-year-old Susanna makes friends with other patients like her.

She made friends with Daisy Randone, who self-harmed and was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and bulimia; Janet, an anorexic woman; Polly Clark, who has schizophrenia; Georgina Tuski, a pathological liar; and lastly, Lisa, a sociopath that Sussana developed a great affinity with.

The story and journey of Susanna develop as she gets to know the people around her. Spending 18 months in the facility, Susanna explores parts of herself that remained unattended. Lisa’s apathy leads Susanne to examine aspects of herself that she had ignored.

It starts with a teenager in despair, aimless and unsure of what to do with life. However, the journey is filled with pain from showcasing growth. Susanne’s mission to help Lisa, cooperate with her doctors, recover, and finally leave Claymoore is a journey of suicidal depression that ends with hope.

You can watch the trailer here.

Evelyn – Documentary (2018)

The details

Director: Orlando von Einsiedel

Producer: Abigail Anketell-Jones and Joanna Natasegara


This bone-chilling documentary is a family’s journey toward redemption and recovery after losing their loved one, Evelyn, to suicide. The British filmmaker and director Orlando was courageous and daring enough to document his family’s journey.

A purely personal experience, the documentary was released 13 years after Orlando’s brother, Evelyn, committed suicide. Going on long walks to the places that Evelyn used to go to, the family tries to cope with this event.

It is a story of hope and reunion amidst tragedy. It is entirely honest and personal, giving real-life glimpses of what it takes to find your ground after losing someone to depression and suicide.

You can watch the bone-chilling trailer here.

All the Bright Places (2020)

The details

Director: Brett Haley

Producer: Paula Mazur, Mitchell Kaplan, Elle Fanning, Brittany Kahan-Ward, Doug Mankoff, and Andrew Spaulding

Writer: based on the novel written by Jennifer Niven

Cast: Justice Smith, Elle Fanning, Felix Mallard, Luke Wilson


Adapted from the awe-inspiring novel by Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places captures moments between two people, Theodore Finch and Violet Markey. After losing her sister in a car accident, Violet goes into a slump and loses her ground.

That is when she meets Theodore, an enigmatic but lively individual. As he helps Violet face reality and find her spark again, no one notices the loneliness Finch goes by every day. Being called a Freak in school, Theodore tries his best to succeed.

A story that perfectly reflects the effort to be present in someone’s life and find your ground. It is riveting, bone-chilling, and leaves you in tears. Nonetheless, it is a story that illustrates the process of grief and the importance of being there for people.

Watch the trailer here to get a better idea.

To The Bone (2017)

The details

Director: Marti Noxon

Producer: Bonnie Curtis, Karina Miller, and Julie Lynn

Writer: Marti Noxon

Cast: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Alex Sharp, Liana Liberato


The story revolves around a 20-year-old girl suffering from anorexia and other health issues.

The new doctor pushes her to accept her flaws and her condition. Despite all the people around her, the main character continues to go through inexplicable falls and ruptures. As the story continues, we see Ellen, the main character, undergo a life-changing transformation.

After numerous doctors and psychiatric help, she meets an unconventional doctor who takes her through the process of learning. She interacts with people suffering from similar disorders and gets to know their stories. Attending family therapy and group discussions, we see Lily Collins portray the role of a girl who has lost all hope.

Watch the YouTube trailer to see Ellen’s story in the movie, To The Bone.

Kingdom of Us (2017)

The details

Director: Lucy Cohen

Producer: Julia Nottingham and Tessa Treadway

A documentary featuring: Jamie-Jodie Shanks, Kacie-Kimie Shanks, and Lorie-Lanie Shanks


This real-than-life documentary narrates the tale of a family of eight, seven children, and one wife, Vikie, dealing with the suicide of their father and husband.

After Paul’s passing, we see the struggle of those who are left with questions. Seven years after the incident, Lucy Cohen directed a documentary film that illustrates reality in its most raw and primitive form.

The documentary portrays reality and how Paul’s children and wife dealt with this extreme loss. The struggle of losing your father and not knowing his fight with suicidal depression. Dealing with their father’s suicidal depression and suicide, the family struggles to connect. We cannot ignore the financial, emotional, and mental struggle the Shanks endured.

It is a story “when tragedy fades into memory” and “grief becomes strength.”

To see the trailer, click here.

