20 Things You Should Say or Do During a Job Interview..#11 Will Get You The Job!

Have you ever gone to a job interview and wondered what you should say or do to make a good impression? Or even better what you should certainly NOT do or say.

Well then the list below will be your ultimate guide when going on a job interview. Follow these tips and your chances to get the job of your dreams will go up for sure.

Today the job market is tight and since crisis of 2008-2009 jobs have become more scarce, so why not look at some advice before you step into that room where you will be assessed on what you say or do.

Give yourself the competitive advantage you need so you could succeed during the interview process. We created this list so it could help you find the job of our life.

Have any doubts, comments or add-ons for this list? Then feel free to let us know! We will look at them for sure.

20) Know What The Company Does



When you go on an interview the first thing you should know is the name of the company (of course) and what it does. Look at their website and read the about info and product or service pages.

Also if they have a slogan make sure to memorize it. You never know they would bring it up during an interview. If you can pick in on this it will give you some extra points and you want to make a good impression, right?

Sometimes this can be a bit difficult because if you’re applying for a lot of jobs you sometimes have a new job interview every other day or even 2 on the same day. But just be prepared enough and look up basic information about the company. Maybe the launched a new product recently or did an acquisition.

19) I am flexible

be flexible


Today we are in a fast pacing world. Jobs change all the time and so does the hours we work. Employers look for candidates that will adapt quickly in a new work environment.

Also be flexible when it comes to taking on extra work. If you say I only look for a 9 to 5 hours job, chances are high you will be out of the race for this job. It also shows they can’t use you in time of need.

Be flexible is the key to remember.

18) Have a positive attitude

positive attitude


When being interviewed remember that the person in front of you (the Human Resoure Person) is most of the time somone who studied psychology. So make sure when telling why you are the best fit for the job it comes over honest and that you show you have a great positive attitude.

This positive attitude is what they look for because they want to boost the company morale instead of bringing it down. Your presence must bring something positive to the company instead of negative. I guess this is quite clear.

Someone who has had a negative experience in the past with his former employee should not mention this. So speak always positive about former employers. If you bad mouth past employers, the interviewer will believe you will do the same thing to them. However you could be 100% right about your past employer, this just doesn’t matter!

17) I have a lot of “relevant” experience



This one is really important. When going on an interview they will ask questions and let you speak. Never say “I have a lot of relevant experience” directly, but make sure to speak about the projects you worked on and why they are similar to this job.

Make sure you find some similarities between your past jobs and the one you’re applying. And yes you can make twist to it to tigh them together.

Don’t forget any trainings or courses you received in your previous job. Same goes  for certifications.

16) Show You Are a Team Player

team player


Never say you are a team player because that just doesn’t feel honest. But when you talk mention things like we worked together on that project and we were succesful.

Companies want people that can work well with other people. Even if you didn’t always work well with someone then don’t mention it.

Talk about the times you worked together and the results was great. These are the things that job interviewers want to hear.

15) Tell Them You Want To Become The Expert in This Field

become expert


This shows 2 things: You want to increase your knowledge and are ready to learn on one hand.

On the other hand it also makes you humble because you admit you’re not yet the best in your field. The willingness to learn a lot will bring you far in the interview process.

Never tell them you know it all or even if you know it better than HR people (because it’s not their domain) then don’t tell them.

Also never brag about how good you are. Be modest, but show in a neutral way what you have achieved so far.

14) Show Them You Are Motivated



If you can show the interviewer that you are motivated and want to accomplish a lot of things then this will be positive. A motivated employee is a productive employee in their eyes.

Make sure they understand they can depend upon you. If you work meticuously make sure to talk about your attention to detail and organizational skills.

13) Be On Time

be on time


Have you ever been late on a job interview? You would not be the first one. We know that you can’t foresee everything but make sure you leave in time for your interview so that you arrive there in time.

Of course you can be in a traffic jam, accident or other things that prevent you from being on time. In that case try to let the employer know that you won’t make it in time.

