5 Reasons You Should Delete Your Facebook Account Today

#1 – It can cost you your job

There’re 2 ways, actually – that Facebook can cost you your job. The obvious being – you spend too much time on it at work! It’s so easy to intend not to be on FB too much at work, and yet you’re all doing it – did you just arrive at this post from Facebook?

And are you at work right now…? You should also be careful about what you post on your wall and in your photo album – incriminating evidence can lose you your current job, and prevent you getting them in the future!

#2 – It makes you feel unhappy

Statistically – posts with a positive vibe get shared more on Facebook than those with a negative vibe, so your news feed is likely to be littered with positive posts about great everyone else’s life is going.

The result here is that when you’re feeling even slightly down and you check your news feed – you’re subjected to posts and pictures showing how happy your friends are at the moment – this actually makes you feel worse than you did before you logged onto FB! Can you relate?

If so – think twice about logging on, the next time you’re feeling down.

#3 – Most people don’t actually care about your life

There – I said it. But am I alone? How many of your hundreds (or thousands) of friends do you really care about, and do you really want to know about every aspect of their life such as what they had for breakfast or how extraordinarily ordinary their life has been this week?

No, of course you don’t – and y’know, they all think the same about you too. If you think about how many of your ‘friends’ you really care about, you’d probably find that other than your 50 closest acquaintances/relatives – the rest could be deleted from your friend list altogether…

#4 – It’s unproductive!

Seriously – if you took all the time you spent on Facebook, and instead contributed that time to achieving a goal or ambition – you’d likely be far better off as a result.

Sure – you’d miss out on a few things in the short term, but in the long-term – you’d have the last laugh as you land your dream job as a result of a newly-acquired qualification, or you’re working on your own business-venture from your laptop whilst you travel around the world on a cruise-ship.

#5 – It’s a breach of your privacy

People are so private these days – they so loathed to giving out their email address or phone number, and yet the reality is that Facebook probably knows more about you as a person than almost any other entity on the planet.

Companies like Facebook (and Google) mine as much data about you as possible without you even realising it, whilst pointing at other companies and lambasting their supposed shoddy privacy practices.

Check out this video which went viral after Facebook announced their Shazam-style music/TV identification app in early 2014