This One Lifestyle Change Will Send Your Libido Through the Roof

No doubt about it, your libido is important. And if it’s not meeting your (or your partner’s) expectations, you need to pay some attention to what’s amiss.

It’s possible that you’re looking in all the wrong places for what’s dragging your libido to the floor. And the most likely culprit could be right under your nose.


Sugar and refined carbohydrates, always a bad combination, can affect your body in ways that will surprise you.

Your body deals with sugar and carbs in a similar way as carbohydrates are eventually converted into simple sugar by your body. Refined, or processed, carbohydrates just get there more quickly.

Sugar and refined carbs have received such a bad rap lately that we’re all too well aware of the evils associated with eating them:

Too much sugar can make us fat, we know that. And a lot of other things besides: irritable, lazy, wrinkly, empty headed, tired, depressed and moody. The list just goes on to the point where it seems like sugar is responsible for just about everything that could possibly go wrong with us.

But there is yet another evil associated with sugar that might make you snap upright in your chair and pay attention.




And on top of everything, it can make you so damn tired that you just don’t care!


When you consume a lot of sugar, the adrenal glands and the kidneys are put under stress, and low glucose results. The can affect the brain, which is your body’s control center. Your sex drive, level of desire and orgasms are all at your brain’s mercy.

And too much sugar can even mess with blood flow to your genitals. Yes, that can mean erectile dysfunction for men, and a lack of sexual arousal for women.

Apart from the physical effects of sugar, it can also damage your usually fabulous personality. As your blood sugar dips and soars, so does your mood. You don’t need to think too hard about the effect that this will have on your sex life.

Sex and sugar also have a few things in common on a scientific level. Both sugary foods and sexual stimuli activate the dopamine system and our brain’s reward pathways, which trigger the release of motivating chemicals.

The problem is, it seems that if you give in to your sugar cravings that your sex drive may suffer as a consequence. That neurochemical high that you were craving? The one that you thought you wanted from sex? Well, sorry, that was delivered a few minutes ago … from the chocolate donut you just ate!


Luckily, it’s pretty simple – cut the amount of sugar and refined carbs that you’re putting away. People who have kicked the sugar habit have reported that not only do they have a lot more energy, they also have a lot more interest in sex.

Leading sex therapists from around the world are giving their clients the same advice: if you’re looking to sweeten up your sex life, cut down your sugar and refined carb intake!

Here’s the good news – most of the damage done by sugar is reversible.

And your libido? That’s not damaged at all, it’s just lying in wait!