15 Tips For Saving Money on Travel: Travel in Style, for Less!

Traveling is a fun way of discovering a lot of things about life and places. Before you say that this is only for the rich, read this article first and you will start to think otherwise. There are plenty of money-saving tips that will make you want to go places, while still feeling secured about your finances. Read on.

1. Maximize your carry-on luggage

Most, if not all, airline companies do not impose weight restrictions on carry-on bags. It would be practical to maximize your hand-carry bag to save you from baggage fees.

2. Invest in a sturdy luggage

A lot of people go for cheap bags, but this is false economy. It is strongly recommended that you invest in a durable luggage to really get what you pay for. Look for a baggage with a hard shell case that has clasps and not zips as they split.

3. Book flights in the afternoon

Flight prices are normally higher in the morning. This is because companies know that this is when businessmen are more likely to book. If you want to save on travel costs, then book your flights in the afternoon.

4. Avoid buying currency at the airport

Do not change your money at the airport. The exchange rate is not worth the effort. Buy your currency from the bank or any other reputable financial institutions ahead of time.

5. Never pay for WiFi, look for free ones

You can find free WiFi access in cafes, restaurants, bars, and public places. You just have to know where to look. There is a mobile app that will point you in places with free WiFi.

6. Book flights eight weeks in advance

The best time to book flights is eight weeks ahead. The prices become more expensive as your target travel date nears.

7. Purchase multi-day public transport pass

It only makes sense to purchase a multi-day pass when you are visiting a place for several days. Make sure to study your options, though, as some passes will include entry to tourist attractions.

8. Consider camping out

Another budget-friendly alternative to a hotel stay is to consider camping out. If you dislike the idea of the traditional camping style, then there is such a thing as luxury camping or glamping.

9. Book a hostel

A hostel is another cheaper alternative to a hotel accommodation that you can consider. You can find thousands of options online.

10. Eat out for lunch, instead of dinner

You can appreciate fine food during lunch, instead of dinner to save on costs. It is easier to find a vacant table at this time, too. Many restaurants offer great deals on their mid-day menus.

11. Consider becoming a travel writer

Travel writing is one of the best ways to travel for free. Hotels will often offer free stays to writers in exchange for blog posts. Those with a stronger portfolio may be given free flights from airline companies.

12. Negotiate the Rates

Many hotels are always under constant pressure to maintain a high occupancy rate, especially during off-peak months. Do not be afraid to ask for their best prices when planning a trip.

13. Shop local, avoid gift shops

Most gift shops will sell you pretty-looking souvenirs at a steep price. Check the stuff being sold in the local shops for great deals. They are often way cheaper and better.

14. Check for discounted rooms

Most hotels will have rooms that are not as good as the rest. They will happily offer these rooms at a discount. If you are on a tight budget, even a room with a bad view will do.

15. Switch off your phone’s roaming

Switching on your phone’s roaming will just cost you money. Turn off your phone’s roaming to avoid seeing bloated numbers on your bill. Call your service provider to ensure that data usage has been blocked.

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