Hi-Def TV’s Are Dead. This Unbelievable Device Killed Them.

So Real, It Felt Like I Could Touch It

The MIT lab that created the technology used in Nintendo’s WiiMotes and Microsoft’s Kinect have broken the television space, again! Being able to interact with the screen by waving your hands in the air wasn’t enough for them.

MIT has developed a 3D (as in physically, 3 Dimensional) screen that can move up and down, it responds to your touch, and can be altered with your movements.

Imagine being able to give a “High 5″ to a friend on Skype that lives across the Planet. Or play catch with your son while you’re on a business trip (watch the video).

The implications are huge. Not only can you control the screen, but now it can respond to your touch.

Sean Follmer, co-creator, says “Whatever it ends up looking like, the UI of the future won’t be made of just pixels, but time and form as well. And that future is only 5 or 10 years away.”

Tired of missing the “keys” on your touch screen – get ready, the future is here.