Statistics have shown that the link between unemployed individuals and the depression rate has increased dramatically over the past few years. A huge chunk of fresh graduates and even older people who have been in the corporate world for quite some time find themselves saying “I can’t find a job and I’m depressed.”

There is not one but hundreds of troubles for such people which ends in them being unhappy and depressed. There are tons of people who are employed but are still depressed because they’re not at peace with where they work and their career choice. This is why we’ve come up with a guide to help you find 10 careers that could make you happier, tips on what to do if you can’t find a job, and a list of best jobs for anxiety sufferers.

What To Do If You Can’t Find A Job?

A lot of people have been on the hunt for jobs but they still can’t seem to get employed. We all know hard the job finding process can be. First of all, there are no vacancies open and then once you do get the opportunity with a vacancy available for you, you don’t get selected for it. We understand how annoying and tiresome this process can be and hence that is why we have curated this guide for you.

Read on below to find out what to do if you can’t find a job.

1.   Resume Work

The first impression that any organization or company gets off you are not through your interview but your resume. This is a very important step in the process and can make or break the job hunting process for you. Since it is the first look potential employers get at you, it has to be immaculate.

A majority of people get kicked out right at the stage of their resume because their CVs are full of blondes. These blunders include basic typos, grammatical errors, and formatting errors. These are some of the most basic things and should be covered at all costs. If you send in a resume with typos and grammatical errors, it just proves to the company that you are not reliable enough to handle their work.

Furthermore, one the surface level issues of the resume are cleared out, you need to take a look at it once again and edit it. These editing phases include getting rid of any phony or extravagant adjectives like “talented” or “passionate”, etc. These may seem like you’re trying too hard and the fluff words will eventually catch up with you. Also, remove any personal details you have on there such as cheerleading team captain or your marital status. All of that is just taking up their time.

2.   Work On Your Online Presence

Next up, right after the stage of sifting through resumes, a lot of HR departments like to be extra sure about the people they are appointing or calling in for interviews. This means they will probably do a background check on you. The easiest way to do a background check in this time and age is through your online presence.

Work on your online presence and try to make it look professional and sleek. You might want to get rid of any inappropriate pictures, jokes, or any controversial political opinions. Keep ios professional with a few pictures here and there and nothing that makes a mark on your credibility.

3.   Networking

Wai! Before you skip over this point, thinking that networking is annoying or boring, you might want to think again. We know that at times attending social events relating to the corporate world and other networking formal events can get quite dull and boring but it is an opportunity nevertheless.

The exchanging of cards, smiles, and a few words here and there can go a long way for your career. You never know which person out there might be able to help you navigate through the tricky paths of unemployment. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that networking is a two-way street. Someone might be tempted to help you out only if you return the favor. Be open to help, advice, and suggestions and the same might be in store for you.

4.   Widen Your Menu

A lot of times, it might be difficult to find a job in a particular field because so0rry to say, the industry is dead. If you think the opportunity window for jobs in your market is closing, you might want to broaden your vision and think a little outside the book.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely change your career field but you can surely take a step sideways and get to work. For instance, if you are a writer then instead of looking for writing gigs, you can simply look for ones that are for proofreading or copywriting, etc. This means you are just trying to look for more avenues where you can showcase your skills but in a slightly different environment.

5.   More Skills

Since the market is evolving, the corporate world is moving with the speed of light. There are always going to be newer, fresher, and younger people out there who can replace you or be better than you. In this quest of trying to stay one step ahead of others, you should try to work on your skills.

By working on your skills you can either polish your existing skills and step up the ladder in the same work environment or you can try to acquire a new skill. Even though the latter might be a little more challenging and demanding, the results are even more promising. Acquiring new skills just expands your skillset and makes you eligible for a bunch of more options and jobs.

What Are The Happiest Careers?

One simply cannot survive in the corporate world, if they do not find some sort of peace, comfort, or happiness in their career. To be happy internally while also to stay employed and to keep growing, you must be placed in a job where you enjoy yourself. It can always differ from person to person as to what makes them happy but there is a list here as well.

Down below, we’ve got you the 10 careers that could make you happier. These are not set for everyone but a majority of people in these career paths have shown to be at peace and content. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the 10 careers that could make you happier.

1. Teaching

“In our list of 10 careers that could make you happier, teaching is the one that takes the crown. There is not one but tons and tons of benefits that teachers have derived from this job. These benefits aren’t just monetary ones but there are also some aspects of the job which make one content with self-satisfaction. Self-satisfaction is derived from the fact that they are doing something good for the world and the legacy can be passed on from one person to another.

Furthermore, teaching pays god, keeps you educated and in the loop for as long as you are in this career path, and has good and manageable hours. The gratitude received from parents and students can \also be a great motivator and source of happiness.

2. Social Workers

Another area in the world of perplexing careers is social work. Even though social workers do not earn a lot, they are still said to be pretty comfortable and happy with their jobs. The thing to keep in mind is that social work comes with a ton of responsibilities and intricacies that can’t be overlooked in any case. So, admittedly the job can cause stress at times because of how delicate and intense it is, but it is still a smooth contender for a spot in the 10 careers that could make you happier.

There is a sense of moral satisfaction and unsaid gratitude that they get which more than often makes up for the stress.

