Below, a list of helpful tips how to recognize the problem and to Stop your Cat to be Aggressive.

1) Analyze eventually presence of pathologies

Many reasons can cause the aggression. To understand this, we must look deeply into the behavior of the cat when it showed the first symptoms of nervousness, what has happened in the meantime? Who, or what, his gesture is it for? What habits stops shooting aggressive?

Vet cat

This is one of the most important stage of the process of rehabilitation. The first thing is check what causes discomfort and nervousness and if is a physical or psychological pathologies. The first step will be a visit to the vet to exclude eventually presence of pathologies in progress – for example, intestinal disorders can make fury particularly impatient and grumpy – and assess the behavioral disorder.
After excluding the causes of physic character begins the real daily education

2) Never hit, yell or chase the cat

– You must never hit, yell at or chase a cat, nor lose patience. In this way, finiresti to terrorize the cat making agitated and confused.


3) Never call a cat if you’re going to punish him

Do not understand the reason for your negative attitude, because generally the call is an enjoyable time (and should always be); not be able to associate this event incident that bothered you.


4) Learn to anticipate his biting and scratching behavioral

Be focus on recognizing the signs that precede a violent attitude. If you’re stroking or are interacting in any way, be careful with some signals, such as dilated pupils, the hair straight and interruption of purring.

Aggressive silver tabby cats

Once you get the feeling he’s going to bite or scratch, here’s what you can do to stop a negative attitude in the bud:
• Take it and take it in front of the cat tree, praising him for having used her nails on the surface rather than on you.
• From a mouse toy to bite instead of your hand, praising him for this.
• leave it alone

5) Shows that you are the Dominant figure in the house,

Assuming a dominant role in the house is important step to educate your cat. Spend quality time ”each day” with your cat do Gently talk to, pet or massage and if his show aggressive approach. Say no! in an authoritarian manner, pointing to the cat and stopping to Pet him.

6) Avoid pet the cat after the bites or scratches

After punishing the cat does not cuddle. The confusing communicating and mixed feelings will make him don’t understand your reaction and it will continue to bite you just as strong to get the pampering. Do not trigger this mechanism.


7) Calm him and let him play with games

Could be possible that the cat need to bite, chew and scratch both for fun and for practice, Make sure the cat spent time playing with toys so he will relax and let go away his aggressive mood


7) As soon as the cat starts to bite again say “no” in an authoritarian manner, pointing to the cat.

The body gestures are important same as your tone of voice when is time to impart your orders.
Make sure that anytime you give an order will be always with the samebody reaction ( pointing the cat) using the same authoritative tone of voice.

8) Clap your hands and say “No” direct to him.

Remember that you never have to scream. This method works with cats dominant, aggressive or defiant. It is not advisable to use this approach with cats shy or anxious because you could tighten this side of their character.  When the cat bites or scratches Clap the hands strongly and say No right after he showed an aggressive reaction. This Should be able to stop him immediately.


9) Every time he tries to bite or scratch you dismiss contemptuously without further interaction

Make sure that it remains alone in the room, with no contact with other people for five or ten minutes. Repeat this method every time he bites or scratch you.


In particular, do not feed him for 30 minutes after the accident, because it may mistakenly believe that it is an award.

10) Spray him with a light splash of water saying “No” authoritatively.

The spray should be immediate, otherwise the cat will not be able to associate the spray with the incident. The real problem is that it is difficult to have at hand a spray bottle or water gun at all times!


Do not ever spurt water on the face. No soak him, have to be just a quick and light splash.Even cats can suffer from stress and this is generally the main reason why they bite.

11) Stop Playing with him and say NO when he bites you.

Train your cat to stop biting you while you’re playing with him. Stop Playing with him and immediately say NO, this will make him understand to stop.


Try again after 10 minutes to play with him and repeat the same any time until his behavior will change. If done with method  will teach him that he shouldn’t bite or scratch if he wants your attention.

Never hit your cat, otherwise he will start to ignoring you or altogether become even more aggressive. If your cat reacts negatively to either of these approaches and still continues to demonstrate violent behavior, it could be possible that in rare cases, some feline aggression are caused by psychological or neurological problem and in this case is better to consult your veterinarian and ask alternative solutions.

12)  Give attention and Love everyday



Nabeel Ahmad is the founder and editor-in-chief of Lone Mind. Apart from Lone Mind, he is a serial entrepreneur, and has founded multiple successful companies in different industries.

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