Are you having a tough time in your relationship? Do you think that you are causing trouble? So you want to know how to be a better girlfriend? Here are some inspiring ways to be a better girlfriend.

Love isn’t the only thing required to keep up a relationship. Every relationship is made beautifully and they also have ups and downs. When you look forward to making a relationship work, it is necessary to find ways to sort things out. If you want to know how to be a better girlfriend then you must struggle to make yourself a better version. It is not necessary to change yourself for anyone but it is important to shape yourself according to the circumstances.

We all have bad days and mood swings. It is not only you who is facing work pressure and anxiety, your man might be struggling more than you. To come to better terms, talk to each other and know what you both feel about each other and life. Lively relationships are key to a peaceful life. Be vulnerable in a relationship to be a better partner.

Relationships are fragile like flowers and bloom only when watered constantly. It works only if there is a constant effort by both individuals. If you are considering being a better girlfriend in a toxic or abusive relationship, don’t struggle and leave it behind. However, if your partner is equally invested in you, it is important to invest in yourself as well. Relationships don’t work if any one of the individuals stops giving it importance.

So here is an all-in-one guide for those women who feel they need to be better individuals. Unlock the secret door to the man’s heart by knowing how to be a better girlfriend.

What makes a girlfriend a good girlfriend?

A good girlfriend isn’t the one who only cares about her looks and spends money on beautifying herself for a man. If you are like this, then you need to work that out otherwise my friend gets ready to lose a relationship. You need to work in harmony with each other or it might not work out. Below are some inspiring ways to know how to be a better girlfriend.

Stay honest

You might have heard the proverb “honesty is the best policy”. Do you know why? Because honesty makes relationships stronger and builds trust. You must stay honest in a relationship. One dishonesty can lead to a lack of trust and eventually the death of a relationship.

Solve his problems

Yes, he also faces problems, whether it be at home, office, or any other place. It is better if you ask about his problems and try to sort them out together. In this way, he will know that you are not an ignorant partner.

Don’t overreact

Do not overreact to petty things. If he forgot your birthday, don’t make a fuss out of it. It will make him feel bad and his feelings about you might change. Instead, tell him that it is ok to forget as he is also a human. Make him feel good and don’t let him feel bad about him being forgetful.

Maintain yourself

If you are insecure about your man looking at other women, maintain yourself. Men don’t like messy women or ones who don’t shower for days. Go to the gym, focus on self-care, and keep things clean. This will make him more attracted to you. Also, be appreciative towards him to get his attention.

Appreciate his efforts

He brings a red rose for you; accept it, and appreciate his effort. Don’t get mad for not ringing chocolates or your favorite Doritos with it. Anything brought with love is worth a million dollars. Therefore, be thankful to him. If you are making big things out of it, he will eventually lose his feelings and stop doing efforts for you.

Listen to him

Your man comes back home from work at 7 pm, he is agitated by work stress. He needs to vent out. In this situation, make him sit and let him talk. Listen to all the minor details he mentions to you. It will make him feel important and in love with you.

Keep drama minimum

Women are indeed sometimes overdramatic. Make sure you are not one of them. Stop fighting with him on every little thing. If he has not taken you to dinner after coming back from work, do not get mad at him or blame him for not giving attention. He would already be tired from work and if you do the same, he will not be paying you the importance anymore.

Be empathetic

“Actions speak louder than words” thus, show empathy and compassion towards your partner. Show him how much you care about him and talk out the issues you both are facing in a relationship.

Make time for cuddles

Physical touch contributes to the betterment of your health by boosting your immune system. Thus, making time to cuddle with each other is the best love language. Hold his hands when he is talking, caress his hair and show affection.

Trust him

Keep in mind the golden rule “If you don’t have trust you have nothing”. Relationships don’t work in the absence of trust. Don’t be a doubtful girlfriend. Don’t keep checking his phone or asking him about other pictures he has been liking on Instagram. It will make him feel uncomfortable and controlled. He will eventually start distancing himself from you.

Send cute messages

Be creative. Send him steamy and cute messages when he is at work. It will spice things up a bit and he will be eager to come back and spend time with you.

Do not helicopter

Are you his mother or a girlfriend? You will never know how to be a better girlfriend if you do not start trusting him. Stop keeping an eye on his every activity and asking where, why, and with whom he went out. Too much helicopter will give him a chance to cheat on you or he might take it as a red flag and end the relationship.

Give him space

It is necessary to respect each other’s space and give each other space. Your partner will love it if you give him space when he needs it and understand his side of the story instead of nagging around.

