The Human Race Won’t Last Another 100 Years. Here’s Why

Don’t bother eating healthy, recycling, or starting a retirement fund, because you probably won’t last long enough to enjoy old age (“old” in modern times, not medieval). None of us will, probably. I’ll give you a hint why. It’s us. Or more specifically, us having sex.

Like fertile rabbits unleashed on an island with no natural predators, we will breed and eat and breed and eat until we consume and inhabit every inch of said island. And then we will die off. It’s not the first time it has happened. Look up the history of the natives from Easter Island and you’ll see not only has overpopulation wiped out an entire culture before, but we’re on an inevitable track to do it again. And this time it will be on a much larger scale.

Forget global warming and ozone layers, if our population continues growing at the exponential rate that it has, there simply won’t be enough space for us, much less for food and other animals. Our population has doubled in the past 35 years. Let that sink in. During Roman times, there were about 250 million people in the world. Now there are about seven billion. With medical advancements and vaccines, humanitarian efforts, and the proliferation of cheap food, that rate will only increase. At the current rate, it is estimated that in 150 years, there will be 296 billion people on the earth

We may even get to a point where we literally suffocate ourselves due to lack of oxygen. Reduced plant life (deforestation and land clearing) and an influx of carbon dioxide creators (people) could lead to a shortage of breathable air. Not as likely as the whole starvation thing but still a concern.

Basically our two options are to sterilize half of the population or find a new home to populate. Well, those are the two happier options. Probably more likely, much of the population will be reduced through war or disease. This has been nature’s tool against the disharmony of a too-large population. After the Black Plague, the standard of living rose dramatically since there were more resources for the survivors. The same thing happened after the World Wars. Every twenty minutes, another 3,500 babies are born. That’s 3,500 more bodies to feed, clothe, and house. At that rate, “renewable resources” won’t be renewable anymore. Trees don’t grow fast enough to replace the ones we cut down and the ocean is literally running out of fish.

So do the world a favor. Use contraceptives. Teach your kids about safe sex and unplanned pregnancies. Not for their futures but for the entire world’s.


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