3. Chefs

Imagine cooking and eating for a living? Sounds fun, right? Even though the job of a chef doesn’t entail eating whatever they cook but they can still nibble here and there. It might sound like this job is all fun and games when in reality that is not the case.

The food industry is huge and expanding by every second. This means that the competition is tough. Still, chefs are known to be paid a good amount of salary and they get to do what they like the best. This display of creativity and art is the source of happiness for a lot of cooks and chefs all over the world.

4. Firefighters

This is one career that is loved all over the world by children and elders. One can understand how loved this career is from the number of dolls of fire\fighters out there. Furthermore, children also indicate that they want to be a firefighter.

The reason for this is the heroic element in the job. Even though it is extremely dangerous, it is still one of the most prestigious careers out there. There is also the never-ending moral satisfaction of being able to save someone’s possession or their life.

5. Nurses

The same element of self-satisfaction and gratitude comes into play when it comes to being a nurse. Nurses are paid well and the majority of them are happy with their wor. Same as the case with other jobs, nurses tend to have a lot of difficult hours but in the end, the career is still worth it.

There is an entirely new type of pleasure in knowing that your actions helped save the day or made someone’s life better.

6. Loan Officers

These are the people who have the pleasure of holding people’s dreams in their hands. A lot of us will be able to understand this better because we’ve been on the other side of the screen. Loan officers might work long, hefty hours but these people still get a lot of satisfaction and contentment from their jobs.

People come to get loans, either for their house or for any dream and the loan officers get the privilege of needing to make it happen for them. This satisfaction of knowing that you played even a small role in making someone happy can go a long way. They are said to earn around $50k and are surely on the list for 10 careers that could make you happier.

7. Engineers

Another reputable and happy career in this list is that of engineers. Engineers are known to be extremely hardworking. Their work involves intricate details and complex situations to be tackled but they are also a top contender in this list. Their high demand for large scale corporations and organizations makes them very much needed for the world.

Also, engineers have to tackle work that no other person in any field can work on. Meaning their problem solving and complex question oriented work is unique and in demand. The satisfaction one derives from being part of something so big is also huge.

8. Research Assistant

Learning never ends for research assistants and that is one reason among many which give them a spot in this list. They don’t get paid as much and the amount of effort that goes into this job is extremely high. This high amount of effort is required to make the research credible and worthy of the time of those who need it. But, in the end, these research assistants also get to be a part of something big.

They have the chance to contribute to something which might help make drastic and notable changes in the world. With even a low salary scale, this job secures a spot on the list for happy careers.

9. Data Handlers

People working in the database departments for organizations know that they are of crucial importance. Every detail in their work is directly proportional to one or another strategy implemented in the workforce. A lot of sensitive material is handled by them including the finances of the company and other personal details of the employees. All of this has to be tackled with extreme care and makes them essential for the corporation. This increasing need for them makes their tough job satisfying by the end of the day.

10. Event Organisers

This one should be pretty clear as to why they are happy careers. Event organizers get the opportunity to put their creative skills to good use while they make someone’s event memorable. Most of the time event organizers and planners get the creative freedom to work as they desire. Even for such cases, where they are supposed to copy or work with the customer, they still get the chance to collaborate with them and plan it.The pleasure derived from this field is extreme. You get to work on something you’re passionate about while you also have the chance to make someone else happy.

What’s A Good Job For Someone With Social Anxiety?

People with SAD or Social Anxiety disorder tend to have a lot of difficulty in social situations. These people have a constant fear of someone watching them and an extreme fear that they might be getting judged. This is a serious mental condition and can make it very hard for such people to go about their daily activities in life.

Since it is harder for them to tackle situations where they are surrounded by people, they obviously cannot opt for such fields to work in. Working in a crowded environment where they have to be around a bunch of people would just result in them not being able to show their complete potential.

To grow and thrive career-wise, it is crucial to help them find a job or a career path where they don’t have to worry about their mental condition ruining things for them. This means having jobs that are isolated or that require minimal human contact.

The following are the best jobs for anxiety sufferers:

  • Dog trainers
  • Accountant
  • Programmers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artist
  • Writers
  • Firefighters
  • Counselors
  • Gardeners

All of these jobs require minimal human interaction and are from a bunch of different fields. Anyone who feels like they’re more comfortable crunching numbers can opt to go in the financial departments such as the job of an accountant mentioned above. Similarly, programmers also do not have to deal with humans as much and are restricted to their computer screens.

Gardeners, landscapers, dog trainers, etc are jobs for people who like to work outside. With all of these, one can easily opt to work outdoors without having to deal with extended social interactions. It might be good to bump in a few people here and there to work on social skills but other than that these jobs are pretty isolated as well.

Those of artists, writers, and entrepreneurs are of comfort as well. Arthritis since are the own creators of their work, they don’t have to constantly report to anyone unless they are signed. In such cases as well, they just have to talk to their managers or handlers, etc on strict dates, and no other meetings are required. Entrepreneurs do not have to answer to anyone since they are their boss hence that’s one field that could be opted for as well.


There are lots of jobs in the world and no matter how many happy lists you go through for analysis, you should always focus on what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. These two things when found can be the compass you need to be guided to the correct career path. This will be full of growth, potential, learning, and contentment for you.


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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