The US is said to be the land of dreams. One of the biggest dreams that many children have while growing up is to be a “movie star” or actor. Actors can portray many different types of roles on the big screen which is part of their job but some of the best and most interesting is what occurs off screen. While most of the actors are very well versed in keeping off the radar, the following list is for the actors that just cannot seem to do that. Furthermore, these actors are the ones with some unique and bizarre behavior worth mentioning.

 20.  Faye Dunaway

dunawayFirst on the list is a veteran in the limelight. Faye Dunaway is an actress who has had a lot of awards given to her and has played many roles including one of America’s most famous outlaws, Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde fame. Her bizarre behavior can be seen in several instances including one time where she left an large amount of voicemails for her biographer’s producer because they asked too many questions about her role as Joan Crawford in the movie, Mommie Dearest ( ). Another situation was that a reporter asked about what happened between her and Roman Polanski. The reporter was asked to leave in a frantic, shrieking fashion.

 19.  Joaquin Phoenix

phoenixJoaquin Phoenix has had some bizarre behavior through the years but there was one in particular that stood out from the rest. In February 2009, Joaquin appeared on Late Show with David Letterman shedding his good looks for that of a cavemen. People were surprised to see him there, all crazy with this outfit. He then announced that he was retiring from acting to purse a hip-hop career. Was it a hoax or did Joaquin Phoenix suddenly go crazy? Turns out it was part of a mockumentary. He and Casey Affleck were filming it and was called I’m Not Here. Still this can be classified as one of his bizarre acts because he has a history of alcoholism and his behavior was quite extreme in the grand scheme of things.

 18.  Tilda Swinton

swintonHere is another bizarre actor straight from the US. This time it is Tilda Swinton which is famous for her roles portraying quiet characters. In real life, there was some abnormal behavior that has been made public about her relationship with her younger brother. It turns out that at the age of 5, she was contemplating killing him out of sibling jealousy. Interestingly enough, her family found her in the midst of her actions and thought she was actually saving him instaead of hurting him. Additionally, her off stage antics could have been caused by her rough boarding school experience where she did not say a word to anyone for a period of five years.

 17.  Kiefer Sutherland

sutherlandThe favorite 24 series actor actually has had some bizarre behavior. Top that with a history of DUIs and a lot of drunken misbehavior like that one time where he stripped off his shirt because he wanted to thank the strippers for their hard work. Moreover, he had additional wacky behavior when in 2006 after partying with the band that he managed, he saw, tackled and then threw it around the lobby for no apparent reason. Thankfully, I guess, he at least said he would pay for it. He had another incident in 2009 when he head-butted a fashion designer because that fashion designer made a lewd comment to his good friend Brooke Shields. Well, that was weird.

16.  Wesley Snipes

Snipes played the famed cartoon vampire slayer character, Blade but could not evade the “evil” IRS who tried and convicted him of tax evasion which sent him to a federal prison for many months. This however what would be deemed as bizarre. He had some behavior that could be identified as extreme when he was on set for the third movie of Blade. He would not want to come out of his trailer but would be smoking marijuana. When he finally was persuaded to come out he would be flat and emotionless even while he was off screen. Additionally, he attempted to strangle the director, David Goyer, which led Goyer to hire some Vancouver bikers as bodyguards during the remaining shooting time.

 15.  Tom Cruise

cruiseYes, you loved him for his awesome movies but you also know how crazy he is with his different incidents in life. A few years ago, he was jumping on Oprah’s couch because he was in love with his ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Well that set off some weird theories about him but that also triggered some discovery. There was a rumor that Katie left him due to religion, arguably a cult that he belongs too known as Scientology. He has vehmentnly defended the religion getting into spats with other celebrities that have said anything negative about it.

 14.  Charlie Sheen

sheenYou want to top 1 of the honor rolls for bizarre actors, male category? Well here he is: Charlie Sheen. He has a long record of meltdowns and he even profited from those. He has been battling substance abuse since the 90s and has been known to cheat on his wives with numerous paid call girls. His behavior can be best seen with his fight with the producers of Two and a Half Men. He ultimately lost his role on the show but ended up getting a new role on a new show. Additionally, there was the alleged shooting of Kelly Preston in the arm. Granted he claims he did not do it, it just seems that weird things seem to happen when he is around.

 13.  Russell Crowe

croweRemember your Maximus in Gladiator? How about Noah from Noah, that cool movie that depicted the great flood? Well, Russel Crowe is that actor behind those characters and he is famous for his roles as a fighter but actually those roles might be connected with his temper as well. He has a history of brawls and some other violent happenings but one of the infamous one was in 2005 where some enjoyed watching him have a complete meltdown. He smashed a telephone at a hotel concierge because they refused to help him place a phone call. He like Faye Dunaway had words with a producer that were so severe that the producer hung up on him almost immediately and then asked that Crowe be removed from the biography titled The Men Who Would Be King.

 12.  Nicolas Cage

Ah… dear old Nicolas Cage. He has a bizarre life in his personal life and also in his career choices. He starred in some awesome movies like Leaving Las Vegas but also was part of some real garbage movies like Next. He has fallen off the ‘A’ list in the movie industry and is not making some pretty poor movies. His personal life follows his on screen because it keeps getting worse. Some things that he has done include collecting rare dinosaur skulls, has a pyramid set up for his body when he dies, has some drunk events, only eats animals that he deems have dignified sex. Moreover, you would think that someone would want to name his children after some worthwhile person. Cage did this to a degree and named his son Kal-el better known as Superman’s true name.