Don’t waste their time because time is money.

12) Thank The Interviewer



Be sure to be polite to the interviewer. This means that you tell him or her thanks to take the time to meet you.

You do this at the beginning and at the end of the interview.

This is something most people don’t do but it can leave a good impression of you. I mean you did something that others didn’t do and it was positive. A way to stick out of the rest!

11) Dress Appropriate

dress for success


This is both for women and men important. It depends on the job of course what you should wear best.

However in general make sure you wear decent shoes (no sport shoes) that are clean. For men put on some decent pants (no jeans) and a shirt with buttons.

Women can put on a decent dress or outfit. Be sure not to overdress!

Without looking clean, forget the job!

10) Your Look

your look


A lot of people want to look perfect before going to a job interview.

However don’t over do it! Don’t wear too much make-up or have a special haircut as if you would go to a wedding. They want to see how you normally look.

However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look neat. For men this means shave your beard or at least trim it. Showing that you have a good hygiene is important.

9) Introduce Yourself

introduce yourself


Everyone you meet during your interview should know your name.

So when you arrive introduce yourself to the receptionist. Create a positive image and make sure everyone on the interview table knows who you are.

Tell your name and when you tell it makes sure to tell both your first and last name.

8) Shake hands



When you meet the job interviewer make sure to shake his or her hand.

When you shake make sure to use a firm grip. Make sure it’s not too hard so you hurt someone, but also make sure you don’t do it too soft.

It’s a non-verbal way of communicating. It will create an impression in the mind of the interviewer.

7) Don’t Go Sit Too Early

sit too early

sit too early

Only go sit when you’re asked. So wait until the interviewer says take a seat. If you do it earlier it comes over badly, even a bit rude.

It’s like when you’re a kid. But why not do it just to be polite. It’s them that decide if you’ll get the job or not.

6) Place Your Things at The Right Place



Often you have belongings with you when going on a job interview (it can be you come from your current work). In that case be careful where to put them!

Put your briefcase or bag next to your seat. Never put things on the table unless they offer it.

5) Good Table Manners

No smoking


Don’t ask for refreshments during your interview. A good interviewer will ask this the moment you walk in. When they bring it say thank you. Don’t forget your basic table manners.

Never ask a permission to smoke. Your interviewer will normally not last longer than 1 hour, so what is the point.

You could ask to go to the bathroom, however this is a sign of weak organisational skills. If you can’t prepare yourself so you won’t need to go to the bathroom during a 1 hour interview then you should go to a doctor.

4) Shut Down Your Mobile

no mobile phone


Unless in case for an emergency (pregnant wife, urgent medical related things,…) make sure your mobile is switched off. The same applies for other electronic devices.

If you don’t switch it off then put it on silent or vibrate, but make sure the person interviewing you can’t notice it.

3) Be Friendly

be friendly


No matter what comes up during the interview keep being friendly.

Maybe there is something you don’t agree with or a sudden extra test you need to take. But in all cases stay polite and friendly.

If you can show you have control over your emotions that is a great asset. The company doesn’t need someone with a bad attitude.

2) 3 Positive and 3 Negative Things about yourself

3 things


One of the standard questions in any interview is “Tell me 3 positive things about you and tell me 3 negative things about you”. Well be prepared for this question.

Make sure that you don’t brag about the positive things. Tell things like I work quick, independently and am creative in finding solutions. Make sure you got examples.

Speaking about your negative points is more difficult because we don’t like to tell this to the interviewer. Choose things that aren’t necessarely something negative. For example you’re a precision (but this actually means you have eye for detail). Make sure your negative points can be explained in a positive way.

1) Don’t Lie

no lies


Dont tell things that aren’t true. Because sooner or later those things will come out and these might fire back at you.

Also make sure there aren’t any inconsistenties with your LinkedIn Profile.

Make sure your online profile is up to date and mentions all your experience and previous employers. Make sure it is correct. It should mention allthe important things you worked on, your trainings and certifications. But don’t put any lies in.