My Suicide (2009)

The details

Director: David Lee Miller

Producer: David Lee Miller, Larry Janss, Todd Traina, and Eric J. Adams

Writer: Gabriel Sunday, Eric J. Adams, David Lee Miller

Cast: Gabriel Sunday, David Carradine, Brooke Nevin, and Mariel Hemingway


My Suicide, also known as Archie’s Final Project, is a dark comedy movie about a high school student named Archibald. Archie lived with his parent’s unhappy marriage and became distant. He used humor to counter dark thoughts and soon succumbed to his suicidal depression.

Archie says he will commit suicide on camera for his final film class project. After undergoing various questions from the school counselor, Archie catches the attention of his crush, a popular and attractive girl named Sierra.

In this journey, Archie makes a lot of friends, and many people come out with their struggles. Suicidal depression reeks in almost every student and human. As Archie and Sierra get closer, they explore parts of each other and themselves that are not visible to the naked eye.

It is an extraordinarily riveting and heartbreaking story that shows revival. Trigger warning for those who move ahead with the movie will give you goosebumps.

Click here to watch the trailer.

Horse Girl (2020)

The details

Director: Jeff Baena

Producer: Mel Eslynm Alana Carithers, Jeff Baena, and Alison Brie

Writer: Jee Baena and Alison Brie

Cast: Alison Brie, John Ortiz, Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, and Molly Shannon


The story revolves around Sarah, an introverted, shy girl struggling with her mother’s death. Losing her mother to suicide, Sarah has been trying to come to terms with this loss.

The movie propels forward as Sarah’s life spirals out of control, and she begins to experience paranoia. Her suicidal depression appears as she loses control over her thoughts and sleepwalks to unknown places.

She believes in alien abduction, losing her idea of time and space, imagining she is in her bathroom when she’s actually in a store, all corrode her mind. The story ends with a symbolic and covert look at what Sarah goes through.

Watch the trailer and click here to get a glimpse of the movie.

Audrie & Daisy (2016)

The details

Director: Bonnie Cohen and Jon Shenk

Producer: Richard Berge, Bonni Cohen, and Sara Dosa

A documentary featuring: the late Daisy Coleman, the late Audrie Pott, Paige Parkhurst, and Melinda Coleman


Audrie & Daisy is a documentary that narrates the story of two high school girls, victims of sexual abuse, rape, and cyber-bullying.

This raw and uncensored documentary narrates how Audrie, at age 15, and Daisy, at age 14, were both victims of rape. Living in a short time, the news spread like wildfire, and soon enough, both were caught in a mix as victims of extreme cyber-bullying alongside their families.

Audrie committed suicide in 2012, nine days after the sexual assault and bullying. Daisy shares her story, struggle, and life after the event. However, after her long battle, Daisy too committed suicide on August 4th, 2020.

This documentary openly criticizes bullying and sexual assault and its after-effects. An honest and utterly disturbing story, this personal encounter narrates all things wrong with our society.

If you want to see the trailer, click here.

Animated movies dealing with mental health

Animated movies are known for entertaining kids. The animated characters, their sidekicks, and the story brighten their lives. However, many animated films have covertly talked about mental health with time progression.

For children, explicitly stating facts and figures about suicidal depression is inappropriate. However, many cartoon movies have hinted at depression and other prevalent mental illnesses.

We have already listed how we would go about the details in the previous section. Therefore, we will also follow a similar template for this with a small addition.

  1. Name of the director, producer, and screenplay
  2. Other genres
  3. Voiced actors
  4. Plot
  5. Trailer link
  6. Mental illness depicted

There might be some other additions as well, but this is the basic template. So without further ado, let’s move forth!

Inside Out (2015) – Pixar

The details

Director: Pete Docter

Producer: Jonas Rivera

Screenplay writer: Josh Cooley, Meg LeFauve, and Pete Docter

Story writer: Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen

Voice actors: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader, and Lewis Black

Where can you watch it: Disney+


Inside Out is a movie that revolves around the life of Riley, a young girl who recently moved to a new place. It narrates a tale of the emotions she has to go through and is controlled by their personified versions: Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, and Anger.

Heightened or mellow mental illnesses are present in humans and are portrayed in the character of Riley. Depression, anxiety, OCD, and being hyper are emotions that are apparent in Riley, and how tackling them is difficult.

As her emotions work together to help her find Riley’s footing, she goes through displacement and other issues that she cannot discuss with her parents. However, the journey communicates the importance of emotions and sharing your feelings with your loved ones.

To watch the trailer of Inside Out, click here.

And visit this site to see what you can learn from the movie.