 11.  Dennis Hopper

hopperDennis Hopper was an eccentric veteran during the latter years of his career and life but little did you know that he was a Hollywood wild child at the earlier years which was the 70s and the 80s. He was a hippie that denounced materialism. He had this one episode where he celebrated the success of Easy Rider by living in a self-imposed seclusion in a small town far from the beaten path. There was also this one time where Dennis caused a priest to get defrocked for helping him pull off a weird mass for James Dean.

 10.  Christopher Walken

walkenDo you know this guy? Well he is always going to be known as the guy with strange look because he has earned a reputation for having roles of strange characters. While he may be like that, he is without a doubt one of the best actors of our time but there is one thing that makes him bizarre: his obsession with cats. He has some fascination with the feline animals especially their tails. He would say that the cats would convey expressions with just a tail. I guess he has the strange ability to talk to cats’…….tails!

 9.  Nick Nolte

Now here’s one weird actor that just wanted one thing: to gracefully get old and still have that young look of his. So what did Nolte turn to keep himself young? He played Dance Dance Revolution. He even ha 48 hours of documentation on how he would do his obsessive attempts and he would describe these as a way to slow down the aging process. He even has these exercises, reflex training, a strict organic diet and a lot of pills and vitamin drips so that he can be of pristine health. Moreover, he was pinched for DWI in Malibu and had GHB on his person. Maybe this is his true fountain of youth!

 8.  Lindsay Lohan

If you wanted Lindsay Lohan as your girlfriend or your wife in your earlier years, you would be disappointed as to what she has become nowadays. She truly had a promising career if she had abstained from the drugs and alcohol. She has been battling these demons since 2007 and has been in and out of rehab for substance abuse. Unfortunately, she cannot seem to keep out of trouble. She continues to be arrested for failure to appear but she does have some odd behavior also. She assaulted a woman in a NYC nightclub during this time period and she chased and threatened her personal-assistant’s mother around a Santa Monica parking lot. Not something you would expect out of a true professional.

 7.  Crispin Glover

gloverAnother actor that suddenly shows up at David Letterman’s late night show is Crispin Glover. He was supposed to be there to promote a movie named a River’s Edge. Instead he showed up in character for a film entitled Rubin and Ed wearing platform shoes and a wig. He was so bizarre that David Letterman walked off the set after Glover challenged him to an arm wrestling match and then karate kicked toward Letterman’s face missing it by inches..

 6.  Gary Busey

buseyOnly one word to describe this guy: Insanity. He has a laundry list of bizarre and off the wall antics. This in itself would be a book’s worth of information. Rest assured his antics seem to be genuine because he will want to talk to you about scientific things that do not make sense to you including quantum physics and sometimes spiritual musing or anecdotes.

 5.  Courtney Love

loveIf Charlie Sheen was the king of substance abuse, Courtney Love is the queen of it. She has participated in the drug scene with a lot of substances like cocaine, heroin, LSD and even more. Additonally, her “normal” behavior can be seen on the Latte Night Show where she was acting very bizarre up until the point where she stripped out of her clothes. Additonally, she had a melt down at a concert when a fan raised a picture of her deceased husband Kurt Cobain. Want to see more? Follow her rants on social media as well as her fights with flight attendants.

 4.  Mel Gibson

gibsonMel Gibson is famous for his violent opinions with amongst other things. In his 1991 interview, he hinted that he has homophobia which did not do his career any good. Additionally, he also made a notorious phone call/rant to girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva where he would make scenarios that she was getting raped by some black people. Not that this was bad enough, but he He has also managed to offend a lot of major groups in the US alone and she also pissed off some internationally which was the Jews, the Chosen People. In 2006, he was arrested for DUI and he complained about being the Jews who are responsible for all the wars in the world.

 3.  Danny Bondauce

bonaduceThe first time he achieved greatness and fame was in his earlier years where he was Danny Partridge. He gained infamy though in his adult years. This is due to the many arrests that came with that time period. There was one time where he was arrested in 1990 for buying cocaine in Daytona Beach while he was attending a D.A.R.E. event. There was also this one time where he robbed and beat up a transvestite because he wanted his money back. Also during the TV reality show Survivor in 2007 he body-slammed a contestant because he felt threatened when the guy jumped on his back. He is like the poster boy for child actor’s gone wrong.

 2.  Helena Bonham Carter

carterIf you thought Tim Burton’s wife’s roles were crazy, time to meet the real Helena. One instance that shows her in her true light was when she went to promote Alice in Wonderland on a late night show. Instead of promoting Alice in Wonderland, she instead promoted Avatar…which was not even part of.

 1.  Angelina Jolie

jolieAnd for the top one of the list? No other than our pouty lips, beautiful and very sexy Angelina Jolie! You would think she is not insane or has no bizarre behavior but actually she has some weird… let’s just say rituals. She has this connection for blood you see and there was this one time where she wrote Jonny Lee Miller’s name across a white t-shirt in her own blood at their wedding. There is also this one time where she and her second husband Billy Bob Thornton wore necklaces that had vials of blood attached to it in public. Additionally, the bizarre behavior came down to “family love”. Jolie greeted her brother with a five second French kiss.


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