Are People willing to Take Orders from Robots ?

Canadian research studied how humans might respond to take Orders from Robots ? Very interesting results.

A group of Canadian researchers were asked to study if people are willing to take orders from a robot.

A question with many important aspects involved since situations in which artificial intelligence could also be asked to control and make important decisions  (eg to the medical, or the military) are not certain hypotheses remote.

The research put humans, under the orders of the robot with the aim to analyze the attitude and the respond from a Robot command.

A group of subjects was instructed to perform a boring task (rename hundreds of data files one by one by hands), both under the directions of a person at the initial step and after under humanoid robot. Before the experiment, subjects were told that they would have carried out a variety of tasks, without giving any additional information. During the experiment then was continually ask to complete the task repeating the same thing over and over and this invariably urged the parties to protest.

interesting response for the Experiment: all participants have complained at least once set of task, and even if the subjects tended to obey at the orders of a person (85% obey to the term assets assigned by human command), the percentage of subjects who followed the instructions of the robot is not is negligible because over (46% completed all activities under a robot command).

Many of the participants who prematurely discontinued the task with the robot have commented that the robot made ​​a mistake, but it is noteworthy that most of these then demonstrate a sense of guilt in front of the researcher when the robot informed to him that the experiment was over.

One interesting thing is that that many participants were trying to interact and talk with the robot asking questions such as what was to be his favorite movie or if he knew how to dance.