Loop (2020) – Pixar short film

The details

Director: Erica Milsom

Producer: Michael Warch and Krissy Cababa

Screenplay writer:  Erica Milsom

Story writer: Adam Burke, Erica Milsom, and Matthia De Clercq

Voice actors: Madison Bandy, Asher Brodkey, Christiano Delgado, and Louis Gonzales

Where can you watch it: Disney+


Loop narrates a story of a girl, Renee, dealing with autism. On a canoeing journey, Renee partners with another kid, and they both have to communicate with each other.

It is a learning experience where Renee cannot communicate, and the boy is pretty new to it. It is a story exploring autism in its most primal form. Click here to check out the idea behind Loop.

Up (2009)

The details

Director: Pete Docter

Producer: John Rivera

Screenplay writer: Bob Peterson and Pete Docter

Story writer: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, and Tom McCarthy

Voice actors: Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer

Where can you watch it: Disney+


After losing his wife, Carl is looking for adventure. Not wanting to move out of what was now an urban jungle, Carl finally decides to venture on a journey that he and his wife Ellie hoped for.

This story narrates how to deal with grief and depression. It is about connecting with others and finding hope in unexpected ways. With Russell, a boy scout, and Dug, a talking dog, Carl wants to travel to Paradise Falls.

It is a journey about countering your grief and dealing with depression. Ellie might not have lived the life she had envisioned, but Carl ensured he did not fail her.

A genuinely heart-warming animated movie, click here to watch the trailer.

Movies about suicidal depression on other sites

We have listed and given a synopsis of movies about suicidal depression on Netflix. However, many other sites air such movies that leave an impact. Here is a massive list of movies you might not find on Netflix, but they are worth watching.

We will list these details in a similar format as the sections above.

  1. Name of the director, producer, and writer
  2. Cast
  3. Plot
  4. Where can you see it
  5. Trailer link

Let us now begin.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

The details

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Producer: Lianne Halfon, Russell Smith, and John Malkovich

Writer: Stephen Chbosky

Cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller

Watch it on: HBO MAX


Adapted from Stephen Chbosky’s novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, this movie is a sensation. It narrates the story of a misfit, Charlie, who struggles with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

A shy and introverted child, Charlie returns to high school and meets two quirky individuals, Sam and her stepbrother Patrick. The dynamic trio quickly grows close, and Charlie begins to fit in.

However, memories and trauma haunt Charlie. The pain and repressed memories grow as Charlie experiences his attraction for Sam. The story ends with a new beginning for Charlie as he finally acknowledges his pain and memories of his late Aunt Helen.

Watch the trailer here.

Silver Lining Playbooks (2012)

The details

Director: David O. Russell

Producer: Donna Gigliotti, Bruce Cohen, and Jonathan Gordon

Writer: David O. Russell and book writer Matthew Quick

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Anupam Kher, and Chris Tucker

Watch it on: Apple iTunes and fuboTV


Visualizing the effects of bipolar disorder, this movie revolves around the life of Pat. A man diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Pat is released from a mental facility and moves in with his parents.

Trying to deal with his disorder, suicidal depression, and losing his wife, Nikki, to divorce, Pat tries to reconnect. During his stay with his parents, he meets Tiffany, a girl who has an unnamed mental illness. They both connect and, thus, begin their tumultuous journey.

With many ups and downs embellishing the story, the plot revolves around how two people dealing with depression and other mental illnesses find their homes. It is about improvement, giving a chance, and seeing the silver lining, a term Pat lives by.

Genuinely riveting, you can watch the trailer here for Silvery Lining Playbooks.

Cake (2014)

The details

Director: Daniel Barnz

Producer: Ben Barnz, Kristin Hahn, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Solomon, and Mark Canton

Writer: Patrick Tobin

Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendric, Adriana Barraza, and Sam Worthington

Watch it on: Paramount Plus


Suffering from chronic pain, Jennifer Aniston portrays the life of Claire, a woman who is subjected to isolation and depression. Losing her son in a car accident and her group therapy friend, Nina, to suicide, Claire begins to abuse her medication.

Her chronic pain continues to grow, and she relies on her nurse for help. Struggling to keep in touch, Claire grows highly agitated and finds herself in a depressive slump. Blaming herself for her son’s death, Claire, undergoing suicidal depression, overdoses on her pain medication.

However, she aims to get better and grow out of this slump. It is the journey of a mother who has had to make peace with reality. Trigger warning; this story is filled with substance and medication abuse, so make sure you see the trailer before watching the movie.

