Curiosity Killed The Cat – Mystery Behind Missing Cats Solved – Finally!!

Residents of Port St. Lucie, Florida were baffled by recent mysterious disappearances of their cats for the last nine months. Their mystery is finally resolved. A Burmese python, a non-native species to Florida everglades has been identified as the prime suspect in the missing cat mystery. Police officers responding to neighbors’ complaints about a possible snake in an empty plot of land discovered a 12 foot long, 120 lb snake resting in underbrush large enough to hide it from view.

Sergeant. John Holman was the first once to spot the snake close a deceased cat and immediately called for back-up help. It appears that the python belonged to a Port St. Lucie resident, who has special license to keep the snake. The police are now investigating how it escaped. Although circumstantial, police think that the python was the likely culprit and consider the case of missing cats closed.