The 20 things To Do if You Want to Be Happy. The #17 Changed my Life!

Sometime we need to learn from out mistakes sometime we need to remember important things. Here The 20 things To Do if You Want to Be Happy.

It may seem obvious, and in part it is, and clearly, as the road to hell is paved with good intentions so it can be fatal to believe they can solve their problems with a sort of handbook good for all occasions. However, I have hit a few things: the first is that we have to live better give up something of ourselves, and not just material things, but also ideas, preconceptions and motivations more or less important,

But let’s get to what should be eliminated from our lives for a better life:

The approval of others.

Be satisfied with the decisions you make. Think about what you could get if you stopped to give importance to others’ opinions about the way you live. Engage in any actions that you can do to improve your life.

  • 2.   The anger and resentment.

The anger and resentment

Anger consumes from within. Learn how to make peace with those who have wronged you. Keep in mind that he who angers you controls you.

  •  3.    The negative image of your body.

The negative image of your body

There is only one person who can give an opinion on your physique, you are yourself. No one else has the right to judge your appearance. Be comfortable, and have good health are the only things that count.

  •  4.     The expectation of the perfect partner

The expectation of the perfect partner

There is an ideal partner. The idealized image of the partner prevents us from moving forward in life. Find the right person for you, that you completely love, with whom you feel comfortable and who accepts you as you are.

  • 5.     The perfect life.

As a partner, there is not a perfect life. Life is made up of elements that we choose. The choices you make will be reflected directly in the life you lead. It is up to you to create your best possible world.

  •  6.    The idea that you will become rich.

The idea that you will become rich

Too many people live thinking that they will become millionaires one day. Even if it is a realistic goal for some people it is not something that can be achieved without the hard work and absolute dedication. Instead, we must stop thinking of money as the only motivation to find a job and are passionate and dedicate themselves to it.

  •  7.   The idea that luck will come knocking at your door.

The idea that luck will come knocking at your door.

You have to venture out in the world are actively seeking your fulfillment. Do not wait for things to happen by themselves. Try to enjoy the life you lead and be thankful for the things you already own. Enhance every minute and every day. Think about living as if there was no tomorrow and make the most of every situation.

  •   8.   Excuses.

NO excuses

There is no room for excuses. Do you want to work, but you do not have the time? Wake up soon. The excuses are just rationalizations that allow you to feel better about yourself. Do you want results? Stop complaining and take action.

  •    9.  Thinking about your ex.

Thinking about your ex

If this person is your ex, there must be a reason. If you think about him constantly have to accept the consequences. Do not dwell on the feelings of the past in order to avoid to be happy with someone else.

  •  10.   The obstinacy.

The obstinacy

It may be hard to admit, but sometimes we are complementary in the wrong. Unless you are stubborn, you will be more open to learning new things. Think of all the things that you could understand if you stopped it to consider the opinions of others.

  • 11.    Procrastination.


Stop thinking that you can do anything the next day. Live in the present moment and do your homework when it should be done. Maximize your time according to your ability and do every task as soon as possible. This will allow you to feel freed from the worry and the stress and have more free time to enjoy the things you love.

  •  12.    Your emotional baggage.

Your emotional baggage.

Everyone, at one time or another, you have been injured by someone you thought you loved or to love. Keeping negative feelings of distrust for your future relationship can be disastrous. There are no two people alike. It ‘unfair to form a relationship with a future partner in accordance with rules established in previous reports

  •  13.   Negativity.


What projected back to you automatically. So now change the way you think. Stop seeing life as a glass half empty, but rather you see before as a glass half full. Take the time to observe the myriad of things you can be grateful. For a positive spirit, anything is possible.

  •   14.   Take care of your actions and feelings.


You have no idea what is really happening in the lives of others, then who are you to judge the way they act? If you spent more time taking care of your actions and your feelings, your life would certainly be more healthy.

  •  15.  Jealousy


Stop envying others and enjoy the things you own. Every life is unique and you definitely have something to offer the world that others do not have. When you feel jealous all you do is fill your negative feelings.

  •   16.  Insecurity


Happy people tend to have a level of self-esteem extremely high. They accept what they are beaming with confidence, pride and exude positivity. You have no reason to feel insecure and if there are things that you complexing, try to change them. Only in this way you will be able to create the best version of themselves.

  •  17.   Depend on others for your happiness.


In the end, the only person you can count on is yourself. Do not make the mistake of putting your happiness in the hands of others. A report will not help you live better and will not make you happier. And ‘necessary to achieve happiness for themselves before they find someone else with whom to share it.

  •    18.     Live the Present


Stop living in the past. You will not get anything by focusing on the mistakes made earlier. Make it pretty treasure and go forward

  •  19.     The need for control.


Sometimes you have to let life flow as it should be. You can not hang your time trying to have control over things that are out of your reach. Relax and let things evolve naturally. Embrace the unknown because it is what will surprise you more. Let jumping aboard the unexpected and enjoy the excitement that this will bring.

  •  20.    Expectations.

Live the Present

The ability to manage expectations is the key to happiness. If you are flexible with your expectations, you will never be disappointed. Do not expect certain results in a given situation. Experience things in life with an open mind. Immerse yourself in it without preconceptions.