Say I Love You With The Fruit! Japanese Farmer Grows Watermelons In The Shape Of Heart – Lovelly Video!

Say I Love You with a WaterMelon

Hiroichi Kimura, a Japanese farmer from the south of Kumamoto, after a neighbor told him, during a joke that it would have been nice see people eating watermelon in the shape of heart.

The farmer decided tothink seriously how to get the shape result and how to make this concept become real.

The task was not easy, given that Kimura had to experiment different soil types and environmental conditions, also building some special plastic “molds” to get the desired shape without damage the fruit.

Only after several trials and errors the farmer is now able to achieve the result he wanted.  it was not enough for him to be cured in fact only the form, but considered it essential that the watermelon had a great taste. “I want my clients to eat something delicious,” said Kimura.