Don’t be clingy

Do not be too emotional around your partner. It may generate an opposite response than what you are expecting. There are chances that he might get himself away from you instead of coming towards you because of your clingy nature.

Don’t criticize

He is wearing crocs? DO NOT criticize him. Does he want to dress casually for dinner? DO NOT initiate criticism. He doesn’t want to spend money, DO NOT slam him. If you are doing this, then stop immediately before you lose his love for you as well as this relationship.

Stop nagging

Stop picking on your partner every time. It will generate negative responses which will be unhealthy for a relationship. Healthily talk to him and do not be assertive in your approach. Use neutral language to make things work.

Don’t be controlling

When we say give him space it means that you must not control him. He is an individual who would most likely wish to spend his life on his terms. You cannot control a human being, if you do then be ready for them to soon end their terms with you.

Respect his passion

He is working a 9 to 5 job but he is interested in being a full-time guitarist. How will you react? If being a guitarist is his passion then being a good girlfriend it is your responsibility to support and respect his passion. Avoid mocking him for doing what he loves, this will make him feel violated in a relationship, and who wants a disrespectful partner at all!

Pay attention to verbal cues

Pay attention to what he says. Partners usually give verbal clues about what they want instead of saying it directly. For instance, your partner is pointing out his colleague and telling you how she spends too much money. This might be a clue towards what he needs from you-to spend less obviously.

Be good to his parents

Going to meet his parents for the first time? Do you know how to be a better girlfriend in this scenario? Let me tell you. Make sure to be nice to his parents. Bring small presents for them and chat happily with them. Try to bring your humor to the table but if you are bad at it, don’t try it.

Cook his favorites

Who doesn’t love to eat? Cooking great food is one of the ways to be a better girlfriend. Ask him daily what he would like to eat. On some days, surprise him with his favorite food instead of ordering. He will be much happier this way.

Dress well for him

Make sure to wind up all house chores before he returns home. Get ready for him, dress well and apply some scent. It will make him feel welcome and fall in love with you over and over again. Additionally, he won’t be looking at other girls if you are taking great care of yourself.

Compliment him

Is he wearing a new t-shirt or has he got a new haircut? Whatever the situation is, compliment him like you want to be complimented. Your partner will feel appreciated.

Don’t flirt with others

Do you like it when he looks at another girl? Probably not! So imagine how he would feel if you were flirting with another man or paying more attention to your guy best friend instead of him. It might raise eyebrows for you. Considering it a red flag, your partner might become insecure leading to toxicity in the relationship.

Do not shout at him

Are you pissed off about something he did? Are you waiting for him to come home so you can flush your anger on him? I recommend not doing that. But why? Because it will make things a lot more complicated. Calm yourself down and prepare what you are going to say to him. Make sure you are patient and your tone is neutral rather than aggressive. Try to be as polite as you can.

Keep the talks positive

He has a weekend off and wants to spend time with you. In the meantime, you start complaining about things you don’t like about him or include what your family says about him. This might make him feel disinterested in the conversation. Try to be as positive as you can. Talk about his best habits and your best moments spent together.

Don’t dwell on his past

Did he have a girlfriend before you? Are you still jealous of her? You must stop dwelling on his past. Everyone has a past, it doesn’t mean to destroy your present for that. You might have retroactive jealousy but try to lessen it as it will destroy your relationship with your partner.

Talk about your days

Are you both working individually? When both of you have a hectic routine, you may not find time to talk to each other. However, take 10 minutes out of your routine and talk about your day and how you both have spent it. This will strengthen your bond.

How do I stop being a difficult girlfriend?

Do you think you are a bad girlfriend? Are you looking for  ways to be a better girlfriend? Do you still think that you are a difficult girlfriend? Then you must work on it as soon as possible. You may go for a couple of therapy to do better. Furthermore, stop toxic acts which you think are making him angry. Look out for signs he gives you about your behavior and change it.

In addition to looking for his clues, make sure to analyze yourself and determine where you lack. By showing more affection towards your partner, you can become a better girlfriend.

How to be a better girlfriend over text?

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain. Many circumstances could lead to the ending of a relationship. However, there are certain things that you can keep in sight when maintaining the magic of relationship over text.

Morning and good night texts

What could be better than sending casual good morning and good night texts? Try to send it at the exact time when you wake up or go to sleep. Do not try to bluff your partner as it may cause misunderstanding and eventually a breakup.

