Extraction Examples – How Web Scraping is Utilised in the Real World

Ever heard of web scraping?

It’s a process of collection of data from the internet. The current application of web scraping ranges in complexity, from manual scraping efforts where people manually trawl the internet for data, through to the complex where there are automated systems which have been built to convert an entire website’s worth of information into something structured and interpretable.

There are a range of web scraping tools out there designed to make the scraping process easier, and you can use the data you create in a range of applications. Businesses are getting into web scraping a way to get greater insights and information for enhancing their websites. We want to show you how web scraping is being used in the real world so you can go on to use the process for yourself.

Scrape a comparison site for products and prices

It’s important to have insights about your business or product.

You always want to be improving the customer journey, after all, and a key part of doing this is ensuring that you have the most current and informative information on your site. You can use web scraping a way to get information, whether it’s website prices, images or data for analysing information.

You need to be able to sell your products at a competitive price, and a key way to find the data you need is with web crawling. Web crawling is used by companies who on-sell products like flights and travel information as part of the real-time service offering. You would have seen companies like Skyscanner offering price comparisons for flights and holidays, and it’s no different for your use. You just need to ensure you are comparing the right data and your website will flourish.

Track an online presence for your business

If you are looking for information from reviews you can use web-scraping to go in and explore user behaviours, reactions, product performance and more. Your web scraping could potentially give you user profiles, and the reviews that they have posted about your product or a potential product you’re looking to sell. This kind of data is great for analytics and compiling and snapshot of a product or service.

Reputation management

Another critical use for web scraping is online reputation management. Online companies need to be very careful about how their business appears online and a key part of this is reviews and information which presents your company in a negative light. It’s hard to keep track of this kind of information, and web scraping is a great way to gather this kind of information easily.

Specific task scraping

Almost all businesses have done some form of web scraping at one time or another. One-time web scraping is where you visit a particular website for a very particular piece or pieces of information

Email marketing practice

Many companies are guilty of using web scraping as a means to gather email addresses from websites with the main purpose of lead generation. Websites are scraped for emails, which are compiled into a list which are then used for email marketing.

Scraping to create other websites

The purpose here is to get information from other websites and then post all of that data or information into one site where it can be tailored to suit a particular target market.

Are there any other ways in which you have seen web scraping being used online? When done correctly, web scraping can be a hugely successful way for you to gather data and information quickly and easily for the purpose of upgrading your marketing plan, analysing data and understanding your competitors.

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