The Future of Typing Has Arrived. See what these kids did.

Keyboards Are So 21st Centry

Let’s face it – touch screens are awesome – but touch screen keyboards suck. The screen is hard, autocorrect- well autocorrect fails at the worst times, and we’re left typing slow and adapting to the screen instead of the screen adapting to us.

An Austin, Texas based startup AirType is trying to solve this problem for good. Speech recognition just isn’t here yet, eye tracking has been a flop. Short of plugging a wire into our cerebral cortex a la The Matrix, they keyboard is gonna be around for a while.

AirType hopes to make our love/hate relationship with keyboards better. The early phase startup has designed a pair of super sleek and ergonomic cuffs that you put on your hand.

The cuffs use fancy machine learning technology to customize your typing to YOU. That’s right, the machine adapts to your typing style and screwups (teh instead of the, anybody?) and learns what you meant to type instead of what you actually typed.

Oh and did I mention that you can type mid air, on your lap, on your husbands bald head – where ever!

Keyboards are here to stay, might as well make them adapt to me and less bulk to carry around and use. Rock on AirType!

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