Do not fight

Avoid fighting with your online boyfriend if he is not immediately replying to your text. He may be busy at that moment. Wait patiently and do not be overwhelmed by the anger or initiate a fight.

Say “I love you”

How many times in a day do you say I love you to your partner? If it is less often, make it often. It will make them feel special and loved. Send this text while they are at work to make their day special.

Use emojis to express well

Try to use as many cute emojis in your texts as you can. Express your emotions through them so that they could do the same.

Discuss your days

Talk about your day, discuss minor details, and share pictures. There is no need to overreact if she shares something about his female colleague or a girl best friend. Take it smoothly.

Share petty details

Share small details about you and encourage your partner to do the same. Share your likings and dislikings, hobbies, favorite sports, and other little details.

Give compliments

If he sends a video or a picture, make sure to compliment him in the best way. Talk about his dress, his personality, haircut, or beard. Compliment his eyes and voice as well.

Say clear things

Try to say things clearly. Do not give unnecessary twists to the conversation. Unnecessarily tangled talks can create misunderstanding and mislead your partner which will result in future problems.

Maintain communication

No matter how busy you are in your life, ensure to take out some time for your partner. Don’t make him feel neglected. Maintaining healthy communication is key to knowing how to be a better girlfriend.

Do not lie

Being a good girlfriend, you must never lie to your partner. Even if they are away and won’t know about your doings, you must be honest. If they ever find out about you lying to them, that will be bad news for your relationship.

Do not cheat

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, it does not mean that you can cheat on your partner. Nothing would hurt him more than this. Therefore, you must stay loyal to him. But if you want to end a relationship, do it on good terms instead of cheating.

Plan to meet

If you are in the same city or fortunately visit each other’s city, make sure to pay a visit. You can have coffee, dinner, or a movie night.

Send gifts

So what if you are not together? You guys can still send gifts to each other. You can order a flower shop near his place to deliver a bouquet or you can send him clothes or watches or anything he likes.

Do online things together

It is not important to be in the same place to do things together. If you both like games, you can play multiplayer games online or compatibility quiz. You may also play truth or dare together.

Set goals

Set relationship goals together. Do not enforce your thoughts on your partner or he will feel controlled. Plan things that you both want to do together in the future.

Don’t hover

Men can be busy most of the time therefore it is advised not to hover around them. Have some hobbies to spend time in instead of waiting for his message. It will make you impatient and maybe angry which could lead to fights.

Respect boundaries

If he has some boundaries, respect them! Make sure you are not invading his privacy. If he says he doesn’t want you to message excessively while he is at work, you must agree with that.

Video chat

Video chat every night, whether it be skype or Whatsapp. It will create a strong bond between you two.

How to be a better girlfriend emotionally?

You must be aware of your partner’s emotional well-being. You must also know how to be a better girlfriend emotionally. Following are some points to keep in mind if you want to know how to be a better girlfriend emotionally.

Support him

If your partner is having a hard time coping with some personal issue you must support him. Give him your shoulder to relax, pat his back and encourage him to see the positive side and not to lose hope.

Understand his problems

Although you cannot understand the intensity of his problems, the least you can do is try to understand where he lies. Understand his emotional needs and pamper him in the best way you can.

Give meaningful suggestions

If you are understanding his problems, make sure to provide him with meaningful suggestions which can help in solving his struggles.

Listen actively

A person always needs someone to listen to him when he is emotionally struggling. When he shares his feelings and emotions, listen carefully without interrupting. You will be able to understand the situation better and come up with a more viable solution. Listen without getting defensive and pay attention to his body language.


Express gratitude and affection towards your partner. Deal with his problems in a healthy way. Being affectionate in hard times makes him feel more in love with you.


Accept his emotional state and do not put your needs forth. He, being in an emotionally weak state, needs acceptance. You should thrive to embrace his emotional side as well.


Prioritize his needs when he is struggling. It is a way of showing love and will make him feel loved.

Bottom Line

In search of how to be a better girlfriend, don’t abandon your happiness. If you are caring for your partner, he should be doing the same. Never ignore your emotional needs and take immediate action against a narcissist or abusive partner. Maintaining a relationship is not our sole duty, both partners have to contribute equally.

If your partner is caring but you are not understanding his needs, end this relationship otherwise it will become toxic. Being a good girlfriend is not about caring for yourself, but caring more for your partners, especially when in need. Don’t be like Amber Heard to Johnny Depp of your life, instead, be a Nala to your Simba.


Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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