What Mom Did Not Tell You About Internet Sex

So you have finally come to age for the “talk”.  Your mom comes up to you, sits you down and tries to talk with a straight face about the birds and the bees.  Surprisingly, you probably picked up some “helpful” pointers that have made you go far in life…maybe not.  Needless to say, mom’s talk about the birds and the bees definitely did not get you ready for the internet and all “benefits” contained therein.  Prior to the internet, lovers could only talk dirty to one another over the phone.  While this was okay for relationships when people were at a distance, it still did not give that much enjoyment.  That all changed when the internet provided us with useful sex tools like sexting, SnapChat and Skype.   These added another element to the sexual climate and provided additional fun for lovers who were not close enough for personal contact.  Unfortunately, this did not provide a person with any ability to enjoy “touching” or exploring their partner. Well true believers….Your sexual awareness is just about to be taken to the next level with the use of the internet.  Durex, the largest manufacturers of condoms has produced a product called Fundawear which take internet sex to a whole new level.

Fundawear is a wearable garment which allows personal touch to extend as far as your cell phone is able to make a connection.  It simulates touch through the internet onto the partners skin.  Look out, now couples can tease, tickle and tantalize even while they are apart.