Prozac Nation (2001)

The details

Director: Eric Skjoldbjæg

Producer: Galt Niederhoffer, Brad Weston, and R. Paul Miller

Writer: Frank Deasy and Larry Gross

Cast: Christina Ricci, Jason Biggs, Anne Heche, and Michelle Williams

Watch it on: Apple iTunes


The movie revolves around a girl named Lizzie, known for her intelligent mind. She gets accepted into a degree in journalism at Harvard at the age 19. Raised by a single mother and her father’s absence and disinterest, Lizzie is not big on life.

Dealing with atypical suicidal depression, Lizzie goes on to win many accolades but slowly loses her ground. Her creativity and writing come to a spiraling end, and she struggles with putting herself on the page.

As her suicidal ideation and depression worsen, Lizzie is sent to an expensive psychiatric facility to be treated. It is a journey toward recovery, acknowledgment, and betterment. Trigger warning: The movie is exceptionally explicit, raw, and authentic in its form.

Watch the trailer before you watch the movie.

Sylvia (2003)

The details

Director: Christine Jeffs

Producer: Alison Owen and Mary Richards

Writer: John Brownlow

Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Jared Harris, and Michael Gambon


Inspired and narrates the life of the acclaimed poet Sylvia Plath. It describes the life of Sylvia Plath and her journey as a poet, an aspiring writer, and her personal life with her husband. Married to the famous poet Ted Hughes, their lives swing for the worse as Sylvia suffers from suicidal depression.

Click here to watch the trailer.

The Skeleton Twins (2014)

The details

Director: Craig Johnson

Producer: Stephanie Langhoff, Jennifer Lee, Jacob Pechenik, and Jared Ian Goldman

Writer: Craig Johnson and Mark Heyman

Cast: Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig

Watch it on: Apple iTunes


The story is heavily warped around the life and mysteries of two twin siblings. Both brother and sister struggle with their life and find it challenging to communicate with others. Bill Hader plays the character of a brother suffering from suicidal depression. It is a movie about renewal and hopes as both brother and sister break away from their despair and try to recover. As they reconnect and share their feelings, they enter the world of possibility, where recovery is just a knock away.

To watch the trailer, click on the link.

TV shows about depression on Netflix

Now that we have tackled movies, we will watch TV shows and series about suicidal depression on Netflix.

BoJack Horseman

The details

Creator: Raphael-Bob Waksberg

Cast: Will Arnet, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul
Number of seasons: 6


This adult animated TV series is heavily wrapped around suicidal depression. BoJack, a celebrity horse, suffers from alcoholism and depression, which the TV series narrates through dark humor.

The End of the F***king World

The details

Creator: Jonathan Entwistle

Writer: Charlie Covell

Cast: Alex Lawther, Jessica Barden, and Naomi Ackie
Number of seasons: 2


A mentally deranged teen meets a suicidally depressed girl, and they venture on a journey. This series is about how teens suffer from suicidal depression and describe the mind of a psychopath. Extremely riveting and eye-catching, this series depicts reality.

13 Reasons Why

The details

Creator: Brain Yorkey

Cast: Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Christian Navarro, and Ross Butler

Number of seasons: 4


Based on the novel written by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why depicts the reality of high school. It showcases how bullying leads to suicidal depression and compels people to take their lives. Trigger warning: It is genuinely bone-chilling and has a lot of visual imagery relating to self-harm, rape, and sexual assault.

Moving forward

Suicidal thoughts and movies related to suicidal depression can affect numerous people.

When you are feeling suicidal, it is essential to seek and ask for help. It is recommended that you seek help from a mental health professional who is trained in dealing with these issues and can help you overcome your negative thoughts.

The first step toward recovery from suicidal thoughts and movies related to suicidal depression is to take care of yourself and identify the issue. Ensure you eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly all the while communicating your feelings.

It’s also important to surround yourself with people who love you and support you through this difficult time.

Suicidal thoughts and movies related to suicidal depression indicate that you are somewhat affected by depressing thoughts and suicidal ideation. Do not opt for suicidal thoughts and films about suicidal depression if that is the case. Move forth with new ideas in mind, try to connect with yourself, forgive people, and venture on a recovery journey.


We have created a long list containing all essential details that provide information related to movies and tv shows, from movies about suicidal depression on Netflix and other sites to even TV series. But before you watch the movie that catches your eye, ensure you are aware of the trigger warnings. While some films slightly hint at depression, others openly depict suicidal depression and suicide. So make sure you read the description and stay updated.