We all have known nights when we are lying in bed for what seems like hours trying to go to sleep. This doesn’t just ruin the night’s sleep but also makes us groggy and irritated the following day. There have been several types of research showing that lack of sleep can have major effects on our mental and physical health.

To help cope up with sleeping schedules, people tend to opt for sleeping pills and other medical means and they do help to some extent but eventually, one has to face the side effects. From dizziness to severe heartache, these side effects can be equally or sometimes even more bad for your body. For such cases, one positive alternative that has been found to aid people in sleeping is music. Below we have detailed information on meditation music for sleep.

Music & Sleep

Music and sleep have been interrelated a lot in recent times because of the lack of quality sleep people seem to be getting. In the past years, the range of insomnia in younger and older people has drastically increased. With this increase in the lack of sleep attained by the general public, researches have been carried out to figure out a solution for this pressing issue.

There are lots of tactics people opt for to help themselves go to sleep but in one way or another, these tactics tend to harm them in the long run. Starting with pills, everyone knows how there are a ton of side effects whenever medications are involved. There is also the danger of one getting addicted to them. Some people also like to drink tea before sleeping to sleep better but that doesn’t work as great either. The one alternative suggested which did show results is music.

Not all types of music are suggested for this purpose though. You can’t expect to put on loud rock music and think that you’ll be able to go to sleep, no. There is a lot of beautiful sleep music which has shown results.

Age Group And Effectivity

The best part about singing music to go to sleep is that there have been consistent results from various researches conducted. People of all age groups have shown to sleep better with music playing in the background. Once again, it is important to note that the music playing was more than often meditation spa relaxing music and rain sounds, etc.

With the same type of relaxing music used for people of different age groups, it was shown that people can sleep longer and with more comfort when music is used as a stimulant.

Starting from kids and toddlers, it is famous that a lot of cots have chimes attached on top of them. When a baby hits the chimes, they produce a sound that is appealing to them. Babies are also known to sleep better when someone is singing lullabies to them. These are some very common examples of music acting as a stimulus for a younger audience.

Furthermore, younger people are known to sleep well with free meditation music for relaxation and dreaming. A lot of meditation music is available on the internet for the youngster to access for free and has made sleeping schedules a lot better. Since youngsters are a bigger audience with sleeping difficulties a lot more research has been carried out on them and each has come out glowing positively in the favor of music.

Lastly, we have elders. This age group usually opts for classical music as a stimulus. But, then once again, it confirms that music, any type which is low, subtle, and calm can help in putting someone off to sleep.

Mental Health And Effectivity

People suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia are suggested to opt for low volume calming music to sleep better. Since they have a condition, it tends to affect them on a larger scale as opposed to mentally healthy patients.

Moreover, patients suffering from anxiety tend to find it difficult to sleep with a constant \stream of thoughts flowing through their minds. Music has proved to be an amazing copy strategy. With the help of beautiful sleep music, anxiety sufferers found that they can concentrate on the tone of the music and try to divert their mind from what’s happening inside their brains. This diversion of attention works for them and coerces their mind into falling asleep.

Effect On Quality and Quantity Of Sleep

Now that we know that music has proved to be helpful or people of all age groups, we would like to let you know how tunes or melodies helped. For all those people who listened to music before falling asleep, they reported that there were little to no phases of them waking up in the middle of the night. This meant that the hours spent sleeping were longer. There was also little no uneasiness during sleeping.

Moreover, these people reported that their quality of sleep improved tenfold, but it is important to note that the rate at which they fell asleep increased. These people noted that it took less time for them to fall asleep and they didn’t struggle as much.

Beautiful Sleep Music

With a huge rise in people getting access to free meditation music for relaxation and dreaming, various kinds of music are used for this purpose. A lot of individuals have reported that different types of sleeping music work for them and what we suggest is that you should keep a few days just for the sake of trial.

1.   Subtle Music

The best thing about this type of music is that you don’t have to specially download an app or get a set up for it. Your playlist can work wonders here as well. Take a day out, sit back and sift through your playlist. The idea is to land on such a bunch of songs that have a calming tone and nothing too upbeat. You don’t want to feel like moving while you’re lying. For this purpose, people usually opt for sad songs or country music.

1.   Sea Sounds:

The most famous sort of meditation music used out there right now is the one with sea sound. These videos or audio clips are hours and hours long and can p[lay for a long amount of time. With the volume level low, playing these sounds can hello a lot. They are exactly the sort of sounds you would expect to hear if you plan to sleep on a beach. The plus point is that it will be just the sounds of waves and no other sounds will be disrupting your nap time.

2.   Nature Sounds:

This is for all the nature lovers out there. A lot of people feel like the whistling of the wind, the swishing of trees, and the sounds of small and melodious birds calm them. The good thing about these sounds is that they incorporate a lot of different aspects of nature together and make it even more appealing. Just make sure that you don’t increase the volume or you might be scared of being jolted out of sleep.

3.   White Noise

This is the kind of sound most suggested by professionals. A lot of individuals who have trouble sleeping, have sleep disorders, or are suffering from insomnia are suggested to use white noise to help alleviate the issue. White noise is exactly what the name entails. It is a mixture of all noise frequencies to dull out the voices of any outside sources. Do this to work, you mustn’t be in a disturbing environment with cell phones or televisions, etc. Since it is a widely used sort of music for zoning, it is available in a bunch of different departmental stores as well.

Environment for Music

For the music to do its wonder, you must help side by side as well. Once the musical is playing, all you would have to do is sleep. But, before that, i\you need to make sure that your environment is sleep-friendly. Meaning, that there are little to no hindrances and obstacles in the form of noises or television rays.

Play each of these sounds around 30 minutes before your sleeping time and test what works out better for you. Make sure that all your electronics are away from you at the time you are planning to sleep. Television should be especially shut down at this time as it is reported that glares from television can ruin your sleep even more.

You can also work on the environment by dimming the lights and making sure the room is not unusually cold or hot. An extremely warm room might seem pleasurable at the moment but can be agitating once you wake up in the middle of the night sweating.


All in all, music has proved to be helpful not just in bars when you need something to dance to, but it can be equally helpful when you’re trying to put yourself to sleep. All you need is to make sure that the components such as the temperature, lighting are all set. Keep an open mind to trying new things and this is what might work for you.


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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