15 Apps To Boost Your Creativity

Using apps on tablets and smartphones can massively help with creativity and imagination.

Using apps on tablets and smartphones can massively help with creativity and imagination. Here are some apps that can assist you to ignite and nurture your creative sparks.

wonderful-days-lone-mindMy Wonderful Days

Expressing gratitude encourages the positive mindset required for amazing creativity – a gratitude journal being the perfect tool to boost the benefits.

My Wonderful Days is a primarily a diary you can easily write on and is full of analog features – also is a 2-in-1 iPhone + iPad universal app, fully supporting iCloud, searching, photos and a lot more. It’s easy to navigate and is a perfect app for a gratitude journal.


Making notes when ideas come to you is a must – and the act of translating them from though to text often yields further gems.

Evernote is an easy-to-use free app that helps you remember everything across all your devices. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve your productivity. The app lets you take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go – and it’s all searchable.


Trello is a fantastic app that allows you to stay organized and brainstorm with your peers – it’s like a whiteboard with super powers. It’s simple to use and infinitely flexible – you can track exactly what needs to get done, who’s going to do it, and what’s coming up next. Plus, everything you do is synced and saved instantly to the cloud.


Meditation and mindfulness quiets the mind, and a quieter mind is more likely to have room for new and better ideas – research has found a tremendous impact of focused-attention (mindfulness) on creativity.

Headspace provides 10-minute meditation sessions, starting with a brief body scan followed by relatable instruction. The app provides animations about how the mind works and tips on how to sit and breathe. It also allows you to set meditation reminders and track your activity

SkitchSkitch for iPad

Even though you may not be an artist, sketching allows access to parts of the brain you may not be able to get to otherwise.

Skitch is straightforward to use – you can take a screenshot, open a new image, or even create a completely blank canvas.

Annotated images takes seconds, instead of writing an e-mail with the deep explanation of what you need to be modified on your project.


Challenging your brain via mental fitness and brain training is a surefire way to keep your imagination in tip-top condition.

Lumosity provides games that are fun and interesting to train your memory and attention. Used by over 50 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates a Personalized Training Program that challenges your brain.


Mindset, especially mood, and creativity plays a huge part in the success of any venture requiring brainstorming and idea generation.

Happify boosts your happiness and allows you to feel better about your life: Developed with leading scientists, Happify empowers you to live a happier, more fulfilling life through a set of personalized activities based on research from psychologists and neuroscientists.


Another method of brain training is via physical movement of the eyes, which enhances the transfer of information between the two sides of the brain.

GlassesOff is a personalized product that monitors user performance and progress – constantly adjusts according to each user’s ongoing progress. At the end of the 10-15 hours of the program, users are expected to achieve image-processing capabilities without the need for reading glasses.

associate thisAssociate This

Practising free association can greatly enhance your ability to come up with fresh and novel ideas.

Associate This is a word association game, where the goal of the game is to guess which words, or phrases, are associated to the other words in the game – every word is associated to at least two other words

Brain WaveBrain Wave

Creative types such as, writers and artists have been using music to induce creativity for centuries. The sound allowing them to get into ‘the zone’. One technology that may assist the process is binaural beats, which allows the two hemispheres of the brain to work in unison, thereby boosting brainpower.

Brain Wave recreates these frequencies associated with states, ranging from an alert and focused state of mind to deeply relaxed.

couch-5k-lone-mindCouch to 5K

Often overlooked as a creativity tool is simple physical exercise – stimulating chemicals such as endorphins for the feel-good factor, as well as boosting essential blood flow to the brain.

Couch to 5K is a running plan developed to help absolute beginners get into running. The plan involves three runs per week, with a day of rest in between, with a different schedule for each of the nine weeks.

sleepSleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Getting good quality sleep and having a consistent sleep pattern is essential to the higher functions of the brain needed for creativity.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes and graphs your sleep quality, but also lets you add sleep notes, and wakes you up at your lightest sleep time using soothing tones. To use – all you need to do is place your iPhone under the sheet on a corner of your bed – the rest happens automatically.


Keeping you mind clear from the mundane day-to-day activities is vital in order to create space for those ideas to get in.

Clear – the to-do and reminders app, ensures you stay focused on what matters. It’s playful and clutter-free interface makes it easier than ever to stay organized. Once you start organizing your life, creativity will skyrocket.


Mind mapping is a powerful means of plotting your mental processes in visual form.

iMindMap is designed to be visually stimulating, with curved branches, bright colors and sharp images to help unleash your creativity. There are freehand, styling and text options so you can create a unique project. It’s simple to brainstorm, refine, plan and craft your ideas.

Pocket YogaPocket Yoga

Flexibility and resilience of mind are taken as mandatory for the imagination to spring into action. However, physical suppleness can also be a reflection of mental flexibility – so taking up yoga to limber up you body can yield great mental freedom also.

With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home. Simply set your device in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.