Look Good, Feel Good: 5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Appearance

It’s often said that when you look good, you feel good. For many people, dressing and looking the part gives them confidence and a feeling of self-assurance. With that in mind, below are some tips to help you look great and feel great.

How To Look Good

Have Clothes That Fit Well

They don’t have to be the most expensive or flashy clothes – in fact cheaper clothes that fit better will beat out expensive clothes that fit poorly every single time. Keep your wardrobe up to date with clothes that fit well. They should be form fitting but not too tight, not sag or be too tight on the shoulders (especially for suits) and be the proper length. Take the time to choose the right pieces and also tailor your clothes if necessary if you find a good fit but the length is off a bit. Read Also: 3 Ways To Buy Clothes That Fit

Be in Good Shape

Improving your physical condition is one of the easiest, cheapest, and also most beneficial for your health ways to better your appearance. Fill out your clothes nicely, appear more confident and assertive, and more. Getting in better shape and lowering your body fat also has a really great effect on improving the appearance of your face. Read Also: How To Get Fit

Eat a Balanced Diet

You are what you eat! Eat a balanced diet of protein, fats, and carbs from good vegetable sources to have healthy skin, hair, teeth, eyes, and overall appearance. This point goes hand in hand with improving your physical condition and being in good shape. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet consisting mainly of whole foods and minimal sugar/junk food. See Also: How To Have A Balanced Diet

Improve Your Posture

Appearing slouched is a sign of poor posture, low muscular activation, and general poor well being. You want to stand up straight with good pelvic, back, shoulder and neck posture for health, and also improving your physical appearance and visual confidence. Practicing proper posture can also help develop your muscles and improve your breathing. Sore neck and backs are often the results of poor posture and sitting all day long. Read Also: How To Correct Your Posture

Practice Proper Hygiene

Bad breath, foul odors, flakey skin – none of that! Make sure to regularly clean yourself, take care of your skin, brush and floss, and overall just take care of your appearance by being clean and hygienic. Wash your clothes regularly, always change your undergarments, and use fresh towels as often as you can. See Also: How To Maintain Proper Hygiene

In closing

These tips aren’t rocket science, but they’re free. They don’t require a lot of money or any money at all to implement – you just need to exercise, go to the gym, eat well, practice good posture, and clean your body. Simple yet effective ways to make sure you’re looking like a million bucks without spending a cent.

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